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How to Propagate the Hawaiian Ti Plant? | 2 Best Methods!

It would not be a far-fetched idea to say that only a few plants can attract viewers from a distance.

The Hawaiian Ti plant is one such plant.

With its delicate purple leaves, the Hawaiian Ti plant belongs to the Asparagus family.

Native to New Zeeland and Southeast Asia, this plant is often grown as a sign of good luck in many parts of the world.

If you wish to spread the good luck this plant brings, it is a good idea to propagate it.

Our guide on how to propagate the Hawaiian Ti plant via the two best methods is your ultimate friend in this regard.

Let’s dive in!

How to Propagate the Hawaiian Ti Plant
How to propagate the Hawaiian Ti plant? – Image via Flickr

Caring for the Hawaiian Ti Plant

The Hawaiian Ti plant is delicate and will require you to give it that extra love and attention.

The plant is a shrub that grows up to ten feet and expands to three feet.

  • Hawaiian Ti grows best in bright, direct sunlight. (However, it would be better to use some shade clothes in the scorching heat.)
  • Like most plants, the Hawaiian Ti plants thrive in neutral to slightly acidic soils.
  • Furthermore, it likes the soil to be moderately moist. Therefore, use pots with drainage holes and a well-draining potting mix.

When ready to propagate your Ti plant, ensure you take care of all the factors listed.

Doing so will ensure the survival of the new plant after propagation.

Things Needed to Propagate a Hawaiian Ti Plant

Propagation is a quite common technique for multiplying plants.

Chances are you have already done it in the past and have the equipment required to perform it.

Since we like to be prepared over here in our guide on how to propagate the Hawaiian Ti plant, look at the list below to save yourself from unnecessary trouble when you are in the middle of the propagation process.

Once you have all the stuff, you can start learning how to propagate the Hawaiian Ti plant.

How to Propagate the Hawaiian Ti Plant? | The Methods!

The following are the two best methods to propagate the Hawaiian Ti plant.

Method 1: Stem Cutting Method

The stem-cutting method is the most efficient way of propagating the Hawaiian Ti plant.

Please look at the steps below to execute them properly.

Step 1: Cut a Stem

Safety first, wear gardening gloves to protect yourself from insects and germs.

  • To begin the propagation process via this method, start by selecting a stem of your mature Hawaiian Ti plant.
  • Make sure to select a healthy stem. A good sign of a healthy stem is its thickness.
  • You can test the stem by slightly scraping its surface. If the stem is thick and green from the inside, then you have found the perfect stem for your propagation.
  • Using your gardening scissors, cut a 5–6 inch piece of stem, and make sure that your scissors are sharp so that you do not damage the plant cells in the process.

Then, move to the next step.

Step 2: Nutrient Treatment

Once you have your stem cutting, it is time to pump up its growing ability.

  • Take a bit of hormone root powder and spread it on a flat surface.
  • After doing so, gently tap the stem on the hormone growth powder.

It will ensure that the new plants grow in a healthy manner and in a short space of time.

Step 3: Placement of the Stem

Now that everything is in place, it is time to put the stem into the pot.

  • You need to place the stem in the pot where you would like your new plant to grow. It will allow you to save yourself from the hassle of moving the plant once it grows.
  • Place the stem vertically in the pot and then water it.

That’s it; you just learned one of the methods on how to propagate the Hawaiian Ti plant.

Method 2: The Tip Method

If you find the stem method a little complicated, then this method is for you.

Follow the steps below to execute it.

Step 1: Cutting the Tip

Like the previous method, start by wearing your gardening gloves to check all safety requirements, then select a stem tip.

  • A healthy stem tip should be thick and covered in leaves.
  • Once you have your stem tip in sight, take your garden scissors to cut the tip from the plant. Make sure to perform the cutting part quickly, as dragging the scissor along the stem would damage the delicate cells of the plant.
  • Once you have your tip, remove the leaves from it by either plucking or cutting them.

Ideally, the length of the cutting should be 5–6 inches.

Step 2: Tip Treatment

Like the stem-cutting method, you want to provide the necessary nutrients to the tip of the stem to allow it to grow optimally. Gently dip the tip into the hormone growth powder. If you face any trouble picking up the root powder, you can moisten the tip a little bit.

Step 3: Placing It in the Soil or Water

Depending on where you want your new plant to grow, you can propagate the Hawaiian Ti plant in soil or water.

  • Take your plant pot or jar and gently place the tip of the stem in it.
  • After that, push the tip in so it is completely submerged in the medium.
  • If you propagate in soil, there is no need to transplant later, but if you propagate in water, you’ll later need to transplant the baby into a soil medium.

There you have it; you learned how to propagate the Hawaiian Ti Plant using the best methods.

If you want to know more, here’s a video for you:

Hawaiian Ti Plant: Propagation, planting, and trimming – YouTube

The Aftercare of the Hawaiian Ti Plant

The 48 hours after you place your cuttings in their new environment are the most crucial. If your stem survives these 48 hours, there is a high chance that you will soon have a new Hawaiian Ti plant.

Factors such as temperature, water, and humidity can play a massive role in the growth of your newly propagated plant. For the Hawaiian Ti propagation to go smoothly, ensure the cuttings are in moist soil at an average room temperature.

With that said, let’s move toward the conclusion.


The Hawaiian Ti plant can be a valuable ornament for your garden.

Propagation is a great cost-effective technique that allows you to multiply your plants efficiently.

If you wish to propagate their Hawaiian Ti plant, then our guide on how to propagate the Hawaiian Ti plant via the two best methods is like your gardening teacher.

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