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5 Best Chainsaw For Women – Detailed Reviews!

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Whenever you do a job like cutting wood or chopping firewood, outdoor tools like chainsaws come in handy.

For women who don’t understand the concept, the best chainsaw for women is the right tool that consists of a series of teeth or blades attached to the chain along the guide bar length.

As the chain moves, the blade moves, allowing efficient cutting of trees, wood, etc. Typically, these chainsaws help to prune trees, cut down wood, and trees and even prune them.

They have a sprocket nose bar that reduces friction, improves performance, and reduces the chance of chain loosening.

These best chainsaws for women are equipped with a chain kickback brake that reduces kickback effects and makes the saw easier to use. These models feature a clear oil window to keep you in control when you want to refuel.

Also, there is a simple start button, so you do not have to pull the ripcord to start. There is an ergonomic handle, which allows the user to enjoy greater comfort and control when using. If you want the best chainsaw for women, continue to read this article.

Types of chainsaws

1. Manual/pocket chainsaws

As the name suggests, these chainsaws are small, portable, and compact. However, they’re fit for small jobs such as cutting wood for the campfire. However, they’re manual and take longer to complete the job.

They have teeth with the blades, which you can wrap in any wood if you want to cut. You can move it backward and forward, and you will cut it to the length you want.

However, the good thing is that it is silent and does not generate emissions. They’re inexpensive too, but if you need to cut a larger batch but don’t depend on them entirely. The price ranges between 18 and 50 dollars depending on the size, chin, and other features such as accessories, etc.

2. Electric chainsaws

These electric chainsaws are electrically operated. They are suitable for simple garden work because they are quiet and have a medium cutting speed.

Besides, they’re not fit for thick trees, but they can easily cut through thicker and undergrowth wood. They are compact and light, which makes them very useful.

3. Battery-powered chainsaws

These chainsaws are convenient because they run with a lithium-ion battery. Also, they are known as cordless chainsaws because they do not have a cord.

Typically, this lets you use them in hard-to-reach places without any inconvenience. Those battery-powered chainsaws do not mix water and oil and can easily cut medium-sized wood. They are emission-free and silent, which makes them environmentally friendly.

4. Gasoline Chainsaws

They are the strongest of all and run with 2- and 4-stroke motors and have a powerful enough engine to cut down trees of all sizes.

They have a strong kickback that is compensated with the starter cord. Usually, they are heavier, emit fumes, are noisier, more expensive than electric ones, though they do the job well.

Factors to consider when buying the best chainsaw for women

Blade and bar length

You can cut with a longer blade and bar with a single cut. It is ideal for felling trees and thick woods. Choose a shorter bar and blade if you need to prune or trim firewood or branches. Also, make sure the chainsaw chain for women is working well to avoid kickback.


When buying the best chainsaw for women, you need to consider the power. Features such as volts, horsepower, engine displacement, and amps play an essential role in ensuring efficient trimming and cutting.

If the chainsaw has more power, it will be better. But again, it all depends on your needs and the work to be done.


Weight is an important factor when buying the best chainsaw for women. Heavy-duty gasoline chainsaws are difficult to work in hard-to-reach areas.

Likewise, a lightweight tool can be ideal for transport but difficult for cutting wood. Consequently, it will assist you in maneuvering and using them. To make a simple decision, read about battery-powered and gasoline chainsaws to understand better.


There are many questions to ask yourself about the size of the chainsaw. First, you need to determine if you have adequate space to store your chainsaw safely.

Therefore, you need to consider the length, width, and height measurements before purchasing. In addition, you are required to determine if a specific size is convenient to handle. Whichever chainsaw you choose, don’t buy the one, which is oversized.

When purchasing an ideal size chainsaw, it would be best to consider several factors, like your age and physical condition. For example, this is a convenient and helpful way to lift and use if it weighs 11 pounds.

However, you will likely feel tired after using it in your hands for an hour. The biggest downside to choosing the chainsaw for felling trees that you cannot handle well increases your risk of mishap.

Brand reliability

When it comes to chainsaw quality, some brands like Remington and Husqvarna always try to give you the best. However, other manufacturers are not very well known, but they are excellent in trust and reliability.

Plus, the comments are always there to let you know any reliability and quality issues. They always protect you from wrong points and products.

Additional features and accessories

Since the older chainsaws do what they promise, they lack some features. It is a good idea to go for the features of a chainsaw and decide if they are helpful.

The first feature to look out for is an automatic lubricator. This allows oil to be released to the chain bar with the push of a button. Also, look for the vibration dampening system, which is very comfortable, improving performance and reducing fatigue.

Another good feature to consider is the side mount tension adjustment system. You can adjust the chain’s tension easily and quickly without the tools. In addition, some chainsaws have an automatic chain tension system.

Also, you can look for accessories, like the carrying case for the chainsaw. If the model has more features, you will enjoy its function.


Although you can spend much money on the chainsaw for women with unique features, it won’t reach its full potential. The investment could go to waste.

After all, there is no point in purchasing a sword to cut your nail. Actually, there are many chainsaws to cut affordable trees without sacrificing functionality. Therefore, do your research on your needs before buying the chainsaw.

5 Best Chainsaw For Women

1. Sun Joe 8-inch 14.0 Amp SWJ701E Chainsaw for Women

Sun Joe 8 inch 14.0 Amp SWJ701E Chainsaw for Women Best Chainsaw For Women

This best chainsaw for women from Sun Joe is unique because it works quickly out of limbs, logs, and firewood.

Notably, it comes with the 14-amp powerful motor, which starts promptly with a button push. This enables this machine to power effortlessly through logs, branches, firewood, and thick limbs.

You will get the ergonomically designed handle, which is crucial because it helps to lower user fatigue. In all honesty, it has a self-lubricating 18-inch cutting bar, which allows the saw to go through the stubborn tree limbs to about 17.5-inches thick.

The chainsaw is electrically powered, which means it does not need any ongoing hassle, ongoing maintenance, or refilling expense with gas regularly.

Similarly, this chainsaw has a handguard with a switch and kickback brake to prevent accidental starting.

The lightweight design and the ergonomic handle maximize user comfort at about 9.7 lbs. the model performs well without messing with oil or gas or polluting the environment with toxic hydrocarbon emissions.

  • The 14-amp motor can tackle tough cutting jobs
  • It is self-lubricating
  • Kickback brake function ensures safety
  • It is lightweight
  • Ergonomic handle maximizes the user comfort
  • It minimizes fatigue
  • Easy to maintain
  • It is reliable
  • Easy to use
  • It starts instantly
  • It does not pollute the environment
  • It does not emit toxic hydrocarbon
  • Kickback brake and switch prevent accidental starting
  • It uses oil very fast
  • The user guide is hard to understand

2. Greenworks 40V 16-Inch Brushless Cordless Chainsaw

Greenworks 40V 16 Inch Brushless Cordless Chainsaw Best Chainsaw For Women

Greenworks has come up with this best chainsaw for women that offer an alternative chainsaw solution with 70% less vibration and 30% more torque than the gas-powered chainsaws.

For instance, it has a brushless motor that provides your machine with more torque, power, and longer run-time. This results in minor tears and wears, extending the chainsaw’s lifetime.

Furthermore, it comes with a chain brake, 0.0375 chain pitch, an automatic oiler, and metal bucking spikes to make it easy to use.

Also, it provides the high performance required to get the yard work done efficiently and quickly. Equally important, this chainsaw for women comes with a low kickback chain that can ensure increased user safety.

It has a brushless motor design, offering about 70% less vibration for comfort when working. I appreciate the translucent oil tank because it makes it easy to read the oil level.

So, when looking for the ideal chainsaw, the GreenWorks model is the correct answer to turn to because of longer run time, performance and power, and versatility to make the job done.

  • The oil tank is translucent
  • It offers less vibration
  • Greater cutting performance
  • It has a low kickback chain
  • Increase user safety
  • Creates less noise
  • It ensures a long lifespan
  • Durable and heavy-duty
  • It is versatile
  • Easy to use
  • It is lightweight
  • Easy to maneuver
  • The chain pops off constantly

3. Maxlander Electric 15 Amp Low-Kickback Chainsaw for Women

Maxlander Electric 15 Amp Low Kickback Chainsaw for Women Best Chainsaw For Women

If you do not want to mess yourself with gas, then this chainsaw model from Maxlander may be a suitable model for you. It has an excellent cutting performance, making it easy to cut trees and wood.

In a like manner, it comes with a lightweight design that makes it easy to operate and handle because it can weigh only 12 lbs.

Similarly, this chainsaw has a chain speed of 16m/s, making it perfect for the tree and big wood log cutting.

Also, it has an 18-inch bar that offers a maximum cutting length of about 15 inches, making it easily handle wood logs in the farm backyard or garden ranch. Equally important, it comes with the 0.050 chain gauge, 3/8 chain pitch, and 63DL drive link.

Likewise, the ergonomic double handle eases the fatigue that the muscle can cause. In like manner, it has the tool-less tension, which can keep the chain stuck to a bar with the low kickback that can keep the users safe.

What is more, this best chainsaw for women comes with the auto chain oiler lubrication that can reduce friction for a better and smooth cutting.

  • It cut trees and wood easily
  • Lightweight and tool-less tension
  • Easy to handle
  • Excellent cutting performance
  • It has a low kickback
  • Ergonomic double handle eases the muscle fatigue
  • It prevents over-heating
  • Easy to handle
  • It has an auto oiler
  • Easy to operate
  • It has a warranty
  • Sometimes the chain pops off

4. BLACK+DECKER 40V LCS1240 Max Cordless Chainsaw

BLACKDECKER 40V LCS1240 Max Cordless Chainsaw Best Chainsaw For Women

This product from BLACK+DECKER is paramount because you can tackle the most challenging job without a need for gasoline.

Notably, it comes with tool-free chain tensioning that can help you easily and quickly adjust it without the additional tools. In all honesty, it has a low-kickback chain and bar for efficient and easy cutting.

I appreciate the lock-off button and front handguard because they help increase safety. On the other hand, this chainsaw has an automatic oiling system, keeping the chain and bar lubricated.

We do not like the automated oiling system that is not well-designed and leaks from time to time. There is a comfortable wraparound handle because you can cut from various angles.

It has a 40V battery, giving the chainsaw the power needed to cut through trees and brushes and take some time in every charge.

The model is lightweight because it weighs about 10.4 pounds, making it the lightest chainsaw for women in the market. Therefore, if you need to value something, you should consider it.

  • Easily and quickly adjust the chain tension
  • The lock-off button increase safety
  • Comfortable wraparound handle
  • It does not need gasoline
  • Smooth and fast cuts
  • Automatic oiling system
  • Tool-free chain tensioning
  • It is lightweight
  • The front handguard shields you from debris
  • The lock-off button prevents the accidental activation
  • It ensures easy tensioning
  • The oil leak issues

5. Voltask 20V 10-Inch Auto Chain Tension Electric Cordless Chainsaw

Voltask 20V 10 Inch Auto Chain Tension Electric Cordless Chainsaw Best Chainsaw For Women

With lower noise, considerably less maintenance, and zero emissions make this chainsaw from Voltask is the ideal solution for trimming and cutting applications.

For example, it comes with a 10-inch low kickback chain and bars for easy and quick clean cuts. Equally important, it has a high hardness bar and high-quality chain to ensure fast cutting, high wear resistance, and more durability.

With the improved motor, this chainsaw can speed to about 16 ft/s, offering an effective cutting performance.

On the other hand, this chainsaw offers about 30 cuts on 100 by 100mm lumber in every charge. The front hand guard can provide superior safety and control and the safety lock to prevent an accidental start.

Reliable and quick tool-free tensioning system are crucial because it provides fast and straightforward chain adjustment and fitting.

Equally important, it has an automatic bar and chain lubrication system that makes for more efficient, smoother cuts and prolongs the tool life. Likewise, the view window can allow the user to check the oil level quickly.

  • Considerably less maintenance
  • It has lower noise
  • The kickback brake ensure superior safety
  • It has zero emissions
  • High wear resistance
  • It is durable
  • Quick and reliable
  • It has low vibration
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • It comes with a warranty
  • It has less maintenance
  • Efficient cutting performance
  • The ON/OFF switch ensures user safety
  • Brushless and effective
  • You are required to lubricate it before you replace the battery

Some tips for the maintenance of the chainsaw for women

  • Regular sharpening of the blades

It doesn’t matter what tool it is, a chainsaw or a knife. The most important part to consider is the blade if it is designed for cutting. Therefore, make sure the chainsaw blade is sharp enough.

  • Clean it immediately

To clean dirty chainsaw chains, soak them for enough time in the ammonia and water mixture (20 to 45 minutes). Then clean it up. Remember to dry well with a piece of cloth.

  • Lubricate

With enough oil, the importance of lubrication cannot be underestimated! Regular lubrication is very important to avoid friction and overheating. Therefore, lubricate the chainsaws continually according to the methods and requirements.


The best chainsaw for women is the perfect tool to have to cut and trim trees and wood. Typically, they have a powerful engine to help them carry out the work effectively and ensure lower fuel consumption.

There is the automatic return stop switch, which can make starting easier, enhancing user comfort. An integrated cleaning system is available that can ensure the largest particles of dirt and debris are removed. Also, they have an ergonomic handle to make them comfortable for all women.

The best-selling one is Maxlander Electric 15 Amp Low-Kickback Chainsaw for Women because it has a lightweight design, making it easy to operate.

Likewise, it comes with an ergonomic handle, which eases fatigue when handling. This product has achieved the above factors because it is lightweight, easy to carry, and has an ergonomic handle to ensure comfort when working.