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How to Grow Moss on Concrete – 5 Awesome Tips and Tricks

Moss is a species of nonvascular plants that reproduce through spores and live in large colonies clustered together. Moss is found all around the world except places with saltwater. Moss often grows in shady and moist areas naturally. Moss acts as an excellent carpet to cover forest floors and woodlands. But you can also learn how to grow moss on concrete.

The extremely tiny leaf-like structure of moss gives it a very fresh and vibrant green color. You can grow moss over it if you have columns in your garden, large stones, or pavements and want to liven up your place. You can grow moss on ant concrete stepping stones or paved paths in your garden and make it look luscious and refreshing.

Keep following the article if you don’t know how to grow moss on concrete.

How to Grow Moss on Concrete
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How to Grow Moss on Concrete?

Any surface covered with moss gives it an aesthetic look fresh out of a fairytale. There are numerous possibilities to adorn anything plain and bland and make it look charming by growing moss. If you have decorative boulders, statues, columns, or pavements, you can grow moss on whichever surface you want and embellish your patio, terrace, or garden.

Not only can you grow moss on a concrete surface, but you can also get creative and form any shape and design on walls by controlling and directing the growth of moss. There are many methods to learn how to grow moss on concrete, but we bring you the easiest and best method.

Items You Will Need

  • Patch of moss you desire to propagate.
  • Dairy products like yogurt, buttermilk, sugar, condensed milk
  • Blender
  • Mister spray bottle
  • Thick paintbrush
  • Water
  • Your preferred concrete surface

How to Make the Moss Slurry

Follow these steps to create your moss slurry, which will later be applied to the concrete.

  1. Add two or three cups of fresh moss in a blender to make the moss slurry.
  2. Now add two or three cups of any wet dairy product, i.e., yogurt, condensed milk, or buttermilk.
  3. Add about one to two tablespoons of sugar to the blender.
  4. Please give it a nice whirl and blend all your ingredients until they make a smooth slurry. It would help if you had the slurry to easily spreadable consistency.
  5. If the slurry is too thick, add some water and if it is too runny, add some moss in it and blend until you get the desired consistency.
  6. Now let the slurry sit for a couple of days to allow it to develop moss spores.
  7. Do not put the slurry in the refrigerator. If kept at room temperature in a warm environment, it will only produce spores.
  8. Before making the moss slurry, you must decide which type of moss you prefer to grow. And you will have tons of choices to select your moss. 
  9. We are enlisting some famously grown variety of mosses on garden stones and concrete surfaces to assist you further. These include spoon-leaved moss, springy turf, and pincushion moss.
How to Grow Moss on Concrete 2
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4 Easy Steps on How to Grow Moss on Concrete

Follow the following simple steps on how to grow moss on concrete.

Step 1: Making the Slurry

First, make your moss slurry by following the instructions which have already been elaborately discussed. Blend the moss with dairy products of your choice and some sugar to create the slurry.

Step 2: Let the Moss Sit

Now allow the moss slurry to sit for a couple of days at room temperature till it starts creating spores.

Step 3: Apply the Moss Slurry on Concrete Surface

Now clean your desired concrete surface and coat the surface with a layer of moss slurry using a thick paintbrush.

Step 4: Spray with Water

After applying the layer of moss slurry on concrete, water it regularly with a mister bottle spray. Keep it moist but do not soak it. You will see mold growth over the layer, which is nothing to worry about. The moss will start growing within four to six weeks.

Cultivating Moss on Concrete

  • Finalize the locations or surfaces where you want to grow the moss. It would help if you created the batch of moss slurry, considering how large the surface to be covered is.
  • You can choose the moss as flooring or cover garden wall borders or even a full wall.
  • Once the slurry is prepared, apply it on the surfaces where you want to grow the moss.
  • Using a spray bottle, keep watering the moss regularly with distilled or filtered water.
  • Do not overwater your moss slurry as it may wash away the spores with it and render your slurry useless to grow.
  • Keep the moss layer gently moist and do not make it drenching wet. However, you can increase the watering once the moss has grown completely.
  • If you see the growth of mold, do not be alarmed. This mold appears because of the fermentation of dairy products used to make the moss slurry.
  • The mold will disappear after a week, and your moss will start growing in about six weeks.

Care Tips for Moss Growing on Concrete

Here are some helpful tips to assist you in taking care of moss on concrete.

  • Once the moss displays signs of good growth, you can continue taking care of it like your lawn grass.
  • Regularly spray it with a garden hose and keep it lightly moist.
  • Due to its lack of roots and stems, moss receives nutrients from sunlight and water via the leaves’ spores.
  • Moss acts like a sponge and has good water retention. So, the moss will keep growing and spreading, making it easier to cover the surfaces.
  • Seed pods are produced on the tips of the minuscule leaves of moss. So, a small moss patch easily expands and grows new moss.
  • While cultivating the moss on concrete, be sure that it stays away from any vegetable patch. Otherwise, you will be stuck wondering how to get rid of moss from flower beds.
  • Moss is quite easy to care for and does not require much work to keep it alive.

Creating Moss Graffiti

You can be creative while growing moss on concrete walls. Draw a design or artwork and apply the moss slurry in your design pattern. The moss will grow and add an extra oomph to your display. You can make awesome wall graffiti with moss. Just let your creative juices flow!

Pro Tip: You can use a mixture of water and bleach on concrete areas where you do not want the moss to grow.

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You can embellish your garden or terrace and make it look lively and fresh by growing moss on any surface. It will give your garden a look straight out of fairy meadows. Grow moss over the garden rocks, make a boundary, or a border on the garden walls, make graffiti on a wall, or make a floor bed on the pavement. Possibilities are limitless.

Our helpful article has covered you if you don’t know how to grow moss on concrete. You know how to grow and take care of moss on concrete like a pro. Please leave your feedback in the comments and share your moss graffiti with us!