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How Long Does Grass Take To Grow – This is Shocking Truth!

How long does grass take to grow? The simple answer is anytime between 5 days and 30 days. Sometimes, it even extends up to 45 days.

The right term for grass growth is germination. That’s the initial development that indicates the grass seed has finally turned into grass – yay!

Some species of grass develop very quickly. Others may be longer than expected. So, how long does grass take to grow depends on a few factors. Let’s briefly discuss one by one to see the difference and have a more understanding how grass grows.​

Factors of Grass Germination

1. Growing Zones

How Long Does Grass Take To Grow

One factor that helps you determine how long does grass take to grow is the growing zone. Each country is not the same since they vary in terms of local climate and temperature. Not to mention, soil can be distinctive or similar based on the type of zone.

There are types of grass that can withstand fall. Most of the time, however, they germinate during spring just after frost. Generally, it is best to start planting around spring or summer.

Bonus: Check a chart of US zone maps here  as an example.

2. Seasons

How Long Does Grass Take To Grow

Like all general types of plants, grass grows in different seasons depending on its species. Most grass grow more effectively during a warm climate. Others are during cool season, either for a short or long period of germination.

For instance, bermudagrass, which is a common type of lawn grass used in residential homes, germinates in warm season. Again, climates differ due to geographical reason and that’s another aspect on how long does grass take to grow.

During warmer days, grass seeds start to develop from 10 to 30 days after planting. For cooler season, it can germinate 7 to 10 days (short germination) or 14 to 30 days (long germination).

3. Soil Temperature

Other than the basic type of soil, consider the temperature of the ground too. For grass, it’s not that highly demanding. It only needs at least 7 to 8 degrees Celsius or 44 to 46 degrees Fahrenheit.

4. Seed Mixtures

Don’t be surprised if the grass seeds seem to look different. It’s really common to have mixed types of grass. They are mixed usually to indicate how they perform well on sites in consideration with the type of soil or ground and climate.

how long does grass take to grow from seed

If one type doesn’t grow well, the rest can help fix the problem. This is much better than planting one type that grows poorly. That’s why mixing three types of grass seeds is an ideal option. It doesn’t even matter how long does grass take to grow if it’s mixed.

Mixing grass seeds is a very simple process. Just place equal amounts or numbers of seeds in a container and mix before planting. Yes, that’s it!

However, the tricky part is calculating the amount of seeds to use. You need to determine the square footage. You may need to multiply or divide depending on what’s labeled on the package. Hence, always check the label before making calculations.

Care Tips for Grass

Do not just ask the question, “how long does grass take to grow”? You also need to know the importance of taking care and maintaining the good condition of grass so it won’t leave a bald spot on the ground.

1. Cover with Mulch

how quickly can grass grow

Mulch can enhance the growth and condition of the grass. So add this after planting the seeds and before watering.

2. Water

The most basic and important thing to do is to keep your grass (or soil where it’s planted) moist all the time. This is also the main reason why lawns have sprinkler systems built underground. It prevents the soil from getting dried up.

how long does grass take to grow

Do not over-water the grass that results to puddle or pool of dirt water. It should not exceed the tip of the grass. Watch out for leaks also as this may also flood the lawn area.

In case you see some algae or moss, even if in a small amount, thoroughly check the soil. Their sightings may indicate too much moisture. That results to reducing the amount of water or its frequency for the meantime.

We can conclude that it’s not how long does grass take to grow that you need to be concerned about. Since it takes for only a short period of time, planting grass seeds is not that big of a problem. Rather focus on how to maintain its good condition so it lasts much longer.

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