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Why Are Tomato Seeds Green? (3 Major Reasons & Solutions)

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Tomatoes are one of the most popular parts of a home vegetable or fruit garden. While they are very commonly grown, it is no easy job to take care of the tomatoes.

Tomatoes are very sensitive plants and are prone to attack by bacteria and viruses. As a result, you can see the skin or the inside of the fruit getting damaged.

Besides that, you may notice one more issue when growing the tomato plants – the green seeds inside. This can leave you wondering – why are tomato seeds green?

There could be several reasons for the green seeds inside the tomato while the rest of the fruit is red. Here we are going to explore some of those reasons. Keep reading to know the answer to your question – why are tomato seeds green?

Why Are Tomato Seeds Green 1
Help, why are my cherry tomatoes green on the inside? – via Reddit

Major Reasons and Solutions Why Are Tomato Seeds Green

Tomatoes come in various colors, from green and yellow to red and even black. The most typical form of a tomato is red. This red tomato is used in salads, curries, and more meals. The red tomatoes can be little cherry tomatoes or big ones.

Usually, when the tomato has fully ripened, the whole fruit turns red – the outside and the inside – with hints of white around the seeds. But due to some stressors in the environment, the seeds of the tomato can get stuck in their nascent green color, which brings up the question of why are tomato seeds green?

Let’s explore the reasons behind this question more and know whether it is safe for consumption or not. Dive in!

Environmental Stress

There could be several environmental factors that could lead to the tomato’s green color from the inside. One of the most common is that you did not let the tomato ripen completely. The seeds will still be green if you pick the tomato while it is still going through the ripening stages.

So, what causes the tomato to remain unripe? This could be due to several environmental reasons. A tomato plant needs certain conditions around it to grow fully. If those conditions are not met, the tomato plant may not become ripe from inside even if you give it enough time.

For example, the tomato plant needs ample sunlight as it is a plant that thrives in the sun. If you live in an area that doesn’t get enough sunlight throughout the year or if there is any hindrance blocking light from reaching the plant, your tomatoes may not turn fully red.

Other than sunlight, temperature, air, humidity, soil, and some more environmental factors also affect the ripeness of a tomato plant.

The speed with which the tomato becomes ripe will vary with the variety of fruit you are using. But all varieties must get the required environmental conditions to grow properly, or you will find green seeds inside the fruit.

Chlorophyll Retention Issues

The green color in the plants is given by a pigment of the same color, called chlorophyll. This pigment is responsible for capturing light and helping the plant to prepare food. While the tomatoes were ripening, the chlorophyll started breaking down.

However, due to some environmental factors, the green pigment in the plant may not break down and lead to the retention of the initial green color of tomatoes. If chlorophyll doesn’t break down, it could be why the seeds are still green inside even when the rest of the tomato has turned red.

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Why are these tomatoes with green seeds? Edible or not? – via Reddit

Not Getting The Correct Prerequisites

While environmental factors are also a part of the prerequisites, some other conditions must be met if you want the tomato plant to grow well.

Some of these conditions include the improper amount of water added to the plant. If you overwater or underwater the tomato plant, it can lead to the seeds remaining in green color as the conditions were not met for the fruit to ripen properly.

There are other conditions and prerequisites, such as adding the wrong fertilizer or adding an excess. If you don’t keep the plant in an optimal condition, it will fail to turn into a bright red color, and the seeds inside will remain green. So, research for a suitable fertilizer for your tomato plant and fertilize it accordingly.

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Other Factors

Besides the factors mentioned above, there are a few others you should be mindful of, like drought. Green seeds and immature tomatoes can also be caused by extremely hot or cold weather.

Nutrient deficiency in the soil can cause the tomatoes to remain green and pest attacks and damage caused by insects. Be cautious of these factors too, when looking after a tomato plant.

Are Green Seed Tomatoes Safe For Consumption?

You can’t expect all the tomatoes to turn out perfectly red. There are different colors of the tomatoes, and some even have a natural green tinge on the inside. These tomatoes will be safe to eat and use in food.

In most cases, the green seeds are due to the excess of chlorophyll which creates a green gel-like structure around the inside center. According to experts, this green gel is safe for consumption as well. It can even help regulate blood circulation and may also help keep the blood clots off.

So, the green and unripe tomatoes are fine to eat, and there are no bad effects on health. You can consume them if you are fine with the taste.

However, you must look for pest attacks and other pathogens. If a damaged tomato causes the green seeds and discoloration, you should not consume it, not even from where it looks fine. It could be bad for your health.


I hope this answers your question – why are tomato seeds green – and you know that it is not much to worry about. You can look into the environmental and other conditions if you find out the tomatoes retain green seeds and make sure all prerequisites are being met.

Before planting a tomato or any other plant, make sure you know how to raise a healthy plant and all the requirements like how many times to water the plant. This will help you have a blossoming garden. If you have any tips on growing ripe and delicious tomatoes, share them with your fellow gardeners.