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5 Best Electric Hand Saw In 2023 – Detailed Reviews

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A chainsaw is not the most convenient tool in a private house because it requires regular refueling, maintenance of the carburetor and air filter, and the resource of a high-speed two-stroke engine.

But most of the work performed by the chainsaw can be done by the electric hand saw, which has less maintenance.

You can go for the best electric hand saw because it does not produce smoke, making it environmentally friendly. It does not need to be refueled and gets rid of a gas tool’s inevitable roar and vibrations.

The non-slip surface of the handle allows you to work safely and confidently when cutting any material. Likewise, the lighting and dust extraction attachment make it easy to achieve high precision and save you the hassle of cleaning up after work.

There is a variable speed drive, which regulates the oscillation of the electric hand saw blade and reduces the feeling of vibration. Depending on the material being cut, the cutting speed of the best electric hand saw can be adjusted for the perfect processing of plastic, steel, wood, and drywall.

BLACKDECKER 3.4 Amp Electric Hand Saw Best Electric Hand Saw 2
BLACKDECKER 3.4 Amp Electric Hand Saw – via

Factors to consider when buying the best electric hand saw


The power of an electric hand saw depends on several factors; the first is the engine’s power. The saw powered by 220 volts is more powerful than those with a battery. Likewise, the second is the type of saw; for example, circular and table saws are more powerful, and jigsaws are less powerful.

This means you need to choose a saw that suits all needs when using the saw while working with less power than necessary. But difficulties may arise due to overloading the motor or the inability to cut due to the hardness or thickness of the material.

Ergonomic indicators

Saws are pretty dangerous and complex equipment, so the ergonomic indicator is another crucial factor to consider when buying the best electric hand saw. 

The shape of the handle, the convenience of gripping the hand, and rubber inserts prevent slipping. Mobility and working with the tool for a long time do not fatigue the hands.

Saw blade speed and diameter

This factor directly affects the performance of the electric hand saw blade and its ability to interact with materials with a dense and hard texture. The frequency of rotation determines the accuracy and evenness of the cut.

Equipment with a high speed of rotation significantly simplifies the workflow. The electric hand saw will go through the material much faster, and there will be no burrs or chips on the cut. However, the disc blade heats up rapidly if the rotation speed is too high. 

As a result, burn marks may remain on the cut. When working with plastic, the edges will melt. When choosing an electric hand saw according to the frequency of rotation, those with an adjustable mechanism will be preferable. 

This will allow the master to adjust the parameter to the type of raw material independently.

Chain pitch  

When buying the best electric hand saw, consider the chain pitch. Setting the distance between the teeth is defined as the distance between three consecutive rivets divided by two. There are chains with a pitch of 0.325, 3/8 and 0.404 inches.

Non-professional saws typically use low profile 0.325″ pitch chains. Their main advantage lies in the low level of vibrations, and the main disadvantage is low productivity. Chains with a pitch of 3/8 and 0.404 inches are used in professional activities like felling large trees.

Body material

The fall of the electric hand saw is a common occurrence, and most breakdowns are associated. In this case, the first components that suffer are the outsole and the protective cover. The aluminum soles are light and agile but bend easily when dropped. 

A cast sole is more likely to survive a fall on concrete, but such a tool will also weigh more. Therefore, consider the body material when buying the best electric hand saw.

Availability of spare parts

Saw blades, files, hacksaw teeth, and the quality of the replaceable nozzles wear out over. It is important to buy a tool with readily available, interchangeable, and inexpensive saw accessories. 

Some electric hand saws models have a system for quickly changing files. For instance, the circular and table saws have a safety clip function that blocks the rotation of the blade for other comfortable replacements.

Also, choose a model in which you can find the spare parts since none is protected from minor breakdowns. Remember, only the best quality tools offer parts that are easy to find and buy at any parts store.

Cutting depth

This parameter directly depends on the dimensions of the disk used. It will be impossible to carry out an accurate and high-quality cut of a work piece with large dimensions if they are small.

It should be borne in mind that the electric hand saw performing a 40-50 mm working depth is helpful for home use. If the indicator is higher, such a tool is suitable for activities where the depth of cut directly forms efficiency and professional quality.

The central part of the electric hand saw makes a cut straight and at an angle of 45 degrees. Recently they began to produce tools that cut at an angle of 60 °. Experts recommend paying attention to the parameter of the maximum cutting depth at an angle of 90 degrees. 

This is possible by sequentially moving the electric hand saw perpendicular to its surface. If the work piece has a thickness of up to 40 mm, it is worth choosing a tool with a similar depth.


This factor reduces the shaking of the electric hand saw during operation. Various neutralizing elements can be used, including rubber spacers or steel springs.

This option is most relevant for saws with a gasoline engine. Prolonged exposure to strong vibration harms the condition of the joints, blood circulation, and pressure.

Saw blade types

The saw blades are different depending on the purpose and material used. They have a similar design but differ in individual technical and operational aspects.

Depending on the structural characteristics, they are classified in two directions:

  • Monolithic disk. It is made from high carbon steel, considered unpretentious in care and maintenance. Also, it is mainly used for low-density materials. The main disadvantage is that it gets dull quickly.
  • Carbide disc. It is made of tool steel with tungsten, cobalt, and artificial diamond soldering. Typically, it is characterized by high strength and stability. The carbide disc is universal and applicable to work with materials of any density. Likewise, the teeth are sharpened slowly with a smoother and more accurate cut.

Safety of use

Safety is an important criterion closely related to ergonomics and design. Always pay attention to the electric hand saw’s safety features. This includes an emergency brake, blade guard, dual start buttons, and optional safety bit change systems.


The last criterion to consider when buying the best electric hand saw is the price you can spend and the brand. Due to their reputation for quality, some brands stand out from the rest. As for the price, it also depends on the brand that sells the tool.

This can also be explained based on the device’s power or the extra features. If this power matches the type of work you want to do, it is better to pay a little more so that you don’t regret it later.

5 Best Electric Hand Saw

1. PowerSmart No-load Speed 7.5Amp 2800SPM Electric Hand Saw

PowerSmart No load Speed 7.5Amp 2800SPM Electric Hand Saw Best Electric Hand Saw
Best Electric Hand Saw

If you want the best electric hand saw, go for this product from PowerSmart because it is ideal for cutting pipes, wood, metals, trees etc. It has a 7.5 Amp motor that can deliver to about 2800spm for accurate cutting in different materials.

It comes with a stroke length of 28mm and a maximum cutting depth of metal and wood of 150mm. You can lock the cutting speed by using a lock-on button, so you don’t have to press a trigger switch every time.

It is easy to use because you need to insert the blade and press a switch trigger. There is a quick-change chuck that allows for an easy tool-less blade changing. This means you can go directly to the task without additional tools.

This model also comes with a pivoting shoe that easily manoeuvres around the objects when cutting. In the same way, it has an adjustable front shoe, which lets you use the whole blade, increasing the blade life.

Thanks to the rubber grip handle and shock-absorbing design, they make you feel comfortable, efficiently relieve vibration and do not fatigue you during use. The ergonomic silicone handle and comfortable soft grip are suitable for left and right-handed use.

  • High-speed cutting
  • Powerful cutting performance
  • Easy to use
  • Adjustable front shoe
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Effectively relieve vibration
  • Make you feel comfortable
  • It comes with a warranty
  • Convenient and safe to use
  • It is versatile
  • Easy to carry
  • It is poorly made
Best Electric Hand Saw

2. VonHaus 5Amp 16ft Cable Compact Electric Hand

VonHaus 5Amp 16ft Cable Compact Electric Hand Best Electric Hand Saw
Best Electric Hand Saw

Cutting through the thick metal, branches, pipe, brass, aluminum, plastic, copper, and more is made easy with this electric hand saw from VonHaus. It comes with a small blade and is compact, ideal for acquiring easy access in tricky spaces like shrubs and treetops.

An ergonomically positioned over-mold and rigid die-cast aluminum gearbox offer a comfortable soft hold for easy handling. On the other hand, it is lightweight, for it only weighs 9.9 lb and has a dimension of L21.1 X W9.4 X H5.7 inches.

You will get 8X quality metal and wood cutting blades that help you get started immediately. In the same way, this hand saw has a tool-free blade change for easy and fast-changing. There is a ½” stroke length, and a 5-amp motor provides control and strength.

Furthermore, it has a pressure-sensitive trigger switch, which allows you to adjust the cutting speed. It comes with an extra-long 16.4 feet cable and compact size for limitless movement in tight and confined spaces.

The locking switch helps you choose any switch that can help maintain a constant maximum speed run. Also, it has a specially-made lock-off button, which inhibits any accidental use, maximizing your family’s safety and that of you.

  • You can lock the speed
  • It has a compact size
  • It is versatile
  • Comfortable soft grip
  • Easy to handle
  • Easy to use
  • Lighter and safer
  • Easy to start
  • It is too heavy
Best Electric Hand Saw

3. Worx WX439L 4.5″ 4.5Amp Compact Circular Electric Hand Saw

Worx WX439L 4.5 4.5Amp Compact Circular Electric Hand Saw Best Electric Hand Saw
Best Electric Hand Saw

The Worxsaw product is a newly designed electric hand saw that is more maneuverable and lighter. It can cut to about 2 inches thick stock lumber, ensuring a quick rip cut around your house.

This model has easy depth adjustments where you need to press down a lever and lower or raise the major handle until you are at a depth you love for the project. It comes with a portable that makes it easy to carry around.

Additionally, it has a 45-degree bevel cut for functional or artistic end pieces so that you can cut the wood from the right angle. The tool is engineered with modern efficiency standards and cutting-edge technology, so you can get a cost-effective tool that is durable.

I really appreciate the quick blade change because you can switch out a blade, grab a hex key, hold a red spindle lock, release the flange, and unscrew the bolt. Equally important, the dust port allows you to hook up the vacuum so you will keep the working area clean.

A left-sided blade housing gives you the clean sight lines for the cuts. What is more, it has a parallel guide that makes the work fast around your shop.

  • Lighter and more maneuverable
  • Easy depth adjustments
  • It is portable
  • Easy to see what you are cutting
  • Easy to use
  • Ergonomic and comfortable grip
  • Quickly adjusts the cutting depth
  • Double safety button
  • Easy to handle
  • It is inexpensive
  • Easy to control
  • Quirky safety lock
Best Electric Hand Saw

4. HYCHIKA Rubber Handle, 6.2A Electric Circular Hand Saw

HYCHIKA Rubber Handle 6.2A Electric Circular Hand Saw Best Electric Hand Saw
Best Electric Hand Saw

DIY framers or lovers and carpenters require cutting solutions with performance and power. The solution is this HYCHIKA hand saw because it is engineered for durability and superior balance. It delivers reliable performance with low weight that is intended to focus on each detail which matters to you.

Besides, this model comes with a powerful 6.2Amps 750W copper motor that delivers a full-size performance. There is a high cutting speed of 3,500 RPM, which allows you to use it to cut plastic, wood, gypsum board, ceramic tiles, and PVC pipes with ease.

It comes with six blades where it has 2x24T TCT blades to cut wood, 2x60T HSS blades to cut plastic and soft metal, and two pieces of grit diamond blades that can cut tiles. This extends the application of a compact circular electric hand saw.

Equally important, this model has a left-sided blade design and a red laser beam that enhances visibility for a convenient cutting. In the same case, it comes with the scale ruler attachment, which ensures precise and straight cuts quickly and easily.

  • High cutting speed
  • Straight and precise cuts
  • It is versatile
  • The cutting depth is adjustable
  • Ergonomic slim grip
  • Soft rubber handle
  • It has safety protection
  • Easy to use
  • Well-made and portable
  • It is durable
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Good quality construction
  • Heavy and too wide
  • No user guide
Best Electric Hand Saw

5. BLACK+DECKER 3.4-Amp Electric Hand Saw

BLACKDECKER 3.4 Amp Electric Hand Saw Best Electric Hand Saw
Best Electric Hand Saw

Many people love the BLACK+DECKER product because it can power through the most challenging straight cuts. It is compact and lightweight, perfect for outdoor and indoor use, cutting through branches, tree limbs, plant shrubbery, wood composites, wood, non-ferrous metals, plastic, and more.

Equally important, it is ergonomically designed, which can ensure a comfortable and sure-handed operation. You can quickly change the blades without the use of additional tools. This is enhanced by the PDF attached in the technical specification for troubleshooting and manual steps.

An on-board safety button keeps the electric hand saw idle until you are ready to pull a trigger. You will get a handy storage bag that easily stores the blades, cord, saw, and more tools for your garden and house.

Likewise, this model has a soft rubber handle designed to comfortably fit in the palm of your hand, improving control with low vibration. What is more, it comes with a 2-year warranty, making it convenient because you can replace it if there is any defect.

  • Easy to maneuver
  • Easy to hold
  • It is fatigue-free use
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Ideal for outdoor and indoor applications
  • Tool-free blade changes
  • Maintenance is easy and simple
  • It comes with a warranty
  • The locking mechanism does not work
Best Electric Hand Saw


The electric hand saws are versatile and powerful tools that require minimal knowledge to use them. They are applicable in gardening, construction, carpentry, and renovation and are especially popular among home craftsmen. Purchasing the best electric hand saw is necessary, but consider the above buying guide.

PowerSmart No-load Speed 7.5Amp 2800SPM Electric Hand Saw is the best-selling product because it has a rubber grip handle that efficiently relieves vibration and makes you feel comfortable. Also, it comes with a lock-on button that helps to lock the cutting speed.

This product has achieved the above factors because it has a rubber grip handle that efficiently relieves vibration. Likewise, it has a lock-on button that locks the cutting speed.