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Now Choosing the Best Weed Puller Is Easy with Our Top 5 Reviews!

Weeds in The Garden

Do you just want to give up pulling out weeds? After all, it is tiring as well as never-ending. You pull out weeds from one area, and they sprout in a new place!

However, the best weed puller can make your life easy. If it is just one or two small weeds here and there, you can just pluck them out; otherwise, choosing a good weed puller will do the job for you.

How To Remove Weeds?

Weeds in the yard may seem harmless at first, but if left to grow can soon take over the whole yard. I have faced this problem in my garden and was ready to cement the entire backyard up.

Then I found a standing weed puller, and it was such a blessing. Soon, my garden was in its glory, and my back was pain-free. However, there are many ways weeds can be removed and how you can remove them will depend on factors like

GladiatorWeeder Weed and Root Remover Best Weed Pullers 2
GladiatorWeeder: Weed and Root Remover via
  • How strong you are and your ability to kneel for weeding.
  • How much time and effort you are ready to put in.
  • Types of weeds you have in your garden will determine what you need.
  • The spread of weeds in different areas will require different techniques and tools.
  • Soil condition as well as weather condition

Types of Weed Pullers

There are basically two types of weed pullers. One is short-handled, and the other one is long-handled. Short ones are ideal for those who work with your knees’ support and ideal for tight and close nearly the planted areas.

Long-handled ones let you be in a standing position while you take care of the weeds. In these two standard types, you will find several designs and varieties of weed pullers.

No single device or instrument is ideal for all people or situations. The main idea is to buy a weed puller that works for you and your garden.

Factors To Consider

Initially, I made some mistakes because I was unsure of what aspects to search for while buying a weed puller. Now that I understand and know what to search and look for in a weed puller, I decided to make a checklist and share it with all of you, which will help you while making a choice.


When looking for a weed puller, you must look closely at the shaft and handle size. A long handle will enable you to reach more difficult areas, while a short handle will allow you to do a neater job.


Like I told you earlier, there are several types of weed pullers available. Apart from short and long-handled, you may even get a mechanical one. These are best for larger areas. For a home gardener, a manual weed puller, short or long, will be more than enough.


Like I told you earlier, there are several types of weed pullers available. Apart from short and long-handled, you may even get a mechanical one. These are best for larger areas. For a home gardener, a manual weed puller, short or long, will be more than enough.

What to Consider When Choosing A Weed Puller

Ask the following questions to get a better understanding and to find the most suitable weed puller

  • What kind of physical shape are you in? Are you comfortable in a kneeling position?
  • What kind of weeds do you have? Weeds can go deep, and if the complete root is not pulled out, they may spread again.
  • The quality of the instrument is very important. Are all the parts secure? Would the manufacturer provide a warranty?
  • How about the edges sharpness used for cutting or pulling? Is it easy to re-sharpen them?
  • Does it require rigid maintenance or frequent oiling?
  • Is the tool multipurpose? Can you use it elsewhere?
  • Will you be using it, or would it just lie in the corner of your garden shed?

Answers to these questions would vary from person to person, and these replies should be sufficient to help you make the right decisions.

The 5 Best Weed Pullers

When you decide to get a weed puller, its mandatory to pick the best one available. Here is a list of top 5 weed pullers for you to choose from. Watch this video for more information.

1. Grampa’s Weeder – Stand Up Weed Removal Tool

Grampas Weeder Stand Up Weed Removal Tool Best Weed Pullers


If any gardening tool has been able to stand the test of time, then it is this one. Over a century old, Grampa’s Weeder is one of the best weed removal tools.

This well-designed yet straightforward garden tool was invented in the year 1913. Over the years, many improvements have been made, and now it comes to you in a new and improved version.

It was designed as a simple lever tool, and it still is very efficient and effective. It weighs only 1 pound, and its 45 inches long bamboo handle allows you to weed while standing up and also takes care of some hard to reach weeds.

It is ideally called Grampa’s because, with this instrument, you will be able to protect your back and knees. The powder-coated steelhead is both strong and rust-resistant. It has 4 claws that are good at removing weeds from any soil.


  • This original garden weed removal tool has been around since 1913
  • Simple to use and easy on back and knees
  • 4-claw design is very effective on all types of soils


  • For some deep root weeds, it may not be very useful.

Simplicity in a tool does not mean less effectiveness! This garden tool is simple designed and is a must-have in your tool shed. It works well on all types of soils, especially after some rain or watering.

2. GladiatorWeeder: Weed and Root Remover

GladiatorWeeder Weed and Root Remover Best Weed Pullers


This is a handheld weed removal tool with some great features. Like its name, the GladiatorWeeder, fights a very spirited battle against the weeds.

Ideal for removing stubborn and invasive weeds like dandelions, thistles, etc., its construction is of top quality, with a one-piece polished aluminum shaft, which gives good leverage against the ground.

The ergonomically designed handle is comfortable and non-slippery. It is big as well as sturdy enough for people with large hands to hold it comfortably.

Hand-held tools work well in areas where you don’t want to harm the vegetation beds. Though it may look small, it is very powerful, and you can easily remove the entire root of a weed. This is important to prevent any re-growth.

GladiatorWeeder is a versatile product with a multi-use handle. You can use it for seed planting as well as for digging trenches. You also get a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and a lifetime warranty with this product.


  • Very useful on stubborn and deep weed roots
  • Ergonomically designed handle with a soft & comfortable grip
  • Very versatile and can be used for seed planting as well as trench digging


  • At 12 inches, many people will find it too small.

Stress-free to use, this GladiatorWeeder is perfect for digging out stubborn weeds with complete roots. Because of its short handle, you can control it easily and use it in flower or vegetable patches without disturbing other plants.

3. DeWit Right Hand Cape Cod Weeding Tool

DeWit Right Hand Cape Cod Weeding Tool Best Weed Pullers


A quality product from a well-known brand is what you need in your tool shed. DeWit is a reputed Dutch brand and well known for making different types of high-quality tools. This tool is perfect for getting rid of weeds from small spaces, especially from between plantings.

It would be best if you dragged it under the mulch to slice the weeds from the base without disturbing the mulch. Its blade is made of heat-treated, strong boron steel and is entirely forged by hand. The ash wood handle is strong and smooth. It also proudly displays the DeWit logo.

You will find the tool perfectly balanced and lightweight making it easy to work in the garden. Removing weeds will be easy and efficient with it.

The company uses time tested techniques, used for more than 100 years, to make this tool. Some people use it to pull out roots of weeds, but it works best just under the mulch.


  • Crafted from the best raw materials and guaranteed to last a lifetime
  • Ashwood handle harvested environmentally responsibly
  • Great for mulching flower beds and paved areas


  • Difficult to get hold of the whole root

Constructed from the best quality and environmentally sourced materials, this product is designed to break off weeds from their base, just like a hoe. It may seem a bit expensive, but it is a good investment and worth its value.

4. CobraHead Original Garden Hand Weeding Tool

CobraHead Original Garden Hand Weeding Tool Best Weed Pullers


As the name of this product suggests, the CobraHead hand weeding tool resembles a snake’s head. It is made of tempered steel and is very strong. Built by gardeners and people who have a lot of gardening experience, this product is well designed and very useful.

The handle is made with recycled plastic or resin and easy to hold for both right and left-handed people. Its curved hook-shaped head is easy to get rid of the weeds.

You need to simply place the head at the weed base and dig it into the ground (soil). Then lever it slightly, and the weed will pop out. The tool works effectively on weeds with taproots or deep root systems.

Very stress-free to use in tight spaces, especially where weeds come up between your bedding plants. The best way to use it effectively is to water the garden before you start weeding. Slightly wet soil will offer a better grip to the tool and remove the weed entirely. 


  • Works well on weeds with medium roots
  • Great for weeds growing in tight areas
  • Ergonomic handle, cushioned for comfort


  • Requires more effort on compacted dry soil

Well designed and stress-free to use, the CobraHead weeding instrument is built by people who have a lot of gardening experience. Its curved head made of tempered steel and comfortable grip make a tough job like weeding easier to carry out.

5. Yard Butler Twist Tiller Weeding Tool

Yard Butler Twist Tiller Weeding Tool Best Weed Pullers


In case you have severe back or don’t want to kneel while weeding then you must try the Yard Butler Twist weeding tool. This tool is 38 inches tall and also has a step plate which gives you a lot of control over the tool.

A solid ½ inch powder-coated steel shaft makes it strong and well balanced. There is a wide 12 inch T shaped handle which reduces the effort of twisting and rotates easily. The sharp-angled claws go into compacted soil also easily.

Very versatile, the Yard Butler Twist weeding instrument is also great for loosening and tilling the soil. Its angled tines hook into the weeds and pull them out without much effort.

The tines are 4 inches in length, and most garden weeds can be pulled out. You can also use it in tight spaces because it does not require any leverage. 


  • Great for weeding while standing
  • Works well in close-fitting spots like flower boxes, around shrubs, etc.
  • Long-lasting and durable all-metal construction


  • Weed roots that are 4 inches or more in length are hard to remove.

A versatile tool, very useful in the garden, the Yard Butler Twist weeding instrument is well designed and constructed. You can use it without having to kneel or bend, making weeding an easier chore. Its angled tines work on most types of soil and remove the weed from the roots.


People take on gardening for relaxing but soon find that it can be physically demanding and tedious. Even more so when it comes to a job like weed removal, however, by having the right tools, you can have a great gardening experience.

Choosing the right tool may seem daunting at first, but with a little research, you will choose the right weed puller.

 All the products listed here are great, but we think Grampa’s Weeder- Stand Up Weed Removal Tool is the best. It is well designed and made with the best materials.

It has been around for more than 100 years and works very effectively. Give your back and knees a rest while you take care of your garden by choosing this product. Enjoy gardening!