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5 Best Shovel For Digging In Clay – Comprehensive Buying Guide!

There are many shovels out there, and selecting the right type for the job may mean taking a whole day. Shovels are important garden tools for they are designed for a specific task, and others can be used for various garden tasks.

There are those designed to dig clay. Essentially, buying the best shovel for digging in clay can make the work done efficiently. The handle provides the most comfortable grip both with and without gloves, and at the same time reduces the load on the worker’s muscles.

In the same case, the front part of the tray is equipped with a metal edge plate for cutting the crust, so when working with a shovel, clay does not stick. 

There are special notches on the handle to prevent it from sliding and turning on a wooden handle. The blade is made of durable material that can withstand heavy loads.

Thanks to the high side edges, they allow you to dig more clay in one stroke. These shovels have a unique fastening mechanism to allow you instantly unhook the handle from the shovel while providing a strong fixation and reconnecting.

They have a wide blade for quick clay digging from the adjacent area. High-quality material is coated to prevent wear and deformation during active operation, even at low temperatures.

TABOR TOOLS Round Pointed Comfortable D Grip Shovel for Digging in Clay Best Shovel For Digging In Clay 2
TABOR TOOLS Round Pointed Comfortable D Grip Shovel for Digging in Clay – via

Factors to consider when buying the best shovel for digging in clay

Types of handles

When buying the best shovel for digging in clay, you need to consider the handle types. The common ones include I-handle T-handle, D-handle, and O-shaped handle.

Essentially, an I-handle is a plastic cylinder covering the end of a shaft. It is also known as the straight handle. Typically, this design enables you to hold the shaft firmly using both hands and more force.

However, the straight shaft tends to slide on sweaty palms. They can as well cause blisters. So wear work gloves to avoid it. Both hands rest side by side on the flat surface with the T-handle.

In this case, it is recommended to put on work gloves. Sweaty hands usually slip to the side. D-handle lets you apply force using both hands. A single hand goes to the flat support and the other one to the round surface.

The round side usually has grooves that provide stability and improve grip. Likewise, the O-handle offers ample room to keep your hands comfortable.

However, it does not absorb as much impact as other handle types; hence your hands get a lot of pain when working. This means you need to go for the handle type that suits your needs.

Type of garden soil

The type of garden soil varies when getting the best shovel for digging in clay. If you notice gnats in the garden soil or flies in the garden soil, it means the potting soil gardenia plant or soil for gardenia soil.

The price of gardenia depends on the pH of the soil. If you need to use soil from the organic garden, such as the vegetable garden soil, buy the soil that meets the gardenia soil requirements.

Blade type

The most common blade types used on the shovel for digging in clay are serrated blades, round point blades, and inverted V blades. The inverted V blades and rounded point blades best penetrate hard-packed clay.

However, the inverted V blades are helpful when cutting roots. Also, they have two round tips rather than one, making penetration easier and reducing the effort required.

Alternatively, serrated blades are excellent for cutting roots, although not suitable for digging in clay. The cupped material tends to come off the blade edges. Also, the head surface is considerably smaller.


You can think that the cost depends on the type of content. If the materials are better, the price will be higher. But in this sense, it does not always happen. The high price is primarily a direct outcome of the product’s name and success.

It is correct that the well-known shovel products are more efficient. However, lesser-known brands offer higher quality products at lower prices.

You can do it in good faith if there is money to buy the right shovel to dig in clay. But if not, it is good to consider the cheaper options. Making decisions based on other users’ reviews is usually a good idea.

Blade material

When choosing the blade material, the degree of resistance to the possible appearance of rust is essential. The leading market is occupied by specimens made of stainless steel and titanium.

Titanium shovels, made of titanium in tandem with an aluminum alloy, have gained popularity, although they have recently appeared on sale.

They are strong and reliable and also have a small weight. If you do not want to change the old classic steel shovel to a more modern model, tap on the blade before purchasing stainless steel equipment. For a quality product, steel must ring when struck.

The shape of the blade

When choosing a shovel, the shape of the blade plays an important role. Given the soil quality on the site, you can purchase a shovel with a rectangular blade that can dig loose soil or sand or a round blade to work on hard ground and clay.

You may need a unique tool on one side of which the blade will resemble a saw. This will be required if you plan to dig up the site for the fall, getting rid of weeds. Models of such shovels are specially designed for work with virgin soil and soil penetrated by roots.


The height of the shovel should match your height. It is equally terrible to purchase a shovel with a handle that is too long and one that is too short – working with it will not only progress more slowly but will also tire you out much faster.

A good shovel should have a height of 10 cm below your shoulder. Sometimes it can be measured by the location of the bend of the elbow joint.

The shape of the handle

A handle with a slightly bent shape will be more functional than a model with a traditional straight handle. It is very convenient if the shovel will also weigh little with all its necessary equipment and a full range of functions.

Modern manufacturers have taken care of creating models of digging equipment that will work to the maximum and at the same time have a relatively small weight.


If the garden is not very large and you have plants located on the sides of the walls and are medium or small in size, a large shovel may not be the best. Also, a small one that allows you to manage these plants’ land is ideal.

On the contrary, if your garden has larger plants, bushes, or trees and you want to gig in clay, it can be more worthwhile because you may use it to apply fertilizer, compost, new soil, among others, in larger quantities.

Handle material

As for the handle’s material, it is undoubtedly wood is the most sold because it is very durable and lasts a long time. It’s treated to endure weather inclement and feel better than the metal material, especially if it doesn’t have the plastic handle.

The metal handle can be very cold and burn you in winter or summer. Also, the latter is much heavier than before.

5 Best Shovel For Digging In Clay

1. Truper 31198 10-Inch Grip Pro Round Point Tru Shovel for Digging in Clay

Truper 31198 10 Inch Grip Pro Round Point Tru Shovel for Digging in Clay Best Shovel For Digging In Clay

The Truper product relies on efficient and advanced modern technology that guarantees optimum value and quality. This shovel comes with a 48-inch pro-grade fiberglass handle with a soft cushion grip to ensure balance and control. In all honesty, it has a rivetless and crimped-steel collar ring, which solidly connects the handle and neck.

The straight handle has a length of 48 inches, which makes it easy for even tall people to work with. But if necessary, it can be shortened by sawing off or replacing it with a shaft of a different size.

The shovel stands out for its increased strength. It comes with a heavy-duty 14 gauge steel blade that can ensure maximum toughness.

There is a protective sleeve on the thick fiberglass handle that prevents splintering. More importantly, this shovel has the heaviest gauge head, steel collar, tab socket, and white ashwood handles to ensure an optimum ratio of flexibility and resistance.

The closed-back design makes it unique because it prevents dirt or clay soil from buildup while digging in up footing, post holes, or roots with the clay soil.

  • Soft cushion grip
  • Heavy-duty blades ensure maximum toughness
  • The protective sleeve prevents any splintering
  • It employs the most efficient and advanced modern technology
  • Heat-treated steel blade
  • It makes holes and trenches much easier
  • Robust and light
  • It is durable
  • Excellent quality
  • It has a double riveting
  • Bent very quickly

2. MUJO Cushioned D Grip 41-Inch Heavy-Duty Gardening Shovel

MUJO Cushioned D Grip 41 Inch Heavy Duty Gardening Shovel Best Shovel For Digging In Clay

Many people are going for this shovel product from MUJO because it is multi-functional and can easily be used for transplanting, moving compost, trenching, and other activities. You can use it to cut, dig, lift dice through, and scoop hard soil. Also, for cultivation, you will use it to remove anything stuck in the swamp.

Similarly, it comes with a handle with the D-Handle design to enable you to grip the shovel easily and offer a two-handed control to enhance efficiency.

More importantly, it has a round-shaped blade, which ensures easy cupping and scooping of the soil such that you can transfer it from a digging spot to a disposal spot. Likewise, the handle will not slip from your hand when using even when applying robust forces.

The handle is made of metal material that outlasts the wooden handle, extending the service life of around shovel. Besides, the build makes you feel good to hold and work with.

There is a teardrop-shaped end that penetrates the soil quickly. In the same way, it has an ergonomic construction, which helps to apply strong force when slicing through easily for quick progress. Also, it has a round curvature, which ensures the soil does not fall off when transferring.

  • It is multi-functional
  • Looks elegant and simple
  • It has a perfect grip
  • The handle does not slip off
  • It comes with the ergonomic construction
  • The blade is highly durable and strong
  • Ever-friendly customer support
  • It comfortably slices through
  • It is lightweight
  • It bends easily

3. TABOR TOOLS Round-Pointed Comfortable D Grip Shovel for Digging in Clay

TABOR TOOLS Round Pointed Comfortable D Grip Shovel for Digging in Clay Best Shovel For Digging In Clay

If you are looking for a great tool that can be used for digging in clay and tight spaces, then go for this model from TABOR TOOLS. It comes with a compact design that makes it ideal for working in small areas, camping, garden boxes, for children’s use, and light use.

Equally important, it has a sturdy heat-treated head that comes to the powder-coated and rust-resistant paint to make it durable and long-lasting.

Moreover, the blade features the forward turned-step to ensure a secure foot placement. A non-slip D-handle is paramount because it provides the best grip and comfort and offers enough room to house the gloved hand.

This shovel is easily stored because of its small size, making it ideal for use in the garden, campsite, around home, camping, caravan, metal detecting, and emergency purposes.

With its design, users can hold their arms higher and lean less. Due to this, the back is not so tired. If you need not only a high-quality shovel but also less muscle fatigue, choose this option.

The product has passed all tests with dignity. Pay attention to the curved shape of the garden tool’s handle because it makes working easier.

  • It can dig in tight spaces
  • The head is durable and heat-treated
  • It is compact
  • Strong fiberglass handle
  • Comfortable grip
  • Easy to store
  • It is rust-resistant
  • Correct weight to size ratio
  • Easy to use
  • It is lightweight
  • It is well constructed
  • It has poor quality

4. Radius Garden Ergonomic Stainless Steel 202 PRO Shovel

Radius Garden Ergonomic Stainless Steel 202 PRO Shovel Best Shovel For Digging In Clay

This is an award-winning, modern, patented, ergonomic shovel with a classic and round point design. Notably, you will get a slightly cupped blade that makes it ideal for working in rocky and clay soils.

In the same case, it is sharp enough to help you cut the ground and can be held easily, even for novice gardeners.

The shovel is ideal for everyone, whereas the new gardeners and professionals prefer it because it is easy to use. On the other hand, the blade has stainless steel material that makes it durable and long-lasting.

Also, it has a slightly cupped shape blade that prevents breakage. This shape maximizes the digging effort.

Furthermore, it has a comfortable design that gives you more comfort, unlike the traditional shovels on the market. Also, this design is more comfortable to use because it offers better digging leverage.

I appreciate the elevated, extra-wide, and forward step because it ensures safety and performance. The patented design is paramount because it maximizes the effort and reduces stress on your arms, hands, and wrists.

  • Comfortable to use
  • Durable and versatile
  • The cupped blade shape help to prevent breakage
  • Easy to handle
  • The blade is ergonomic
  • It prevents soil or dirt soil buildup
  • Excellent Quality
  • It feels a bit unwieldy and unbalanced

5. N/C 28-inch Small Round D-Handle Shovel for Digging in Clay

N C 28 inch Small Round D Handle Shovel for Digging in Clay Best Shovel For Digging In Clay

Get this product from N/C because you can use it like a gardening shovel, camping shovel, car shovel, beach shovel, and a kids snow shovel.

It is suitable for everyone where you can use it to cut dirt, fill sandbags, remove gravel and dust, and compost and transplant in a planting rack. More importantly, it can be kept in the toolbox and car’s trunk because it does not take up much space.

Additionally, this shovel comes with an ergonomic handle that can increase the handgrip and has a sleek handle design to prevent you from not hurting the hands for extended use.

This makes it easy to complete different tasks. In like manner, it is made of cold-rolled steel that does not deform or bend when encountering complex objects when using it.

The handle makes it easier to hold and reduces fatigue. The model’s size is 28 inches, which is not too much for products in this category. On the other hand, it weighs about 2 pounds, making it light when using the shovel. Above all, people with disabilities, the elderly, and children can easily control it.

  • Suitable for everyone
  • It has an ergonomic handle
  • It is rust-resistant
  • It is super lightweight
  • No assembly required
  • Safe and efficient to use
  • Not fit for tall people


Most shovels help remove loose soil. However, not all of them are suitable for digging in clay. Before making your decision, think about it. The first thing in making the correct decision is always choosing the right blade style.

This will help you buy the best shovel for digging in clay. The shovel design reduces stress on the spine and back muscles, making it easier to dig clay. The high-quality handle material and the rubber grip offer durability and a comfortable grip with or without gloves.

The best-selling product is MUJO Cushioned D Grip 41-Inch Heavy-Duty Gardening Shovel because it has the D-Handle design to enable you to hold the shovel easily. Likewise, it comes with a metal material that extends the shovel’s service life.

This product has achieved the above factors because it has the D-Handle design to help you hold it quickly and high-quality material that can extend the service life.