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Ego Snow Blower Steel Auger Vs. Rubber!

As snowflakes gently fall, the world transforms into a magical place.

But with that also comes a problem: as the beautiful and heart-pleasing snow falls, the daunting task of snow removal is at our heads.

Thankfully! Technological advancements have provided efficient snow removal equipment like the Ego snow blower.

Among its many components, the auger is responsible for breaking up and pushing snow, contributing to a significant part of snow removal.

But which type of auger is best, steel or rubber?

That question confuses many people and leads them to compare Ego snow blower steel auger vs. rubber.

In this article, we will focus on comparing both types.

So, without wasting further time, let’s move some snow!

Ego Snow Blower Steel Auger Vs. Rubber
Ego Snow Blower Steel Auger Vs. Rubber

Ego Snow Blower Steel Auger Vs. Rubber!

The auger is the heart of a snow blower, and its performance directly impacts how effectively and efficiently snow can be cleared.

The choice between steel and rubber augers can significantly impact the performance and functionality of the snow blower.

Let’s discuss steel vs. rubber augers in detail, plus their advantages and limitations, so that you can make the right decision.

Steel Auger

Steel auger is a primary component for breaking up and moving snow in a snow blower.

  • This auger is typically made of high-strength steel and features sharp cutting edges along its surface.
  • The design allows it to efficiently penetrate various snow types, including hard-packed or icy snow.

Steel augers have a longer lifespan compared to rubber augers.

Rubber Auger

Rubber auger offers unique characteristics and advantages that differentiate it from steel augers.

  • As the name suggests, rubber augers are made from rubber or a rubber-like material.
  • The flexibility of rubber allows it to be gentler on fragile objects, reducing the likelihood of scratches or dents and preventing the risk of damaging delicate materials or surfaces.

Because of their softer composition than steel augers, the performance and capabilities of rubber augers are impacted.

Ego Snow Blower Steel Auger Vs. Rubber | Advantages!

The following are the advantages of the Ego snow blower steel auger vs. rubber auger:

Steel Augers

There is a wide range of advantages offered by the steel auger.

Durability and Resistance

Steel augers are famous for their strength and ability to withstand harsh winter conditions.

The high-strength steel construction ensures it can endure heavy use and resist wear and tear over time.

This durability and resistance are especially beneficial for individuals constantly facing challenging snow conditions.

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Break up the Icy Snow

Steel augers are best for breaking up hard packed or icy snow due to their sharp cutting edges and rigid structure.

The cutting action of the auger allows it to penetrate and break apart densely packed snow. Thus, making it easier for the snow blower to discharge the snow effectively.

This capability is precious in areas where snow often becomes compacted or forms ice layers.

Suitable for Heavy-Duty Snow Clearing Tasks

The strength and power of steel augers make them ideal for heavy-duty snow-clearing tasks.

They can handle larger snow volumes and more challenging snow conditions without compromising performance.

Whether you need to clear a large driveway, parking lot, or other extensive areas, steel augers provide the necessary strength and efficiency to get the job done.

Pro Tip: If you live in an area with frequent or subsequential snowfall, you should opt for a steel auger. However, it is essential to fully understand its limitations (mentioned further in the article) before deciding.

A snow blower is spraying snow onto the ground photo
A snow blower is spraying snow onto the ground photo | Image via Unsplash

Rubber Augers

Rubber augers have their own advantages that are far different from steel augers.

Surface Protection

One of the significant advantages of rubber augers is their focus on safety and surface protection.

The softer material reduces the risk of causing scratches, marks, or other surface damage.

It makes rubber augers an excellent choice for clearing snow from delicate areas like:

  • Decorative pavement
  • Stone walkways
  • Wooden decks

In areas like these, preserving the integrity of the surface is crucial.

Quieter Operation

Rubber augers offer a more silent operation compared to steel augers.

The flexibility and cushioning properties of rubber help absorb and dampen the noise generated during snow clearing.

This quieter operation can benefit those who prefer a more peaceful snow removal experience or live in noise-sensitive areas where noise restrictions exist.

Improved Performance on Light Snowfall or Uneven Surfaces

Rubber augers excel in certain snow conditions.

They are particularly effective when clearing light snowfall or snow on uneven surfaces.

The softer composition of rubber augers allows them to adapt to variations in surface levels, ensuring efficient snow removal without causing unnecessary damage or disruption.

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Ego Snow Blower Steel Auger Vs. Rubber | Limitations!

The following are the limitations of the Ego snow blower steel auger vs. rubber auger:

Steel Augers

Let’s discuss the limitations of steel auger.

Increased Noise Levels During Operation

One limitation of steel auger is its higher noise level during operation.

The strong nature of steel augers, while beneficial for snow clearing, also increases noise compared to other materials.

This noise may be a consideration if you live in a noise-sensitive area or prefer a quieter snow-clearing experience.

Potential Damage to Sensitive Surfaces

Another limitation to be mindful of is the potential for steel augers to cause damage to sensitive surfaces.

While effective for snow removal, the sharp cutting edges of steel auger can scratch delicate surfaces like wooden decks or decorative pavement.

So, care must be taken when operating a snow blower with steel augers in areas where surface damage is a concern.

Not it’s time to analyze the other option available—rubber augers.

Rubber Augers

Although rubber auger has covered the limitations of steel augers, nothing is perfect in this world, so it has its own limitations that cannot be neglected.

Reduced Effectiveness on Icy Snow

While rubber augers offer advantages in specific snow conditions, they may be less effective when dealing with heavily compacted or icy snow.

The softer material lacks the cutting power and rigidity like steel augers, making it challenging to break apart and remove densely packed snow.

In such conditions, the performance of rubber augers may be compromised.

Potential for Faster Wear and Tear Over Time

Rubber augers may experience faster wear and tear compared to their steel counterparts.

The softer nature of rubber makes it more susceptible to degradation, especially with regular use in demanding snow-clearing tasks.

It is essential to regularly inspect and maintain rubber augers to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

Ego snow blower rubber auger damage - Ego Snow Blower Steel Auger Vs. Rubber
Ego snow blower rubber auger damage | Image via Reddit

That’s all for today.


I hope that now you are not confused about the Ego snowblower steel auger vs. rubber.

Well! Both the auger types have their own advantages and limitations.

Considering the factors mentioned in this article will help you to choose the best auger according to your need. So, make a viable choice by analyzing different factors around you, and let the power of technology work in your favor this winter!

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