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How To Get Rid Of Moss In Your Lawn Lime In 8 Easy Steps

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As an avid gardener, keeping my lawn tidy and free from moss is my top priority. Most of you might agree with me that moss in conjunction with the grass is sure to add more greenery to your lawn.

However, we do not prefer the slippery feel of it. Are you tired of trying chemical concoctions to get rid of these extra unwanted growths?​

You might also be worried about its ill-effects on your surroundings and the environment. Well! You are not alone. I put together this tutorial on how to get rid of moss in your lawn lime as I can easily imagine your frustration on seeing the growth back after trying all different methods.

When you notice moss devouring your landscape, what is the first thing that strikes you? To me, it is an indication that the soil is either getting too damp than it is required to or there is less sunlight reaching the place.

So, let us look at some of the best ways to get rid of moss from your lawn without harming the grass. We shall also address some prevention tips towards the end of the tutorial that will work well in protecting your lawn from moss in the long run.

How To Get Rid Of Moss In Your Lawn Lime

Must-Have Cleaning Essentials

List of Chemical Items

Firstly, stack your garden or lawn shed with the following items that are a must if you are a proud owner of a beautiful lawn.

  • By trimming or pruning the plants in your garden.
  • By removing the insects manually from the source.

List of Physical Items

You can also address the issue physically by making your lawn soil more aerated and fertile. For this, you will need.

  • Gardening Implements such as garden rake or spades
  • Aerator, Soil thatcher, etc (Rent or borrow it if you find it too expensive)

How To Get Rid Of Moss In Your Lawn Lime

1. Using Baking Soda

Moss grows faster on slightly acidic soil. Adding baking soda will make the soil more alkaline. This will create unfavorable soil conditions for moss.

Baking Soda - How To Get Rid Of Moss In Your Lawn Lime

a) Get the mix ready – Simply add the baking powder to water and mix it vigorously. You can start by adding one tablespoon of baking powder to 1 Gallon of water

b) How to Use it – Spray it generously over the grass using a spray bottle or garden sprayer.

c) Pro Tip – For those large patches of growth, you can also directly sprinkle it over the affected area and then use the mixture of 3 tablespoons of baking soda to 1 quart of water to spray it over the area.

d) Why this method – This act quickly and will start yielding results on a day or two.

e) Caution tip – Once the moss has died, make sure you rake it up carefully to not spread its spores.

The solution two to three times over a week to kill the weed by its roots. This can be sprayed at any time during the day, but we recommend late afternoons as the best time to do this.

It is also quite economical to use this method if you have a large area of your lawn affected by this unwanted growth.

2. Lime Method

This act indirectly by balancing the pH level in the soil.

a) Simply spread the lime – Spread the lime evenly with a spreader.

b) Simply spread the lime – Similar to baking soda this makes the soil more alkaline and helps arrest the growth of moss over a course of time. You can use Pennington Fast Acting Lime Soil Amendment, 6 lb

c) Two benefits at one go – This not only works on removing the moss but also helps the grass get a greener appearance.

3. Pull it out Method

If you happen to see that the moss growth is in the early stages, then you can use this method.

a) Use a garden rake – to remove the moss growth and discard it to avoid regrowth.

Garden rake - How To Get Rid Of Moss In Your Lawn Lime

This method is particularly effective is the moss growth as dense as it is easy to rake it out. You need not mix or get your hands-on chemicals to keep your lawn moss free.

These solutions we offered are natural ways but do not stop the moss growth from recurring. While you cannot completely stop the growth of moss, you can follow some of the tips given below to keep your lawn free from moss.

Tips To Keep Your Lawn Moss-free

Like I mentioned in the article earlier, moss growth is an indicator of the health of your lawn. A little bit of are exercised will go a long way to check the growth of moss.

1. Allow Sunshine through

Make sure your lawn is getting enough sunshine as its absence will be an encouraging factor for moss growth. Remove all obstacles and make way for sunlight to reach the grass.

  • Free from debris – Keep your lawn free from debris and do not stack bricks or wood in the lawn.
  • Adequate planning – Plan building sheds near the lawn is such a way that it does not obstruct sunlight.
  • Regular Upkeep – Regularly trim the overgrown shrubs and trees so that they do not create shady places.

2. Balance the level of moisture in the soil

Moss growth can happen in heavily moist areas. Watering through sprinklers is an ideal way to make sure the grass gets enough water.

  • Avoid watering your lawn at night.
  • Improve the drainage ability to reduce the sogginess of the lawn.

3. Aerate the lawn

For the soil to stay fertile, it has to be aerated regularly. This will make sure the grass gets enough nutrients, air, and water.

  • The core aerator machine does this job well. It digs out small patches of soil to allow more space and spread out.
  • Do this once before you start growing the grass and once by the end of the growing season.

4. Dethatching helps in preventing moss from settling in

It works deeper than aeration and yields better results. The lawnmower digs into the area and removes all possible plant growth on the upper layer of the soil.


These are eco-friendly tips that worked well for me to maintain my lawn healthy and green in a natural way. You must also take efforts and the pain of having to go through a periodic tour of your lawn to identify any unwanted growth.

Also, help us with your feedback and any other suggestions to make our lawns greener and healthier.