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Coral Charm Vs Coral Sunset Peony – Which Peony is More Charming?

Coral Charm and Coral Sunset are two of the most highly sought-after peonies due to their long-lasting blooms, vibrant colors, and charming petal shapes. They are also two of the most popular peonies in the world, with their delicate coloring and graceful petals.

Coral Charm and Coral Sunset Peony appear to be quite similar to each other at first glance. However, they do actually have some small differences when compared side-by-side that could make one or the other preferable depending on your personal preferences.

The differences between these two may influence your choice when buying peonies amidst Coral Charm vs Coral Sunset Peony. But which one truly is more charming? Let’s take a look!

In this article, we’ll cover the main similarities and differences between Coral Charm and Coral Sunset Peony so you can decide which peony is right for you. There is also a side-by-side comparison table to help you decide best. So, let’s get started.

Coral Charm Peony

Coral Charm Peony is a deep coral with a hint of peach and pink undertones. Hence, it is also referred as pink-peachy coral. It’s vibrant and feminine while still being soft enough to wear at work or school.

The petals are slightly more rounded and ball-likethan some other peonies, which means it doesn’t need as much trimming before you can use it in your bouquets.

The flowers of Coral Charm Peony look more attractive in the garden with other plants in the background. The stems are also very strong, so you don’t have to worry about them breaking when they get delivered to your door.

Overall, these flowers make for a great addition to any arrangement because they stand out without being too flashy. They’re ideal for weddings, birthdays, graduations, anniversaries. They can suit very well in any celebration where you want something that stands out but isn’t fancy and ornamental.

Coral Sunset Peony

While it’s usually used as a cutting flower, Coral Sunset Peony has been known to grow quite large. Native to China, Korea and Japan, Coral Sunset Peony may also be referred to as Leopoldii. It gets its name from its striking leaves that have a deep red glow on their undersides that resembles an octopus tentacle.

Hence, its nickname is Red Tentacle Flower. It has flatter flowers that’s coral colored with orange tips. The petals get darker towards the center of each bloom and the stamens are yellow. This peony prefers full sun or partial shade in a well-drained soil. It grows best in USDA Zones 3–8.

Side By Side Comparison

Coral Charm Vs Coral Sunset Peony make an excellent combination in the landscape. But which one reigns supreme in your garden? They have some similarities but they also do differ somewhat in terms of flower form and height.

Below, there is a side-by-side comparison table based on their differences and similarities. Let’s see how Coral Charm Vs Coral Sunset Peony compare.

CharacteristicsCoral Charm PeonyCoral Sunset Peony
USDA Hardiness Zones3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 83, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
SunlightPartial Sun to Full ShadePartial Sun to Full Shade
Height at Maturity0.6 to 0.9 Meters (2 to 3 Inches)0.6 to 0.9 Meters (2 to 3 Inches)
Width at Maturity0.6 to 0.9 Meters (2 to 3 Inches)0.6 to 0.9 Meters (2 to 3 Inches)
Soil TypeMoist, DrainedMoist, Drained
Soil pHAlmost Neutral (pH = 7.0)Almost Neutral (pH = 7.0)
Watering1 to 2 times/week1 to 2 times/week
Growth RateMediumMedium
Bloom TimeLate SpringLate Spring

3 Similarities Between Coral Charm Vs Coral Sunset Peony

There are various similarities between Coral Charm Peony and Coral Sunset Peony which makes it difficult to choose one among them. So, let’s see some of the similarities between these two peonies which might help you know about them better while deciding to own one in Coral Charm Vs Coral Sunset Peony.

1)    No Smell

The first thing that makes both Coral Charm Peony and Coral Sunset Peony similar is the scent. Actually, the lack of scent, to be precise. Scent is also the thing that separates these peonies apart from each other.

As a well-known fact, most peonies possess a pleasant fragrance. It might be so strong that the whole garden lightens up with their fragrance making the garden a very pleasant area. But both Coral Charm Peony as well as Coral Sunset Peony have almost no scent.

The scent is so faint that it’s almost impossible to sense it from a distance. If you really want to smell the scent of these peonies, you might need to touch the flower with your nose.

People also say the aroma of these peonies is very unpleasant. But you should know that this is a subjective opinion while considering to have own in your garden. You must look at other varieties if the smell of the flowers is of main concern for you.

But if the appearance of the flowers is something you are looking for, both Coral Charm Peony and Coral Sunset Peony deserves a praise. You can also place these peonies together with other coral peonies plant that possess strong and pleasant fragrance.

Coral Charm Coral Charm Vs Coral Sunset Peony 3
Coral Charm – via Pinterest

2)    Strong stems

Another similarity to look for in Coral Charm Vs Coral Sunset Peony is the strength of the stem. Both of these varieties of peonies have unusually sturdy stems. They also do not lie on the ground. Weaker stems are one unpleasant thing in most varieties of peonies.

A strong wind or rain cause the stems to cease and sag to the ground as it is unable to hold the weight during flowering season. If there is a strong wind or rain, the stems may not be able to hold their weight and sag to the ground.

Hence, the problem is real. So, various frameworks and supports are available just for peonies. It becomes necessary for gardeners to ensure that their peonies have their supporting frame all the times.

No such support is required for neither Coral Charm Peony nor for Coral Sunset Peony. Despite being a large plant, they are strong plants that is capable of holding their weight even in the worst weather condition. Coral Charm Peony and Coral Sunset Peony are two best choices of plants if you don’t want a cage to hold up your peonies.

3)    Warmth Requirement

Warm weather is something all peonies thrive and bloom great in. Hence, Coral peonies bloom great in higher temperatures. They flower great at almost 65°F. They cannot bloom great in cool weather as they would have in the warm weather.

Also, ensuring the plants get enough sun is important. They also do great in partial shade but at least 6 hours of sunlight per day is still a must for both the peonies.

Paeonia 'Coral Sunset', 2018 photo
Coral Sunset – via Flickr

Differences Between Coral Charm Vs Coral Sunset Peony

1)     Shape of Flowers

The shape of flowers of Coral Charm Peony is different than that of Coral Sunset Peony. But they both have higher number of petals than the other usual varieties as they both are semi doubled peonies.

Coral Charm Peony is more of a ball-like plant and is spherical in shape. More petals are present in the center than in the Coral Sunset Peony. Due to this, it looks more attractive.

On the other hand, Coral Sunset Peony has flatter flowers. It has open center as compared to Coral Charm Peony as the petals are more flared out. Hence the yellow pistil and stamens in the center makes Coral Sunset Peony look very aesthetic and ornamental.

2)     Size of Flowers

Along with the shape, the size of the flowers is also different while comparing Coral Charm Vs Coral Sunset Peony. The flowers of Coral Charm Peony are a bit larger than Coral Sunset Peony. They are quite large despite the flower not fully opened. A delightful appearance is found due to the large colour balls in the green foliage.

On the other hand, Coral Sunset Peony is little smaller than Coral Charm Peony. Despite being smaller in size, Coral Sunset Peony looks unique in its own way.

3)     Different Colours

Differences in colour is another thing to consider while deciding to have one among Coral Charm Vs Coral Sunset Peony. They both bloom almost at the same time due to which the flowering time is about 10 days.

But it might also get shortened to 7 days under unfavorable conditions. Both the peonies change colour during this time. They both have their own rich color palette but are different to each other.

Coral Charm peony starts flowering with coral which later changes to apricot. This finally gets changed to creamy white at the end of the flowering time.

On the other hand, Coral Sunset Peony starts flowering in coral pink which later changes to peach. It also ends in a creamy white color like the Coral Charm Peony. It although has a little more number of flowers.


Deciding one in Coral Charm Vs Coral Sunset Peony is one difficult thing due to various similarities between them. But there are also differences that help you decide the best for your garden. Coral Charm Peony is best suited if you love colour changing peonies as they are semi-double.