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5 Best Trimmer Edger Combo – Reviews & Buying Guide

As homeowners, we want our lawns and gardens to be neat throughout the year. However, to get a perfectly manicured finish for our garden, we need a suitable device for the job.

The solution is to go for the best trimmer edger combo. Typically, the trimmer edger combo has a vertical rotating metal blade that cuts and mows grass and leaves, creating a beautiful lawn and perfectly landscape line.

It is versatile and keeps your lawn edges looking neat, reshaping flower beds, or trimming the fence.

The adjustable blade contains a variety of depth positions to ensure better depth control needed to cut flower beds and trees.

This best trimmer edger combo has the adjustable spacer guard and in-line wheels that guide the model along the driveway or around the flower beds to achieve precise landscaping and protect sensitive leaves.

Because there are many trimmer edger combos, choosing the correct model that works well for you can be challenging. Here are some tips to help you purchase the best trimmer edger combo for your garden.

PAXCESS Cordless 1.50Ah Length Adjustable Trimmer Edger Combo best trimmer edger combo 2
PAXCESS Cordless 1.50Ah Length Adjustable Trimmer Edger Combo via Amazon

Factors To Consider When Buying The Best Trimmer Edger Combo

The size of the garden

The size of the garden is the crucial factor to consider when buying the best trimmer edger combo. Gardens come in different sizes and shapes.

Occasionally people are troubled with the trimmer edger combos because they do not want to buy a tool, which isn’t suitable for their backyard. So think about these questions.

  • Do you have a bigger garden with many paths, round flower beds, veggie patches, and a wide driveway?
  • Does your average-sized garden contain an irregular shape?
  • Do you own a small garden that is simple to maintain?

A single-wheel edger machine gets the job done efficiently and faster if your lawn is small. But if you own a large to medium garden with plenty of space to cover, winding paths, a wide driveway, and a bigger flower bed, gasoline- or battery-powered trimmer edger combo is your best bet.

Power source

This includes the following:

Electric (corded)

The electric trimmer edger combos are ideal for small, low-maintenance gardens because they are lightweight, easy to use in tight spaces, and are generally less expensive.

They are eco-friendly, and you don’t have to be anxious about the correct amount of oil or work with horrible fumes. The electric trimmer edger combo is easy to turn on, plug in the model, and start to work right away to make your backyard neat.

These tools are particularly suitable for suburban life because they are generally quieter than gasoline models. The disadvantage of using these electric trimmer edger combos is that they are not portable and have limited edges.

Therefore, you must be near an electrical outlet or have an extension cord. Select an electric trimmer edger combo when you are going for an efficient and straightforward way to cut and trim your lawn and garden.


If you’re looking for an eco-friendly and portable alternative, look for the battery-powered trimmer edger combo. Wireless trimmer edgers are perfect for medium-sized backyards.

You don’t need to fuel or be anxious about tripping on the cable. Many battery-powered trimmer edger combos have a powerful lithium-ion battery, ensuring long life and charging faster.

The downside of a battery-operated model is that the battery’s life depends on the garden size, and the battery needs to be charged. Therefore, if you do many gardening maintenances, buying another battery is a good thing.

Also, the battery-powered trimmer edger does not produce any noise. In addition to portability, reduced noise, and zero-emission, operating costs are low compared to electric or gasoline models.


A gas-powered trimmer edger combo is the best choice for a large to medium garden or a property that requires numerous maintenance. The power of gas allows you to make a cleaner and more accurate cut in one go when compared to the electric freewheel.

It is more efficient, runs more smoothly, is easier to start, and has a smooth run. Likewise, it is powered by either a 4-stroke or 2-stroke engine.

4-stroke engines work best with a high-performance model and are more environmentally friendly. You don’t have to be anxious about filling the engine oil.

Furthermore, this kind of engine is a bit heavier. On the other hand, the two-stroke engines require a mixture of fuel, although it weighs less than a 4-stroke engine. The downside of gasoline trimmer edger combos is they’re noisy, costly, and emit smoke.

Depth of cut and blade adjustment

When it comes to lawn care, it is all about the depth of the cut. So you can keep your eye on the model with the adjustable blade and height adjustment mechanism, which you can change depending on the length and different depths of cut.

The 2.5-inch depth of cut and the 7-9 inch blade are sufficient for nearly all cutting needs.

The deepness of the cut varies depending on the garden area you are using as the edger. As a result, you will require an adjustable blade. Likewise, the edges of the flower beds should be deep enough when cutting the garden debris, overgrown grass, or providing the edges with a neat and clean finish.

Paths should be trimmed enough to cut overgrown grass and ensure a nice, crisp line around the edge.

If your grass border the garden walls and the hard surfaces like concrete paths or sidewalks, look for the model with a 90° swivel head and floral covering to protect sensitive leaves.

Battery life

If you need a battery-powered alternative, you should pay attention to battery life because it determines how long you may work without charging. Be prepared to stop on the way and charge your device.

Since an average-sized garden can be cut down in below thirty minutes, a long-lasting battery would do this exclusive of the frustrating recharge. You must look for a battery that provides 45-60 minutes of power.

Easy and comfortable to use

In addition to the mowing action and the power source of the trimmer edger combo, you should choose a model that’s easy and comfortable to use. But if you own a small garden, go for the lightweight edger, which is marked as easy to use, particularly in tight edges.

If you have a bigger patio that needs a multi-wheel edge, choose a model with a wide handle or two levers that make it easy to steer and control the edger.

Also, there are models with left- or right-handed handles, whereas others have adjustable shafts; therefore, you can regulate the trimmer edger combo height in hard-to-reach areas in the garden.


When buying the best trimmer edger combo, you need to consider the weight. Since the cutting is done by hand, you don’t want your hands to get tired.

Therefore, it is recommended to buy a model which is lightweight. Some lighter devices have less horsepower. Therefore consider buying a 6- or 7-pound component that isn’t too heavy and does a satisfying job.

5 Best Trimmer Edger Combo

1. PAXCESS Cordless 1.50Ah Length Adjustable Trimmer Edger Combo

PAXCESS Cordless 1.50Ah Length Adjustable Trimmer Edger Combo best trimmer edger combo

PAXCESS has come up with this best trimmer edger combo, which is unique because you do not damage the plants, lawn ornaments, and landscape features while you’re trimming.

For one thing, it is 2-in-1, which can be converted from the grass string trimmer to the wheeled edger within some seconds. In the same case, it is ultra-lightweight because it only weighs 6 pounds.

There is the innovative power driving motor transmission, which can help to increase torque, offering a clean and fast cut.

The transmission provides more energy from the motor when trimming the grass with low noise. Equally important, this combo comes with the pre-installed rubberized wheel that can guide and support the edger, offering you cleaner cuts and straighter lines.

Similarly, this model is detachable after being merged and can be restored to the original state after disassembling. This makes the storeroom more space-saving. In like manner, it has one piece of quick-charger and two pieces of 20V Lithium-ion batteries.

When one battery is drained, you will exchange it for continuing working. What is more, it comes with a protection ring, which can keep the edger combo free from hard objects to prevent unnecessary line wear.

  • It is 2-in-1
  • Lightweight and great power
  • It is detachable
  • It has low noise
  • The protection ring prevent unnecessary line wear
  • Easy to push
  • Easy to maneuver
  • It is cheaply made
  • Horrible customer service

2. Heywork 20V Cordless Lightweight 12-Inch Trimmer Edger 8000 RPM Combo

Heywork 20V Cordless Lightweight 12 Inch Trimmer Edger 8000 RPM Combo best trimmer edger combo

Many people are going for this product from Heywork because it is professionally designed to cut grass, groundcover, and small weeds.

Notably, it uses the whirling monofilament line rather than the blade that protrudes from the rotating spindle at the long shaft topped end by the electric motor. In the same way, it weighs 5.1lbs, which makes it super lightweight and well-balanced.

Moreover, this best trimmer edger combo has a no-load speed of 8000/min and a cutting width of 10 inches. Just push and walk behind the wheeled model, then you get cleaner cuts and straighter lines for your lawn.

The pivoting head is crucial because it may be set to four working positions and then quickly transformed into the trimmer edger combo.

There is the telescopic shaft with a total length adjustable of between 34 and 43 inches, where you can change the size when you wish and do not have to bend.

Typically, this will release sore back and give you a more comfortable experience. In a like manner, it has a 2.0Ah Li-Ion battery, which delivers steady currents for about 40mins trimming time.

  • It can reach hard-to-reach corners
  • It is super lightweight
  • Adjustable position handle
  • The safety locks avoid accidental activations
  • It is user-friendly
  • Pushing forward wheels
  • It has the telescopic shaft
  • Easy to set
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Ergonomic and balanced
  • It ensures maximum control
  • Horrible instructions for assembly

3. BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Lithium LST420 High-Performance Trimmer Edger Combo

BLACKDECKER 20V MAX Lithium LST420 High Performance Trimmer Edger Combo best trimmer edger combo

If you want the trimmer edger combo that can be used to trim overgrowth areas like borders, flower beds, and sidewalks, then go for this product from BLACK+DECKER. It has pivoting handle positions and adjustable height to provide maximum control and comfort.

In all honesty, it comes with the runtime extension technology and the dual-mode accelerator switch that can offer high performance and longer runtime.

Additionally, this model has two 2.0-Amp-hour lithium battery packs where each battery pack can deliver 33% more capacity.

The power drive transmission provides more energy from a motor to ensure a smooth cut. On the other hand, it comes with the automatic feed spool, ensuring continuous work with no bumping.

I really appreciate the new dual-mode switch, for it gives you the decision to choose between extended and high power run time.

More importantly, it weighs 5.7 pounds, making it quiet to operate and easy to start. What is more, this model has ultra-efficient performance and a 12-inch cutting swath that help to make the job faster. 

  • The handle positions offer maximum control and comfort
  • Quiet to operate
  • Easy to start
  • Maintain cutting performance
  • It is fully adjustable
  • Ultra-efficient performance
  • Maintain constant speed
  • It is compatible
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Efficient and reliable
  • It is lightweight
  • The guard is worthless

4. Henx 40V 14-Inch 2.5 AH Rechargeable Brushless Cordless Trimmer Edger Combo

Henx 40V 14 Inch 2.5 AH Rechargeable Brushless Cordless Trimmer Edger Combo best trimmer edger combo

Choosing the best trimmer edger combo to make your property look polished is paramount because it helps slice down tall grass in the front steps, around the mailbox, flower beds, and fences.

The solution is to go for this product from Henx, which is upgraded with a brushless electric motor. This means it works more smoothly and faster on similar power and produces less noise.

There is a brushless motor that makes it more economical and more straightforward and to maintain the trimmer. What makes it unique is the foldable aluminum shaft that folds to save the storeroom in the warehouse or garage.

Also, it is equipped with an adjustable round handle, which can be set to the correct position to make it comfortable for the waist and arm.

Furthermore, this model has a charger and a rechargeable 2.5 AH lithium-ion battery that can work for about 50 minutes on just a single charge.

This makes it easy to trim any overgrown area and finish it with only a one-time cut. On the other hand, the battery power indicator shows when a battery requires another charge.

  • Easier and more economical to maintain
  • It has the adjustable handle
  • The shaft is foldable
  • Strong battery power
  • Extra safety protection
  • It ensures a better user experience
  • Easy to operate
  • It produces less noisy
  • It offers comfortable user control and experience
  • Maximum cutting efficiency
  • Confidently achieves any trimming task
  • It is lightweight
  • The battery ran out very fast

5. MAXMAN Cordless 4Ah Batteries 21V Stringless Trimmer Edger Combo

MAXMAN Cordless 4Ah Batteries 21V Stringless Trimmer Edger Combo best trimmer edger combo

Cutting through dense grass and vegetation is made easy with this best trimmer edger combo from MAXMAN. For instance, it is equipped with three types of blades.

This includes plastic blades that can cut soft grass or small grass. It has durable, long metal blades in the same case, quickly mow lawns, small shrubs, and dense grass.

Similarly, it comes with large and round steel saw blades that can cut thick shrubs, vines, branches, weeds, overgrown grass, bramble, undergrowth, and heavy bush.

The adjustable telescopic rod offers on-demand length to people of different heights, which means no bend over. Also, you can trim under bushes easily and get to places that are tough to reach.

Besides, this trimmer edger combo has two pieces of 21V 4000mAh  lithium batteries that offer a longer run time when compared to other ordinary batteries.

Once the battery is charged, every battery provides between 45 and 60 minutes of cutting time, depending on the work. Above all, it comes with a rubber-molded handle, which offers a comfortable grip and balance control.

  • It is multifunctional
  • The blades are durable
  • Adjustable telescopic rod
  • Easy to operate
  • It can reach tough-to-reach places
  • Longer run time and battery life
  • Operation height is adjustable
  • Adjustable cutting head
  • The handle gives balanced and more comfortable control
  • Easy to use
  • No battery charger


As you have already seen, the field of lawn care equipment is complex, even when looking for the best trimmer edger combo.

Because of that, we have chosen the best product, which has fantastic features to match various situations and circumstances. If you are still unsure, go through these models to be confident they are the right products to buy.

PAXCESS Cordless 1.50Ah Length Adjustable Trimmer Edger Combo is the best-selling product because it has a powerful motor, which can help to increase torque, offering a clean and fast cut.

Besides, it comes with two 20V Lithium-ion batteries that can ensure continuous mowing activities.

This product has attained the above factors because it has the powerful motor to provide a clean and fast cut and has two pieces of 20V Lithium-ion batteries to offer continuous mowing.