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Why Is My Peace Lily Leaves Turning Yellow?

Are you one of them? Who is searching for an answer that “why is my peace lily leaves turning yellow?”. Well, you have come to the right place. The peace lily flower is very commonly used in households and indoors to give a nice look along with nice fragrance.

But, flowers are not the only reason for being popular, the green leaves of peace lily bring a nice eye-catching sensation to the guests. Just like you, many other people face the same problem of the leaves turning yellow.

Why Is My Peace Lily Leaves Turning Yellow
Peace lily’s leaves are turning yellow! Help! – via Reddit

Why Is My Peace Lily Leaves Turning Yellow – 10 Possible Reasons

To answer your question, we need to take a tour of all the possible reasons. Identifying the exact reason will help you to find the best solution to treat them. So let’s take a look at them.

Not Giving Sufficient Water

Like every other plant, peace lily also needs some specific amount of water to stay in good shape and health. You might notice that some times during a day they collapse or become flaccid, that is the cue of wanting water. Just like us, after giving them some water they again come back to life.

You don’t need to worry about them as long as you give them water every day. But, Peace lilies can turn yellow if you keep them without water regularly or they don’t get sufficient water.

Changing the Pot

You might not know but changing the pot can give the lilies a shock. Most of us often place the plant in another pot without thinking about the consequences. Replacing them can give a shock to their system as the well-bound roots get displaced.

If you are thinking about repotting your lily plant then try to do it in the spring. It will help them to have enough time to set themselves in the new home.

After repotting, the leaves might sulk and turn yellow for a while. But if it stays yellow for a long time, you should look for other reasons, because lilies don’t stay sulk for a long time.


One of the most common reasons for turning the leaves yellow is overwatering. Most people don’t know the amount of water required but they water the trees anyway.

Many different situations can cause overwatering. The problem with the drainage is very common and it causes the water to stay in the pot preventing oxygen consumption.

Also, peace lily roots can rot because of standing in the water for too long. Do not water the plant if not needed. Avoid the places where water can insert the pot causing the plant harm. Best way to make sure that you are not overwatering, water lilies when they look tired.

Checking the pot before placing the plant is very important. If the drainage hole is not there, it can harm the plant. Also, you need to check the moisture in the soil and mix it accordingly to make the water pass easily. You can also use many organic mixes such as EarthMagic Potting Soil and many more.

Organic Earth Magic Potting Soil Fertilizer - Why Is My Peace Lily Leaves Turning Yellow


Like every other indoor plant, peace lilies also need light to perform photosynthesis. But that’s the only thing they need the light for, peace lilies tend to stay better in the shade instead of any heavy lighted places.

Any heavy light or direct ray of sun for too an effect the leaves of a peace lily and turn them yellow.

To avoid the heavy light you can keep them in the corners of the house indoors. Leaves will stay green and fresh in low light but without light, it can also turn yellow because photosynthesis without light is not possible.

Nutrient Deficiencies

Like every other plant, peace lily does not need a lot of nutrients but minimum nitrogen is required to keep the green leaves. Some of the basic nutrients include iron, magnesium, and others.

You can spot both iron deficiency or magnesium deficiency by looking at the color of the plant. With the deficiency of nutrients, leaves will turn yellow while the veins will be green.

But be aware of the other things that can cause the same type of color change such as lighting or direct sunlight. You can also use the above-mentioned organic soil to give proper nutrients.


One of the most common reasons for leaves turning yellow. Some of the diseases and fungi can cause a change in color while destroying the tree from the inside.

Yellow leaves are a sign that your lilies might have fungal diseases. Two of the most common disease is Phytophthora parasitica and cylindrocladium spathiphyllum. These fungi mainly come from the soil.

If the leaves turn yellow for these fungi, then you might be too late to cure them. You need to prevent them from happening by taking care of the soil and gap the watering so the soil can dry out.

Disease - Why Is My Peace Lily Leaves Turning Yellow
Why Is My Peace Lily Leaves Turning Yellow – via Reddit

Normal Aging

Maybe you are worrying for no reason and the leaves turning yellow naturally. This is the most common and expected reason, which you are not considering.

Like every other tree and plant, the leaves will dry and fall off only to regrow better and bigger. You can tear off the leave once it is yellow and old or cut them from the root.

The best way to know that the leaves are aging normally, you can monitor the health of the plant.


Peace lily plants are very sensitive and just like taking care of the light, you need to take care of the temperature too. Both cold and hot temperatures can harm your peace lily and any type of extreme temperature can make the leaves yellow. The perfect temperature for them is 55-65 F.

Keeping them indoors is the best way, you can prevent them from extreme temperatures. They can’t tolerate temperatures below 45 F and starts to turn yellow.

Quality of the Water

Just like us, plants also need to have good quality water to stay healthy. The leaves can turn yellow if the water contains too much chlorine. Do not use heavily mineralized water because it also contains chlorine.

Keeping them indoors is the best way, you can prevent them from extreme temperatures. They can’t tolerate temperatures below 45 F and starts to turn yellow.

You can use distilled water or rainwater such as Cero distilled water to prevent the color transformation. For extra safety always keep the water open overnight before giving it to the tree in the morning, it helps to release the chlorine gas.


Pests are not common in peace lily compared to other plants. But some pests such as mealybugs and aphids can be seen some times. The best way to fight them is to keep the plant healthy and watering in a routine. A healthy peace lily plant can fight the bug themselves.

Rarely you might see spider mites with the absence of water. You can prevent the bugs from damaging the plant by wiping the infected leaves from the base, using insecticidal soap spray.


These are the most common reasons that can cause the leaves to turn yellow. You can look at all the reasons above to know which reason applies to you. use Cero distilled water and EarthMagic Potting Soil for better soil and clear water.

Also, if you have any queries regarding this, you can comment to get the answer.