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Cheap Indoor Grow Setup!

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Inexpensive or cheap indoor grow setup might be your next project. Planning can be extensive or stress-free depending on the kind of plants you want to grow and how spacious the room is.

Let’s also clarify that plants grown indoors are not only limited to marijuana or cannabis, since not all countries are open about the idea of producing such plants that bring negative, and sometimes disturbing, effects.

Arguably, it is a special topic to some gardeners as there are claims and proofs that this plant can be used for medicinal purposes. Hence, we will talk in general about how to make your own cheap indoor grow setup.

The use of lighting, ventilation, temperature, humidity, water, nutrients and other things is an important factor. It is a matter of how many or much is needed. To help you decide, let’s discuss the possible requirements based on your personal choice and garden needs of course.

Cheap Indoor Grow Setup

1. Choose a Planting Method: Soil or Hydroponic

Choose a Planting Method: Soil or Hydroponic - Cheap Indoor Grow Setup

How do you want to cultivate plants indoor is a first question you need to answer. Would you stick to the traditional soil cultivation or try a more advanced method like the hydroponic system.

You must weigh in the differences and see which one is more beneficial for you when it comes to care and maintenance as well as for the needs of your plants.

2. Select the Kind of Plants to Grow and How Many

Select the Kind of Plants to Grow and How Many - Cheap Indoor Grow Setup

Other than cannabis, some vegetables, herbs, spices and non-flowering plants can be grown indoors. Most of these are plants that can survive with minimal exposure to sunlight. Choose species and varieties that you think are best and easy to grow under a roof.

Some of the low-maintenance required plants you may consider are cactus, aloe, bromeliads, philodendron, photos, peperomia, dieffenbachia, calathea, rubber plant, snake plant, Chinese evergreen, croton, jade, bird of paradise, carrots, tomatoes, garlic, onion, ginger, lemon, leafy greens, and succulents.

Cheap Indoor Grow Setup

3. Pick the Location

The space where you place cheap indoor grow setup is also important. If you have a basement, that’s a perfect place because the room size can accommodate several plants. But if you only plan to have a few pots for display, they can easily set on the corners, on tables or open cabinets for smaller ones.

When choosing the location, consider the light source. Unless it is cannabis in which enclosed with lighting installation required has to set up, place plants near the windows.

You may also have a grow tent or a greenhouse instead. Both of these are enclosed rooms that you may build outside your house, yet still suitable for indoor type of plants.

4. Gather Essential Equipment

For a large row of plants, you need certain tools and equipment for the growing process. Hydroponic system, for example, requires frames, containers, trays, water and others that are not commonly used in growing plants the conventional way.

Other plants may need the room to be light-proof, ventilated and airtight. The bottom line is that you must know the different materials needed to have your DIY cheap indoor grow setup.

5. Ventilate the Area

Ventilate the Area - Cheap Indoor Grow Setup

Mold, mildew and pests are highly prevented if the indoor growing room has good ventilation. Most home gardeners put an electric fan to provide circulating air and improve the room temperature.

Other than fans, heating or hot air and humidifier may be also needed. To minimize scent and manage airflow, the use of carbon filters and ducting are essential.

6. Install Lighting

Cheap Indoor Grow Setup

For several rows of plants, especially those that rely on good light conditions, lighting equipment is vital. If the plants are totally isolated from sunlight, bulb or fluorescent lights, LED lights and other electric operated lights can be used instead.

You may also prepare the walls by installing reflective bubble insulation or mirrors to expand the amount of lights.

7. Place Pots, Racks and Shelves

For the whole space, the growing room should be filled with the necessary pots or bed frames, racks and shelves. Somehow, every plant must be arranged in neatly manner with a few inches away from each other so the entire cheap indoor grow setup would look organized and amazing.

This is most true if you plan to grow different types of plants. Ensure there is enough space for walking in and out so you won’t have problem going through during watering, changing soil, pruning and harvesting. You need to be comfortable moving within the indoor garden.


To have a successful cheap indoor grow setup, detailed planning ahead of time is needed. You won’t begin anything without a plan and an idea of what to do. Hope the tips given above can help you get started.

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