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Easy Ways To Improve Your Garden Photography

Having a garden is one of the most natural assets you can get. The pleasing serenity, hues of your favorite colors, and the sweet-smelling fragrance that comes with it are top-notch. Especially if you are a garden lover, there is a way you will care for it and let other people fall in love with your garden.

If you are a social media person, or you have a blog or host a podcast, there is a chance you will talk about your idyllic garden occasionally. You are also going to take many pictures as proof of ownership and they won’t just be ordinary pictures. Websites like Vista allow you to add music to photo online free if you are creating for a video.

Hence, if you feel that the natural beauty, close-up shots, and landscape are not featured in your photography, there are ways to improve it to give your garden that aesthetic look both physically and visually. Of course, you can join a workshop or take online courses by brilliant garden photographers.

But you can skip the 2 hours online course and learn the basic ways to improve your garden photography as a beginner. In less than 5 minutes, you will be a badass garden photographer even if you don’t have all the equipment required. Here are the tips you can apply as an aspiring garden photographer.

Easy Ways To Improve Your Garden Photography 1
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1. Clean your Lens

There is a probability that your photos are coming out as low-quality because you are not maintaining your camera lens, especially for people using smartphones. We use our phones every day. Sometimes, we put them in our pockets or drop them on the bed.

Your camera lens will absorb elements that make them look grubby and dull which can alter the beauty of your pictures. Ideally, you can browse online on how to care for your camera lens or simply buy lens wipes.

2. Get a Tripod

“Oh, how am I going to get a tripod if I don’t have the money?” Well, you definitely do not need to break the bank to secure a tripod. Over time, we’ve found out that a tripod enhances the end product of your garden pictures.

Most especially for videos, you don’t want to have ‘shaky hands’ comments all over your vlog. So, what kind of tripod can you buy? You can get the mini tripod for mobile phones and a smartphone tripod mount to hold your phone on top of your tripod for just a couple of dollars.

There is also a compact lightweight tripod that can follow you everywhere to take garden pictures if you are hired. In the end, you will see the value compared to using your smartphone only.

3. Find the Horizon

The angle at which you take a picture matters a lot. This is why some are amateurs and others are professionals. If you are deep in filming and photographing, you will always look for the line where the earth seems to meet the sky.

The horizon is easy to locate on a flat surface built on a grid system. Although it is sometimes challenging; the sloppy lawns, trees, and scurried walls do not quite fit in for ease.

If you are good at photo editing, you can adjust the horizon but be careful not to alter the result. Give your garden a pleasant look from a nice altitude.

Easy Ways To Improve Your Garden Photography 2

4. Photographers don’t zoom

Try not to zoom in with your lens. Avoid it. You are reducing the number of pixels and quality in the frame. Zooming on your smartphone camera will make your pictures blurry.

It’s better to move closer to the object. For instance, if you take a picture of ‘blue iris’ from a long distance, you won’t get a clear picture.

On some occasions, you might not have the chance to get close, but you can use your feet instead to minimize the use of the zoom. If you stand at a slight angle to the border, you can use zoom to compress the picture.

Bonus tip: Take Morning Snaps

There is nothing as soothing as taking early morning pictures of your garden. Before sunrise, sunrise, or dawn are all perfect to give your garden the best look.

The light is looking wonderful with no harsh shadows. If you do not own a garden, sneaking it to someone’s own might be an offense. But if you know someone kind enough to let you take exceptional pictures of their garden at that time, then you are good to go.

On cloudy days, you can take as many pictures as you want due to the diffused light. Also, avoid direct sunlight while taking garden pictures. Once you understand how to make a perfect picture of your garden, you will find it easier to also care for it.