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How to Manually Push a Zero Turn Mower – 7 Amazing Step-by-Step Instructions

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A zero turn mower is a common motorized lawnmower. The wheels of a zero turn mower have zero turning radius, so it cannot make turns like other vehicles. However, the wheels can rotate in the opposite direction, similar to how a tank turns in its place. If your mower is not working on itself, then this guide will help you learn How to Manually Push a Zero Turn Mower.

You may face this problem at least once in your life that you will need to push your mower manually due to any number of circumstances leading to the non-functioning of your mower. It could be a flat tire, engine failure, or low hydraulic fluid levels. You can still learn how to push a zero turn mower manually in any such circumstance.

For your further assistance, we have linked a video tutorial.

How to Manually Push a Zero Turn Mower 1
Zero Turn Mower – via Wikimedia

How to Manually Push a Zero Turn Mower

Every once in a while, your mower might start acting out for many reasons. And in such cases, you will have to push the mower yourself. You can prevent a situation like this by servicing your mower regularly, inflating the tires and refilling the hydraulic fluid. Change the blades as often as mentioned in the manual book of your mower.

Now, if you are stuck in a situation like this, we are here to teach you how to push a zero turn mower with step-by-step instructions manually. Safety is the foremost thing when you plan to use a lawnmower. So, wear goggles, safety gloves, hearing protection, and long pants. You should also wear sturdy, close-toed shoes when mowing the lawn.

Step 1: Park Your Lawnmower

First, park your lawnmower on a flat surface before you try to push it manually.

Step 2: Turn the Blades Off

Turn off the blade control when you park the mower on a flat surface so that the blades do not move while you push it.

Step 3: Shut Down the Engine

After turning the blades off, now you need to shut down your mower’s engine. For that purpose, locate the spark plug of your engine. It is often black-colored, made of rubber, and is found near the engine.

Remove this spark plug to shut your engine off completely.

Step 4: Wait a Minute

Once you pull the spark plug, wait a moment, and let the engine get turned off properly. Allow all other moving parts to get stationary.

Step 5: Lockup the Bypass Lever

Check the engine frame. You will find two levers on either side of the frame. These are the bypass levers. Move these levers forward through the keyhole and then push them down to ensure they are secured and locked.

Check that both levers are locked down before you start pushing.

Step 6: Disengaging the Brakes

Now turn your mower on and disengage the brakes so that the mower can move when you push it. Do not turn on the engine while disengaging the brakes.

Step 7: Turn the Ignition Key On

Now that all the preceding requirements are met, turning on your ignition key is the final step.

Now your zero turn mower is ready to be safely pushed manually.

How to Manually Push a Zero Turn Mower 2
Husqvarna Product Tour – via Flickr

Things to Remember After Pushing the Mower

Once you are done with manually pushing the zero turn mower and moving it to its desired destination, you should remember a few things.

  • The ignition key that you turned on before will deplete the battery. To avoid the battery from getting depleted, turn off your ignition key.
  • It would help put the bypass levers, which you locked earlier, back into their original position before starting the mower again. To do so, press the levers in the keyhole and pull them back upward.

What Might Cause You to Push Your Zero Turn Mower Manually?

Often one or the other problem may cause malfunctioning in your mower, causing you to push it manually. Some of these problems are enlisted below.

Inflated tires: Tires with sufficient and equal pressure distributes the weight of the lawnmower evenly. If a tire is inflated, it may cause the mower to lean on a side, wobble, stop frequently, malfunctioned brakes, and have difficulty moving properly.

Engine trouble: another leading and more serious cause for your mower to not work properly is a malfunctioning and troubled engine. If the engine malfunctions or stops, the mower will not be able to run.

Impaired and damaged blades: If your zero turn mower’s blades are damaged, they might cause the mower’s movement difficulty. Your mower might even get pulled up, and this can be dangerous.

Hydraulic fluid or engine oil: if the hydraulic fluid levels are low, or maybe you did not change the oil in the engine, then it may cause trouble in the proper functioning of your mower.

To prevent your mower from malfunctioning, check it regularly for everything mentioned above. Service the mower at regular intervals. Keep the engine oil at the required level and change it often. Ensure the hydraulic fluid is up to its required level for the mower to function properly. Change the blades when you see any sign of damage.

Safety Measures and Precautions

  • Before you begin, always go through the instruction manual for your zero turn mower.
  • Don’t forget to wear safety gloves and keep your hands away from the blades and tires.
  • Also, watch out for your feet while trying to push the mower.
  • If you are not sure, you can do it then seek professional help.
  • Clean up all the stones or sticks from your mower’s path that may be a hurdle.
  • Please make sure no one is sitting on the mower when you push it manually.
  • Remember to turn off the blades and engine and wait until they are completely stationary before you start pushing the mower.
  • Push the mower gently, at a slow and steady pace. It will be easier to control and stop. Avoid pushing the mower at a very high speed. It will become difficult to stop it and may also result in injuries.
  • While pushing the mower, check and ensure no one is around or gets in the way. It might result in serious injuries.
  • Take care of the mower and make sure all pieces are tightened in their place to avoid any damage because of wear and tear or loose body parts.
  • After pushing, don’t forget to turn off the ignition key; otherwise, it will deplete the battery.
  • Once you are done, put the bypass levers back into their original position before starting the lawnmower again.


If you have a lawn or a garden, then a lawnmower is necessary for its upkeep. Using a lawnmower is quite simple, and it usually does not malfunction if you take care of it properly.

If for any reason, your zero turn mower is malfunctioning and unable to move, then you will have to push it manually. If your zero turn mower stopped in the middle of working and you don’t know what to do, then we are here for you.

This article has enlisted step-by-step instructions on manually pushing a zero turn mower with additional tips and measures. Leave your queries in the comments below.