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How To Dry Dill – The Process Is Very Easy, Yes!

From soups to sautéed dishes, dill is used as seasoning and/or flavor. You can make a lot of appetizers, main courses and even snacks. It is that versatile in the kitchen. In addition, this is also used for medicinal purposes. That’s why having several dills at home can become handy at times.

Since this is a type of herb, dill is easily spoiled. You either use fresh herbs to season dishes or dry for later use. As the headline suggests, this post focuses on how to dry dill.

​Growing Dill

How To Dry Dill

Dill is a small bush that easily grows in moist soil. You can add a row or two of this to your garden or behind the fences. Its feathery look accentuates the area. If you have this plant in your home, you have the supply to use whenever you need some.

There is no complication in planting dills. You may use the seeds or baby stalks to grow. Just make sure to water them regularly and do now allow to dry out, especially during summer or humid days. For better growth, this plant must be also exposed to sunlight for at least 6 to 8 hours a day.

Harvesting Dill

Harvesting Dill - How To Dry Dill

It doesn’t take long before dill can be harvested. You can start pruning several stalks, or what some people called as weed, within a short few weeks.

Your indication is when the seeds have turned brown, which also suggest they’re ripe. Take note of the appearance of yellow-brown flowers too as this indicates a good flavor.

As part of the process of how to dry dill is concerned, use the right tools. In this case, a pair of scissors or shears is basically needed to cut the leafy foliage of the plant.

Getting the entire stem is also an option but this is usually more applicable to get the seeds or for canning. After cutting, immediately wash the herbs to remove dirt as well as small insects.

How To Dry Dill

It’s better to use dill while freshly harvested. The flavor and aroma can be irresistible. But there are also times wherein you do not need a lot of those fresh weed. Don’t worry, they still provide good flavor. Hence, you have to dry them out. Learning how to dry dill is somewhat a little trickier than growing.

Drying Dill - How To Dry Dill

Start the drying process by tying about 5 to 8 stems together and hanging them upside down. Each bundle should have been lightly bundled to ensure air circulation. Now, cover the weeds with brown or paper bags with holes on the side. These bags are able to catch the seeds once the weeds dry out.

Another option on how to dry dill properly is to cut the leaflets and lay them on a dehydrator sheet. This can help dry dill within a day or even less. You may also use a baker’s rack but takes a bit longer.

Once dried, start crushing the leaflets and store them in a glass or plastic container. This can be stored for a few weeks to 6 months or even a year if kept in air-tight jar. And yes, they can still be useful as fresh dill in terms of fragrance and flavor.

Exposing the cut leaves to direct sunlight is also an easy option regarding how to dry dill. Just place the stalks or weed outside for a short few hours. You may also cut them in small bouquets to easily just pour in a storing container afterwards.

Health Benefits

For long years, dill is regarded as effective medicinal herbs in the world. It’s been used to make teas that help calm nerves, relieve upset stomach, soothe PMS in women, and promote sleep. It’s not just a seasoning ingredient. It provides properties that result to good effects for the body.

vitamins How To Dry Dill

The extract of dill is very powerful. It has the ability to bacteria that can cause diseases. But that’s not the only thing, it can also help protect your system against cancer.

There is also a good amount of calcium in this herb. A tablespoon of seeds is enough to provide calcium similar to 1/3 cup of milk.

Other nutrients found in dill are vitamins B2, B3, B6, copper, fiber, magnesium, phosphorus, phytonutrients, and potassium. There are also flavonoids.


Knowing how to dry dill can help you with a few things. One is to have easy access of supply that you may need in cooking or treating minor health conditions. Whether you like it or not, you may need those dried ones.

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