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4 Of The Best Expandable Hose That’ll Be Perfect For You

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Expanding Horizons

Remember those expandable water toys from childhood? They’d be in the shape of different animals or even dinosaurs! You would drop them in a bucket of water and watch as they slowly grow in size!

Provided you weren’t one of the unfortunate ones to swallow these little critters; you’d have fond nostalgic memories of them. The best expandable hoses share a similar trait with these water toys: water makes them grow!

Unlike those expanding water animals, though, you won’t have to eventually throw away your expandable hose. Instead, the hose will only shrink back into a compact and often pocketable size!

Hence, gardeners who love to keep a neat garden and those who dislike heavy rubber garden hoses will love the expandable hose! Here are 4 of the very best that you can get!​

Your Guide to Expandable Garden Hoses

What Exactly are Expandable Garden Hoses?

Expandable Garden Hoses, like regular garden hoses, ferry water from one point to another. From your water spout, an expandable hose can also deliver water through a spout or nozzle with varying spray patterns.

Best Expandable Hose

The main difference between these two hoses is their dimensions and the materials that make up their construction.

Where regular garden hoses have a fixed length, expandable hoses can grow up to three times in size. For example, an expandable garden hose that is 33 feet in length at rest may have the capacity to expand to 100 feet. This feat is possible via the materials of the body on the expandable hose.

Regarding materials, you’ll find that hard rubber is a typical material in regular garden hoses but are quite prone to tangling and kinks.

On the other hand, manufacturers make expandable hoses out of two layers: a fragile inner layer that expands, and a tough outer layer that protects the inner membrane from damage and the elements.

How Does the Expandable Hose Work?

Best Expandable Hose

Expandable hoses perform their distinct growing feature through water pressure. As the water pressure goes up, the inner membrane responds by growing in size. However, as the inner membrane expands, it becomes more prone to damage.

At this point is where the protective outer layer comes in. Thick woven fabric often makes up this layer of the hose and will contract or dilate depending on the inner membrane.

As long as you deliver a steady flow of water pressure thru the hose, it will keep its size. However, as soon as you turn off the water supply, the hose will automatically shrink back to its original size.

How Much Pressure?

The correct amount of water pressure is key to an efficient expandable garden hose. Generally, a water pressure below 200 pounds per square inch (PSI) or above 40 psi will be enough for most expandable garden hoses.

However, take care not to exceed this level of pressure as too much can tear the hose. Conversely, too little water pressure will make the hose to shrink or prevent it from expanding at all.

A Brief Look at the Benefits:

What might compel you to buy an expandable garden hose over the garden (get it?) variety hose?

Here are five benefits of the expandable hose:

  1. Variable Length and Size
  2. Improved Flexibility
  3. Pocketable & Easy to Store
  4. Automatic Draining
  5. Available in Different Colors & Price Points

You can head on over to this post for a more detailed discussion of these benefits.

Purchase Considerations

If you’re sold on getting your first or next expandable hose, first take a look at some of the things you can consider and inspect, so you’ll get the best expandable hose and the one that will fit you perfectly.

  • Hose size/length

An essential element to consider is the overall size of the hose. Hence, you’ll need to pay close attention to this detail especially for expandable hoses. These types of hoses can grow up to two or three times their size so you should always remember to compare their size at rest and their fully-expanded length.

This element will also depend heavily on your garden or lawn area. Obviously, a 100-foot hose will be overkill for a 50 sq. ft. lawn. Always choose a size that will reach all the size of your garden comfortably.

  • Parts/hose fittings

Remember to determine the type of fittings that your hose and water spout will require. Not all parts, fittings, or connectors are compatible with each other so it may be useful to compare the hose parts when buying a new set.

  • Material quality

Initially, expandable hoses seemed like a passing fad due to their unreliable construction. When expandable hoses first hit the market many of them were sub par and prone to leakage. However, the technology has come a long way and with it the material quality of expandable hose.

A sure sign of quality are triple-layered latex inner layers and outer layers that have high Denier levels. What is a Deiner (pronounced Duh-neer)? Take a look at the very helpful video:

Reviewing the 4 Best Expandable Hose

1. LawnPRO 50’ Expanding Garden Hose


The LawnPRO 50-foot Expanding Garden Hose is my personal favorite on this list as its length is perfect for the size of my garden. I found it performing excellently without fearing any kinks, leaks, or another unfortunate mishap common to cheap and low-quality hoses.

There’s only one reason why the LawnPRO 50-foot Expanding Garden Hose doesn’t get top marks in this review: length. However, if you need a longer house, you can buy two of these remarkable hoses and quickly connect them to form a 100-foot hose. And what a robust hose it will be.

With a fabric 5000 Denier, the LawnPRO’s outer layer is remarkably strong and robust enough to endure the rigors of daily use. In addition to this tough outer layer, the LawnPRO 50-foot Expanding Garden Hose sports solid copper fittings which are both light yet readily replaced.

Another feature adding to this hose’s durability is its steel assembly clamps. If these features aren’t enough to convince you, then maybe the 12-month manufacturer’s warranty and the handy bundled storage bag will change your mind.

  • Requires little maintenance
  • ​Remarkably robust construction especially the tough outer layer
  • ​Excellent portability
  • ​User-friendly
  • High reliability
  • ​Durable metal parts
  • ​One year manufacturer’s warranty
  • 50 feet may not be enough for some properties

2. PhoebusTech 100ft Expandable Garden Hose Set


For many of you though, 50-feet of garden hose may not be enough. Hence, you might prefer the PhoebusTech 100ft Expandable Garden Hose Set which is double the length. This expandable hose comes with a free spray nozzle with eight different spray settings making it extremely versatile.

Making up the body of the PhoebusTech 100ft Expandable Garden Hose Set are durable and corrosion resistant brass connectors as well as a high-quality polyester cloth.

Although this fabric may not be as durable as 5000D material, it will suffice for the average gardener. However, you’d be happy to know the inner membrane of the hose is a triple layer later ensuring a leak-free and tangle-free experience.

Similar to most expandable hoses, the PhoebusTech 100ft Expandable Garden Hose Set grows up to three times its size. Hence, this hose will be very easy to store and carry due to its compact frame.

Lastly, you’ll also have Growgreen’s 12 – month warranty for any manufacturing defects.

  • Long length
  • ​High-quality materials for both the inner membrane and fabric outer layer
  • ​Resists tangles and leaks
  • ​Compact for easy storage
  • ​One year warranty for manufacturing defects
  • Bundled versatile spray nozzle
  • Quality somewhat lower than 1st and 3rd options on this list.

3. PhoebusTech 100ft Expandable Garden Hose Set


If I had a much bigger garden, the PhoebusTech 100-foot Expandable Garden Hose set would definitely be my top pick! First of all, the PhoebusTech has the best of both worlds from the Growgreen and LawnPro options.

Specifically, the PhoebusTech 100-foot hose has the LawnPro’s incredibly robust protective woven casing (5000D) which means it’s equally reliable and durable.

Then the PhoebusTech hose has similar strong fittings and connectors, a triple layer latex core, as well as the bundled freebies that is present in the Growgreen package.

The PhoebusTech is certainly a hose that will last you a long time.

  • Best value
  • ​Strong yet lightweight
  • ​Durable inner membrane
  • ​Bundled freebies
  • ​Reliable and leak-resistant
  • ​Ideal for large properties with rough terrain
  • Ideal for both small and big gardens
  • Bundled spray nozzle only has six spray patterns.

4. Product Stop, Inc Expandable and Flexible Garden Hose


Lastly, we’ve got the 25-foot Product Stop, Inc Expandable and Flexible Garden Hose. This hose option will be perfect for those who aren’t looking to replace their standard garden hose but are seeking to try and practice with their first expandable hose.

Fully growing at 25 feet, this expandable hose from Product Stop, Inc will be ideal for the occasional garden watering as well as a great second option to your regular hose.

Although the quality of this hose still befits its place here on our top 4 list, its lower price will dictate a dip in overall quality especially when you compare it to the other hose on this list.

Again, if you’re on a budget and you’re just looking to get your toes wet with your first expandable hose, then this product will be ideal for you.

What makes this Expandable hose deal from Product Stop, Inc even more attractive is its Lifetime Warranty. This warranty means that if you’re not, in any way, satisfied with your purchase, then you can easily and quickly get a replacement or a full refund no questions asked!

  • Extremely compact and pocketable
  • ​A great starter expandable hose
  • ​Affordable
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Average quality
  • Short length