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How to Fix Water Sprinkler System – 3 Easy Steps!

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Water sprinklers are a godsend device to water huge lawns and gardens at your whim without the hassle of buying a long hose and having to spend hours manually watering the whole yard.

Sprinklers make the task of irrigation very easy and automated.

As efficient as they are, sprinklers are still not immune to environmental changes. Freezing temperatures can drastically affect the water sprinkler systems. We are here to teach you how to fix a water sprinkler system like a pro!

When the water gets frozen in the pipes, it expands, damaging the pipes by imposing great pressure on manifolds, pipes, and heads of sprinklers.

If you are facing any such problem, it certainly doesn’t mean that you will need to replace the components or spend a hefty amount in paying a professional.

Learning how to fix a water sprinkler system can save bucks and efficiently solve your sprinkler problems.

Let’s begin!

How to Fix Water Sprinkler System
How to fix water sprinkler system? – Image via Q. Hưng Phạm.

How to Fix Water Sprinkler System?

So, how to fix water sprinkler system? When the sprinkler system gets frozen, it is usually one of the three main components.

The following text discusses how to fix each component and its related problem when your water sprinkler gets frozen.

1. Fixing the Manifold of the Water Sprinkler

The manifold is a crucial component of a sprinkler and is usually most affected by the cold temperature.

“A sprinkler manifold is usually a box covered by a colored lid and buried outside the house underground but not too deep.”

Follow these steps to understand how to fix water sprinkler system by fixing its manifold:

  • Start by removing the cover of your water sprinkler manifold box.
  • This box will contain all the valves and pipes dividing all over your yard and splitting the water from the source to various pipes spread across.
  • Thoroughly observe and inspect the insides of the manifold and look for any cracks or severe damage in the valves. You must replace the manifold if you find any damaged valve or part.
  • To remove the damaged valve from the manifold, turn it in a counter-clockwise direction.
  • Carefully unscrew the black solenoids from the top of the broken valves. It will eliminate the need for rewiring and can be reused.
  • Take the new valves, place them in the holes of the manifold and thread them before tightening them in the clockwise direction. If required, use the plumber’s tape or pipe dope around the valve’s threads before screwing them in.
  • After screwing in the valves, place the solenoids on top and tighten them. Remember to connect the solenoid in the same direction as the original valves.

The second component that needs to be checked and fixed is the system’s pipes.

2. Fixing the Pipes of the Water Sprinkler

Follow these instructions on how to fix water sprinkler system by fixing the pipes.

  • Use the ‘test’ or ‘manual run’ settings of your water sprinkler and let the sprinklers run for about 20 minutes. It will help you locate any cracks or breakage in pipes by locating the wet ground.
  • After 20 minutes, turn the system off and look around to find the wet ground, indicating broken pipes.
  • Dig the soil around the wet ground to expose the broken pipe.
  • Use a shovel, but be careful not to damage the pipes further. Dig around the leakage and clean the area of soil.
  • Use a pipe repair clamp to fix the broken part of the pipe.
  • Make sure that the rubber gasket completely covers the fractured part and cracks of the pipe for it to work effectively.
  • Tighten the rubber gasket with the clamps by using a screwdriver and turning the screws of the clamp over it. It will secure the rubber in its place and prevent any leakage.
  • After that, cover the pipe back with the soil, and you are done!

The third most crucial component that can be affected is the sprinkler head.

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3. Repairing the Head of the Sprinkler System

This part can get damaged easily due to frozen water. It can also get clogged or broken, rendering it ineffective.

However, you can also fix it very quickly by following our instructions.

  • Once again, turn the timer of your sprinklers on, set it on the test or manual run portion, and let the sprinkler system run for at least 5 minutes.
  • Carefully inspect each sprinkler head in your yard and look for any signs of gushing water, inconsistent water, or water leakage on the base of the head. All these signs indicate a damaged or broken sprinkler head.
  • After inspecting the sprinkler heads, turn them off.
  • Clear the soil around the broken head and expose its base.
  • Unscrew the sprinklers by turning them in a counter-clockwise direction. Keep unscrewing until the head is loose and comes out easily.
  • Get the new sprinkler heads, place them in position and keep turning them in the clockwise direction to tighten and secure them.
  • Before you place the soil back in its position, adjust the direction of the nozzle to whichever side you want it to face.
  • After you are done, turn the sprinklers on, test them, and ensure the new sprinkler heads are secured and not leaking.

That said, you are done!

Here’s a visual guide for you.

Sprinkler Repair Quick and Easy – YouTube

Now, let’s head toward the conclusion!


How to fix water sprinkler system, you asked? Well, I hope you now have the answer.

Water sprinklers are an excellent tool to irrigate large yards and lawns without the struggle of manually watering them.

They are very efficient and time-saving and can automatically be adjusted to cater to the needs and timing of watering. Living in cold regions can pose a problem of frozen water in your systems, hindering your work and rendering your system ineffective.

However, there is an easy fix to everything.

With our article, you have learned how to fix water sprinkler systems and replace each component efficiently.

Please let us know if you found this article helpful by leaving a comment.