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What are The Best Rooting Hormone In The Market?

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The rooting hormones are a mixture of plant hormones that can stimulate plant cutting growth. They allow you to clone the new plants from the fresh cutting to ensure the cloned plants grow vigorously and quickly while protecting them from diseases, pests, and fungus.

These hormones work very well with succulent plants, especially if you need to propagate or assist them recover if their leaves fall off or suffer from distress. This includes plants such as roses, cacti, orchids, bonsai, peppers, tomatoes, and bamboo.

They use unique ingredients, which are a combination of hormones, minerals, and vitamins used professionally to reduce the risk of infection.

Likewise, they have the proven indole-3-butyric acid and rooting auxins to initiate the root formation. These ingredients are much safer for the plants when using them.

Most of them are 100% natural, which has a good scent for use by many people.

Besides, these rooting hormones have no harmful chemicals like colorants, alcohol or preservatives that can affect human health when eating the fruits and vegetables applied with these products.

They also help prevent the roots from sagging and rooting of the cuttings to attain strong roots and high transplant success. If you want the best rooting hormone products, continue to read this article.

Types of Rooting Hormones

Liquid Rooting Hormones

These rooting hormones are well-known because they’re easy to use, and you do not have to worry much about combining them with active ingredients to function.

They are popular and come in ready-to-use packets. Also, you can get them in a concentrated solution, which must be combined with the water so that they can be applied to the plants.

These liquid root hormones don’t live for long, and you are required to put them in the refrigerator as soon as you finish them at once or open the bottle.


The rooting hormones, which are powder form, are also famous for the plants’ health. In terms of their lifespan, they generally last longer and can be stored in the pantry without fear of going bad quickly.

If you are looking for a stable rooting hormone, typically, this is the best option. Also, they are considered less effective than the liquid version.

Because the rooting hormone can be combined more effectively in liquid form than in powder form, it is important to make sure the powder is well mixed for effective absorption.

Using the powdered form is trickier, though some powders are very powerful. If you don’t want to buy rooting hormones from time to time, it is better to buy the powder form.


The gel rooting hormones are popular for indoor plants since they are precisely designed for smaller plants. They are known for providing the best coverage and assist in soaking as many hormones as possible.

Although they are the most costly rooting hormones you can find in the market, they can be the best choice for outdoor gardening. When you consider the shelf life, they do not last long after opening the package, so you should store them in the refrigerator or use them immediately after opening.

The amateurs are not allowed to test these rooting hormones because, if misused, they can spread the disease from one branch to the other.

Best Rooting Hormone

1.  ​Garden Safe 93194Rooting Hormone

Garden Safe 93194Rooting Hormone Best Rooting Hormone


Garden Safe’s product is unique because it can work for many famous home, greenhouse, and garden cutting varieties. This includes woody ornamentals, roses, African violets, poinsettias, geraniums, philodendrons, coleus, and more.

It can help to promote the growth of the new plants from the cuttings. On the other hand, it can be used to moisten plant cuttings, stir the cut, and powder the plant’s end.

There are active ingredients like indole-3-butyric acid, which can promote root development in many famous gardens, greenhouse, and home plant varieties.

I appreciate its function of removing excess powder that can be done by tapping on the container rim. Those people who want an easy and inexpensive way of multiplying their plants’ supply and share garden preferences with others can use this product.

This product has botanically derived and natural-based formulas that can be used to control plant diseases without traditional chemicals. The formulas can offer the best solution to keep garden pest control simple.

Likewise, the clipping plants can work well with this product, where after a few days of application, you will see them start growing.

  • Promote root development
  • Help to remove excess powder
  • Promote cutting growth
  • Easy to use
  • Control plant diseases and pests
  • It works great
  • Sometimes they may fail, leading to dead cuttings

2. Bonide BND925 1.25 Oz Bontone II Rooting Hormone

Bonide BND925 1.25 Oz Bontone II Rooting Hormone Best Rooting Hormone


If you are looking for a rooting hormone product that can promote rapid root development, you can go for this model from Bonide. The root development is done by dipping the end of the clipping into a powder and place it in the moist soil.

This product can stimulate root production in softwood and hardwood cuttings. Also, it can work well for vegetables, ornamentals, berries, and fruit trees.

Different plants, like poinsettias, azaleas, geraniums, mums, pachysandra, and other plants, can work well with this model. You can use it when transplanting the plants throughout the household or garden.

Likewise, it can help make the transplantation of plants easier and promote healthy roots. I really appreciate this product because it can coat bulbs and seeds where they are kept in a bag with a little powder and then shake gradually.

Similarly, it works like a miracle stimulator, which can foster development and healthy root growth. The product is not water-soluble, but when applied correctly, it works very well to assist plant growth.

Typically, the consumers can be helped throughout their planting process to promote the entire plant growth.

  • Work for different pants
  • Ideal for transplants
  • Work on seeds and bulbs
  • Facilitate healthy roots
  • Stimulate root production
  • Stimulate root production in softwood and hardwood cuttings
  • Assist plant growth
  • Easy to use
  • The bottle comes when unsealed

4. MAXIROOT Organic Rooting Envirocann Hormone

MAXIROOT Organic Rooting Envirocann Hormone Best Rooting Hormone


Do you want the rooting hormone for all types of cuttings? Go for this product from MAXIROOT because it can be used for different cuttings like herbs, fruit trees, flowering shrubs, cannabis, or vegetable plant.

It increases the rooting probability by supplementing essential nutrients for healthier and more abundant vegetation.

This product is 100% natural, imposing no harm to human beings when consuming fruits and vegetables applied to the model. Also, it does not have harmful chemicals, which are usually used in any rooting hormones.

If these chemicals are present, they can adversely affect the nervous system of a person and cause damage to the kidney, lungs, and liver or cancer.

It comes with Ascophyllum nodosum, which is harvested from Norway’s freshwater coastline, which can promote vigorous growth. The smell is pleasant and natural and comes in handy because it does not bear the unpleasant smell while using it.

Another advantage of this product is that it can boost faster root development and help to minimize stress.

  • Promote vigorous growth
  • It is organic
  • Has no harmful chemical
  • It is effective
  • Easy to use
  • It is natural
  • Boost faster root development
  • It speeds tooting
  • Price is slightly higher when compared to other brands

5. Bonide 412 Rooting N’ Hormone

Bonide 412 Rooting N Hormone Best Rooting Hormone


If you are looking for the rooting hormone that can stimulate early and healthy root formation, then go for this product. It reduces transplant shock and promotes greener and more vigorous plants.

This makes it ideal for houseplants, transplants, vegetables, berries, fruit trees, flowers, shrubs, trees, and ornamentals. Besides, it comes with weatherproof packaging, which can permit outside merchandising.

There is an active ingredient called indole-3-butyric acid that is commonly known as IBA, can help to initiate root formation. It has 4-10-3 fertilizer that contains 4% nitrogen, 3% potash, and 10% phosphate.

Likewise, it is easy to apply because you can instantly mix it with water and apply the diluted solution by pouring directly into the roots and soil.

You can use this product on bulbs and seeds and also encourage growth. When transplanting the plants in different areas of the yard/garden or into pots, this model can be useful.

It measures 1.25oz, which means you can run away from the risk of mid-propagation. Likewise, this model has various functions that cut the costs you could use to buy different products to cater for the same purpose.

  • It encourages vigorous plant growth
  • Reduce transplant shock
  • Stimulate early and healthy root formation
  • Initiate root formation
  • Easy to apply
  • Ideal for different plants
  • Make healthy plants less susceptible to pests and diseases
  • Work very well
  • It does not come with instructions

How To Use The Rooting Hormone Correctly

The rooting hormone can be applied to a wide variety of plant and cutting species. If the correct procedure is followed, the hormone can accelerate the development of the tender roots. Here are the steps.

1. Ensure adequate condition for the rooting hormone

Make sure the rooting hormone contains the ingredients, which your plants can safely consume. In addition, the environment that is used for propagating the cuttings needs to be conducive. The temperature needs to range between 20 and 24 °, and the medium must also be moist.

2. Keep the cuttings in a cluster

Collect the cuttings in a big vase and remove the medium of rooting from the dry leaves. Make the deep cut of about 4 to 6 inches on the soil with the help of a sterilized knife.

3. Apply the hormone

You need to apply the required amounts of liquid or powdered rooting hormones to the container. Avoid actions, which can contaminate food and water. Dip the cuttings with a rooting solution in a box and then place in a growing medium.

4. After the application

Once you have planted the cuttings in the right growing medium (soil, organic peat moss, and water), give them enough light. However, strong sunlight can affect plant growth.

It is incredible to see your cuttings developing a strong root structure in a humid environment. The tender plants can dry out and die without having the right condition and correctly using the rooting hormone.

Therefore, it is imperative to create a suitable condition for the plants. This can take some weeks for the operative rooting solution to work.

Benefits of Using the Rooting Hormone

If you are wondering whether to invest in the rooting hormone because you think it will increase costs and will not benefit your plants like the fertilizers do, here are the benefits that you can get from them.

1. Add the root volume

The main benefit you can get by investing in the rooting hormone is to increase the volume of roots in the plants. Ultimately, it helps the plants to become stronger, bigger, and healthier.

If the roots can absorb more rooting hormones, the plants will grow stronger as they continue to absorb additional soil nutrients. This will, in turn, helps to produce a fertile green plant, which everyone will love.

2. Stimulate root creation

The most common problems that gardeners face is their plant roots not being inclined or not having strong roots that can make the plant lose.

If the plants don’t have strong roots, they will not be able to hold the soil firmly and will eventually die. Good hormones assist the roots in maintaining a solid foundation.

This is known as root stimulation or creation. When a plant produces more roots, which are more robust, it can also absorb additional nutrients from the ground, preventing the trees from slanting or drooping.

3. Make plants stronger

The main benefits of using the rooting hormone are to help the plants become stronger as it increases nutrient concentrations and increases the absorption rate.

When plants are stronger, they become more tolerable to different weather conditions. This means that if you face a natural disaster or very heavy snowfall or rain, the plant is more likely to survive because it will be strong.

4. Have the beautiful green color

The rooting hormone is essential because it makes the plant look better and greener, giving you a beautiful story to tell. Often you can look at the plant and judge whether it is healthy or not, but the green color is undoubtedly a sign of the healthy plant, and you can get it with the rooting hormone.


If you love the plants and need to help them grow healthy and fast, use the rooting hormones because they can encourage their growth and protect the plants against diseases, pests and fungi.

They have essential hormones that can promote root cells and vitamins, covering the new and delicate root tissues. There is a wide variety of rooting hormones that are in the market, which can come in the form of a liquid, powder, or gel.

Because of these many varieties, you can be confused to know the best one, and if you are not keen, you can end up buying the wrong product.

The above products consist of the best models you can need to buy because they have outstanding features.

The best-selling one is MAXIROOT Organic Rooting Envirocann Hormone because it increases the rooting probability by supplementing the essential nutrients to ensure healthier and more fruitful plants.

Also, it has no harmful chemicals, which are usually found in many rooting hormones that can cause damage to the kidney, lungs, and liver and cancer.