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What Kind Of Oil For Lawn Mower – 5 Useful Tips

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When it comes to decide What Kind Of Oil For Lawn Mower most people usually ignore the importance of careful and thorough selection. It is one of the little things to think about that’s for sure but getting the wrong oil can cause a bigger problem and most likely more expenses too.

Although as less important as other gardening tools, do not neglect to research and choose the right lawn mower oil.

Lawn mower is a very important type of equipment in gardening. It is specifically designed to cut grass and apparently keep your lawn neat and beautiful.

A single lawn mower, whether it’s a push type of a tractor, can be very expensive, so it’s wise to maintain it and be useful for years. To ensure it’s perfectly working fine and last longer, regular oil change is required.

On average, oil of a new lawn mower must be changed right after when the first 5 hours have been consumed. After that, it should be after every 50 hours or once during summer or spring. Changing oil is as important as to decide kind oil for lawn mower.

What Kind Of Oil For Lawn Mower
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What Kind Of Oil For Lawn Mower – 5 Useful Tips

1. Know the Oil Type

Every garden owner should be able to know the kind of oil their lawn mower needs since this varies from one type to another. Your purchase of the mower may not come with oil. You can ask the manufacturer or the seller around if you are not sure.

In most cases, outdoor temperature needs to be determined as this helps on what to decide about kind oil lawn mower. Nevertheless, most user manual contains the right oil and recommend the manufacturer’s oil to use.

2. Check the Labels

Mistakes are often made because of the lack of information and this same applies in choosing lawn mower oil. You need to make sure that you are grabbing the right bottle of oil by simply reading the labels.

Be aware that some products may be counterfeited and they’d look almost similar to the original manufacturer’s oil.

3. Choose a High Quality Oil

Oil for lawn mower must be of high quality. Most of the recommended products these days are labeled as “For Service SF”, “For Service SG”, “For Service SH”, and “For Service SJ”, “For Service SF” or even higher.

These are American Petroleum Institute, commonly known as API, specification that measures the standards of oil. Based on the categories, you should be able to find the right oil type for your lawn mower.

4. Ignore Special Additives

There are synthetic oil brands and others may contain additives. You need to avoid those kinds of products since they cannot guarantee efficiency.

5. Compare Prices

Even if you stick to the recommended oil by the manufacturer it’s still important to research and make comparison, including the amount. Some stores vary in prices so if you want to save for small bucks then spend a few minutes weighing prices.

How to Change Oil for Lawn Mower

After you’re convinced to decide the kind oil lawn mower, changing it is the next step to learn. You need a few items to get started, which include the oil of course, manual, oil drain pan, funnel, rags or towels and cardboards or used newspapers.

If everything is in place, start the engine of your lawn mower. Allow to warm for a minute before turning it off. Remove the plugged wire to ensure safety since this is also vital during the process of oil changing. Then, clean the old oil with a rag or towel before draining and removing the dip stick on the shaft.

It is necessary to drain the oil before replacing with a new one. With the use of a screw driver, remove the plug and empty it through the drain pan. The reason why an oil drain pan is used and nothing else is to avoid spills or leaks.

The oil collected must be also disposed properly by giving it to the nearby local lawn mower store or oil recycling factory as you cannot just spill this anywhere around your house since it can be messy and hazardous to health.

The last and most crucial step is to fill in the filter of your lawn mower with the new oil. You must be wearing a pair of gloves here to avoid painting your hands in case of a spill. Pour as much is needed and then seal properly. This is the same step to follow when refilling the oil filter.


Now that you know how to decide what kind of oil for lawn mower to use as well as to change or refill oil, there must be zero mistakes to worry about. It’s a very simple matter to keep in mind but too important not to miss.

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