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5 Best Landscape Rake (2023 Reviews)

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The garden rakes are becoming the commonly used tools for every gardener. They are similar to the brooms but can be used for outdoor activities to rake the gardens.

The best garden rakes come in different types, designed for stones, sand, leaves, etc. Most of them are universal and adapt in many activities. Their tines assist them in digging the soil and remove debris from the ground.

Also, these tools can vary depending on the materials they are made of. Most of them are made with the following materials: steel, bamboo, aluminum, and plastic. The aluminum and steel models are the most durable and reliable ones.

These landscape rakes have a patented design, which can prevent the tines from getting clogged.  The heads have high-quality material that makes them sturdy and durable.

Similarly, the tines are well spaced to clear pine needles effectively. The ergonomic handle can ensure a safe grip in every condition, even when it is wet.

Also, the handle has high-quality material, which means you don’t worry about the parts rusting when working on a wet surface. Some have a rubber grip on the handle to ensure a firm grip. If you want the best landscape rake, continue to read this article.

Titan Attachments Compact Landscape 5 Ft Rake Best Landscape Rake 2
Titan Attachments Compact Landscape 5 Ft Rake via

The Purpose for Having the Landscape Rake

1. Leveling and grading soil

Once your garden is dug, you need to level it and remove all weeds, roots, rocks, and other debris. Likewise, the rake helps to grade the soil and prepare it for planting. Thanks to the large head because it makes it easy to serve a large area at once.

Landscapers use this tool to level the ground before laying the new sidewalks, sod, and wall foundations. You can grade different sub-layers to cast the concrete with a rake. It can also be used to mark out the soil for better drainage. You can use the power rake to remove debris.

2. Removing and gathering debris

Whether you are planting trees and shrubs or digging a new yard, a landscape rake can be used to remove debris such as branches, twigs, rocks, and more. Use this tool to collect leaves and other garden debris. But be careful, as hard teeth can sink into the grass, damaging it.

3. Spread compost

The landscape rake has a large head to spread and mix the compost easily. You can also use it to remove rocks and other debris from the compost.

4. Make new gravel paths and driveways

The landscape rake helps spread the gravel or rocks to create new walkways, paths, and driveways without breaking.

5. Spread mulch

If you have the best landscape rake, you can use it to get the job done quickly. Thanks to its weight and size, it can spread mulch, bark clippings, and other materials.

6. Clean the shoreline

As shown on golf courses, if the property has a lake with a sandy beach, you will be required to find an exceptional landscape rake to clear the sand.

Factors To Consider When Buying the Best Landscape Rake

Head width

The work of the landscape rake usually takes place on the head. Mainly, the heads are made of aluminum or steel and have one-sided tines that help to level. The other side is usually flat for grading, although some rakes have the leveling blade on the back to adjust the level.

If you decide to use a landscape rake, consider the width of the head. Generally, they are about 20-46 inches or so.

A wider head will cover a larger area, which can shorten the working hours. Nevertheless, the very wide head of the rake can make it challenging to reach tight spaces and adjust the actions.

Teeth or tines

The state of the teeth for the landscape rakes determines the materials to use. Some teeth come together to remove fine material. Others are long to allow them to sink deep into the soil.

Rounded teeth cannot gouge like the pointed teeth. Typically, the number of teeth differs a lot because of the size of the rake head. The teeth are made of steel or aluminum and must be solid and resistant to rust and corrosion.


The material that makes the handles can be wood, fiberglass, or aluminum. The wood handle is durable, but the price of the rake increases considerably. It can also be heavy.

Likewise, the fiberglass handle can be of great importance if you use the landscape rake frequently because it is lightweight. However, it is least durable when compared to other materials.

Although the aluminum model is expensive, it is solid and lightweight, making it the best option. The handle length can be necessary depending on the one using a rake. Some of these models have long handles, not less than 72 inches.


The standard weight of the landscape rake ranges from 1 to 10 pounds. Those people prefer the heavier options because they are more durable and drag more than once.

Also, others prefer the lighter ones because they’re easy to handle. Choose the weight that best suits your needs and purchase within your range.

Ease of assembly

Different parts make most of the landscape rakes and must be assembled by you. Learn what other customers are saying about these rakes about the assembly, mainly those who have used them. Some are easier to assemble than others. So, it would be best if you consider this factor.

Cushioned grip

It can be painful in the hands if you use the landscape rakes without the cushioned grip because it can lead to delayed work. The cushioned grip may seem like a minor benefit, but it can significantly impact productivity and comfort.

Rake length

If you are buying the landscape rake by yourself, you need to consider the size. This means you need to hold a rake to see if the length is comfortable.

Typically, a short-handled landscape model can injure the tall gardener’s back, and a long-handled one can be difficult for a shorter gardener to control.


When buying the landscape rakes, the price should be the main factor to consider. The cost ranges between 30 and 100 dollars or more. Usually, the average model can cost between 45 and 60 dollars.

Inexpensive: You can get lower quality rakes with the price ranging between 30 and 40 dollars. The head may be narrow, and the rake may be made of lower-quality materials such as fiberglass handles. Typically, these rakes are best for people who carry out minimal gardening work.

Medium: As the price rises from 45 to 60 dollars, quality and size also rise. These landscape rakes come with more teeth and robust handles and often include tie braces for added strength. A rake in this price range may be the best for the owner with suitable landscaping needs.

Expensive: these landscape rakes ranges between 60 and 100 dollars. Here you will find most of them. They are generally long and sturdy, with a strong handle and a comfortable grip. Professional landscapers love these products because they have a lifetime warranty.

5 Best Landscape Rake

1. Hooyman Heavy-Duty Construction Landscape Rake

Hooyman Heavy Duty Construction Landscape Rake Best Landscape Rake

Hooyman has come up with this landscape rake model designed to deliver the best performance when doing its task. It is ideal for breaking up soil, spreading mulch, or gathering leaves, hay, small grass, or twigs when yard work or gardening and readying food plots.

In like manner, it is constructed with a high forged 1050 carbon steel, which can ensure long reliability and term use.

There is a non-slip H-Grip handle that can deliver the most secure and comfortable grip in the market. I really appreciate the two rake designs because they can ensure the correct tool for the task.

The head’s teeth side can be best for spreading or breaking ground, whereas the flat side is ideal for precise leveling jobs.

Similarly, it has a compelling design on all teeth of the rakes, which can be perfect for leveling and landscaping jobs. The landscape rake weighs about 4.8 pounds and has a 65-inch handle.

This can ensure easy maneuverability and enough comfort. Also, the model has high-quality material that can prioritize strength, aesthetics, and durability.

  • The ergonomic handle is no-slip
  • It prioritizes strength and aesthetics
  • Heavy-duty and sturdy
  • Easy to use
  • It is durable and reliable
  • Covered by the warranty
  • It has a secure grip and comfortable
  • Suitable for a variety of jobs
  • Teeth are strong to break up the ground effectively
  • It is very heavy

2. Titan Attachments Compact Landscape 5-Ft Rake

Titan Attachments Compact Landscape 5 Ft Rake Best Landscape Rake

Many people go for this model because it is an excellent landscaper, grass comb, and gardening tool. You can also use it as the arena drag if you want to smooth out the dirt surface.

The device is more efficient than the leaf rakes and traditional hand tools. Whether you are clearing the garden to install the flower boxes or clearing hay, this tool is a must-have.

Thanks to the superior design that can allow you to connect this landscape rake to quick hitches. With the quick hitch installed, you can back up to a 5-ft landscape rake and attach this implement easily.

Likewise, the tines are heat treated and extra durable, which cannot bend and break easily when raking the challenging yard.

The rake swivels 360 degrees that can allow for reverse or angled settings. On the other hand, this rake has high-quality steel material, which can be durable.

The tines are 1.75 inches apart, and the whole unit weighs about 207 lb. Also, these tines attach easily and quickly to the compact tractor using the 3-point hitch.

  • Sturdy and durable
  • Easy to maneuver
  • It attaches easily and quickly to the tractor
  • It is much more efficient
  • Easy to replace and remove broken tines
  • It is versatile
  • It leaves a smooth and attractive surface
  • Easy to assemble
  • It comes with multiple usages
  • Easy to attach
  • It is expensive

3. Jenlis Razer Collapsible All-Purpose Landscape Rake

Jenlis Razer Collapsible All Purpose Landscape Rake Best Landscape Rake

The Jenlis Razer model is unique because it is precisely designed for aquatic vegetation care and management. The edge of every rake tooth is designed to make the chisel, ensuring enhanced digging and cutting action.

There are 36″ rake head spans, which can reduce the level of work needed to clear the lake or pond and provide an extensive harvesting surface.

It is galvanized with aluminum and steel, which can facilitate extra durability and a long lifetime.

In the same case, the head of this landscape rake has professional-grade aluminum material that can lower the weight without sacrificing quality. The teeth are deep and sharp, which are specifically designed for management and care.

The model weighs about seven pounds, and the handle is lightweight and pleasant, making it easy to maneuver.

Besides, the head is wide enough to ensure easy clearing and harvesting without spending much stress or time on the job. The folding can reduce clutter and save space by hanging it on the work shed or garage.

  • It ensures easy clearing and harvesting
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Easy to fold and store
  • It is compact
  • Easy to construct
  • The head provides a wide surface for harvesting
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to maneuver
  • The chisel action makes it easy to cut
  • Easy to use
  • It is expensive

4. Yard Tuff Landscape YTF-48LSR Rake

Yard Tuff Landscape YTF 48LSR Rake Best Landscape Rake

If you are looking for a landscape rake ideal for leveling, breaking up turf clumps, grading, removing rocks, and more, go for the Yard Tuff model.

It is designed to enable you to work close to the walls, fences, and other areas to assist you in covering the considerable ground. The pin hitch can ensure easy pulling and attachment with the ATV, utility tractor, or UTV.

It has a working width of 48 inches that can assist you in covering a large area. Thanks to the heat-treated tines, which are reliable and durable.

In the same case, it features the turnbuckle adjustment for operating the depth and giving you versatility. The pull rope is there to conveniently lower and raises the rake from the seat.

This landscape rake comes with durable construction, which can allow you to have easy control. In all honesty, there is an improved bulky design that can ensure an effortless and practical experience.

What is more, this tool comes with a 1-year warranty, making it convenient because you can do a replacement if any problem happens.

  • The tines are reliable and durable
  • Easy to lower and raise the rake
  • It is versatile
  • Easy to attach and pull with a tractor
  • It comes with a warranty
  • It has a durable construction
  • Offer effortless and practical experience
  • It has an anti-corrosive coating
  • It is sturdy
  • Tricky to use if you are a beginner

5. AIWARGOD 5FT Compact Landscape Rake

AIWARGOD 5FT Compact Landscape Rake Best Landscape Rake

The advantage of this landscape rake is that it is much efficient than the leaf rakes and traditional hand tools. It comes with 30 C-tines, durable and robust, so they won’t bend and break easily. This model is easy to equip when preparing the earth for golf courses, restoration, or housing projects.

Similarly, it can even swivel 270 degrees that can allow for reverse or angled settings. In a like manner, it comes with a solid steel structure, which can be crucial because it won’t break easily.

The model saves more time, mainly if you are clearing debris and rocks or for general maintenance and seeding around the farm, yard, or park,

You will get it at a 3-point attachment design and the whole width of 43 inches wide. On the other hand, it has a 3D sturdy design connector that can be safe and stable.

The model comes with the dimension of 25.9″W x 19.2″H and weighs 132.28lb. Even more, it has a 12-month warranty together with a guarantee of 30-day money back.

  • It is durable and strong
  • Convenient and quick
  • Safe and stable
  • It has multiple applications
  • It has a warranty
  • Easy to use
  • It allows reverse or angled settings
  • It does not break easily
  • It bends easily


Landscape rakes are important tools for every garden owner. They make complex tasks such as cleaning your lawn and garden much easier.

The best models can help clean grass, leaves, moss, thatch, and other dirt from your flower beds or yard. The above landscape rakes have been the most widely used tools for decades because they are reliable when harvesting fruit and grass and raking the soil.

Hooyman Heavy-Duty Construction Landscape Rake is the best-selling product because it has a carbon steel material, ensuring durability and extended reliability.

In the same case, it comes with a non-slip H-Grip handle, giving a secure and comfortable grip. This product has attained the above factors because it has a non-slip handle that ensures a firm grip and high-quality material that can offer durability.