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Cupid Peperomia – 5 Caring Tips and 2 Propagation Methods

The Cupid peperomia (AKA Peperomia Scandens Variegata) is a beautiful trailing houseplant that gardeners and collectors seek out for its intricately variegated foliage that instantly beautifies any garden it is planted in.

The plant’s striking foliage is not the only reason gardeners are attracted to this plant; it is also the plant’s rarity. The Cupid Peperomia is not an easy plant to find, and because of this reason, home gardeners and collectors are always on edge to seize any opportunity they can find to get their hands on this plant.

The Cupid Peperomia is native to the tropical regions of Mexico and Central America. In their natural habitat, they survive by clinging onto plants, rocks, and other physical structures in their proximity.

Generally, these plants are pretty robust and easy to maintain. So, you won’t have to do much to keep this plant in shape if you choose to get one.

Cupid Peperomia 1
Cupid Peperomia – via Etsy

The main characteristics of the Cupid peperomia

Foliage and Flowers

This beautiful trailing plant isn’t shy about flaunting its intricately variegated leaves of green and creamy-white hues, with a silvery-white line bordering the edges of its leaves.

Just like the other plants of its genus, the Cupid Peperomia grows flower spikes of light green colour. If you notice too many spikes growing on your plant, though, you might want to pluck some of them out to make sure your plant does not get all of its energy drained out.

Growth Rate

While most peperomia plants are slow growers, you will be happy to know that Cupid Peperomia is a fast grower. The plant can reach a height of 1.5 meters and a spread of about 1 foot when it reaches maturity. Typically, it takes about 2 to 5 years for this plant to establish itself fully. 

How to care for your Cupid Peperomia- top 5 tips

Lighting needs

Your Cupid Peperomia plant will grow optimally when kept in medium to bright indirect light. So, place your pot somewhere it will receive ample amounts of sunlight without being exposed to the scorching heat of the sun.

Ensure that your Cupid Peperomia is not stored in places without sunlight, though; This plant absolutely cannot survive in low lighting conditions.

Our recommendation is that you keep your peperomia plant near a large window covered by a thin, light-permeable curtain. This should ensure that your plant receives ample sunlight without facing the direct heat of the sun.

Watering needs

The cupid peperomia has the ability to store water in its leaves and stem. So, the plant does not require lots of watering. Just make sure you never water this plant excessively, though; you don’t want your cupid peperomia to start rotting from the roots.


Since this plant is native to the Humid regions of South America and Mexico, your Cupid Peperomia will grow best when kept in environments of high humidity. A good level of humidity starts at 70% for this plant, so make sure you provide your plant with such an environment.


The optimal growing temperature for the Cupid Peperomia falls between 15.5 to 26.5 degrees Celsius. Luckily, the average room temperature for most households lies within this range. So, you probably won’t have to go out of your way to meet this demand.

Soil Needs

Since the Cupid Peperomia is an epiphyte, it is accustomed to growing on different surfaces like in between the cracks of trees or rocks. This means that this plant will thrive in a well-aerated/ draining soil mix.

All you need to do is mix perlite, standard potting mix and orchid bark in equal proportions, and your plant should be able to achieve the ideal soil conditions.

Cupid Peperomia 2
Cupid Peperomia – via Etsy

How to propagate your Cupid Peperomia

Now, if you decide to get yourself a Cupid Peperomia, you’re going to want to learn the different ways you can propagate this plant in your home garden. In our discussion, we will talk about 2 of the most popular ways home gardeners propagate the Cupid Peperomia plant indoors. These are:

  1. Propagation using a potting mix.
  2. Propagation in water.

Propagation using a potting Mix

Below is a step-by-step guide to propagating a Cupid Peperomia using a suitable potting mix. Follow these steps, and your new Cupid Peperomia will grow out in no time.

  1. Begin by chopping off a healthy vine right below a node of an existing Cupid Peperomia (Make sure that this cutting still has at least one node and 2-3 leaves intact).
  2. Next, place your stem cutting (from the sliced end of the cutting) into a moist, nutritious potting mix while making sure that the node of your stem is properly buried in the soil.
  3. Now, after about a month of consistent caring, check your cutting to see if roots are developing. You can do this by gently tugging your cutting upwards. If there is resistance (if your cutting doesn’t come out), it means that roots have formed.
  4. Once your plant develops its roots, you should place it in a new, permanent location. Once you’ve done so, wait and watch as your plant grows out.

Propagation of Cupid Peperomia in Water.

We will now discuss how you can propagate your Cupid Peperomia in Water. The procedure will somewhat be the same, except propagating the Cupid Peperomia in water tends to yield quicker results. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. As with the previous method, begin by slicing off (right below a node) a healthy vine with at least one node and a couple of leaves still intact.
  2. Now, take a glass jar containing water at room temperature, and dip your cutting in the water such that the nodes of your cutting go under the water while the leaves are exposed to the open air.
  3. Now, place your jar somewhere it can receive bright, indirect sunlight and keep changing the water of your container from time to time.
  4. An added benefit of propagating using water is that throughout the process, you can observe the growth of your plant’s roots. So, once you’ve followed the steps above, all you will need to do is wait for your plant’s root to grow.
  5. Once your Cupid Peperomia has developed its roots, shift your plant to a permanent pot, and your plant will grow out in no time.

Bottom Line

The Cupid Peperomia is a beautiful trailing plant coveted for its rarity and for its striking foliage. This plant is pretty low maintenance which means you won’t have to do much to ensure its proper growth.

All you need to do is make sure you water it sparingly keep it in humid environments under room temperature in a nutritious, well-draining potting mix while it receives medium to high levels of indirect sunlight.

Finally, if you wish to propagate your Cupid Peperomia indoors, follow either of the two propagation methods for this plant that we’ve outlined above.