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How To Trim A Pine Tree That Is Too Tall – 2 Unique Methods

Pine trees (​Pinus​ spp.) are stately and lovely but can range from 4 feet to over 100 feet. They’re usually taller in the northern hemisphere than closer to the equator.

You should consult with your local garden center about different pine trees and how long each type gets. They will also be able to provide advice specific to the kind of care this tree needs.

It would be best to buy one after acquainting yourself with proper information regarding pine trees types so that it fits in your area.

If you’ve already planted pine trees and they haven’t grown out of control, keeping them short-term can be done if you’re careful. Long-term, however, they’ll still escape and grow big. In that case, how to trim a pine tree that is too tall?

In the case of having a small yard, you might want to trim a tree’s branches in a way that would allow you to still grow in a pine tree within a limited area. Read this article to know how to trim a pine tree that is too tall.

How To Trim A Pine Tree That Is Too Tall
“My neighbor’s way of trimming a pine tree.” via Reddit

How To Trim A Pine Tree That Is Too Tall?

There are many reasons why some people need to trim tall evergreens. For example, they might not have enough space in their yard to grow the plant anymore, or they may want to create a more manicured look. If you want a pine tree in your, you need to ensure the pine tree is safe.

You should also ensure that the tree is not too close to any structures, like your house, deck or power lines.

his tree grows in abundance, so don’t go for it if you have a smaller space or go for dwarf pine trees varieties either. Some people trim tall evergreens by themselves, while others hire professionals for the job.

If you are going to do it yourself, you should know that it can be dangerous and is best left for experienced gardeners. Pine trees are temperamental; one wrong cut can cause them to die, so you have to handle them with care.

Topping Is Not Good for A Pine Tree

Tree topping is the removal of the ‘leaders’ of your trees. Leaders are often of great help in providing shade, catching leaves, and holding up drooping branches. The needles in the tree’s crown are vital for its survival, and its removal means cutting off the tree’s life.

The old-fashioned practice of topping a tree is a dangerous and counter-productive procedure. If you need to cut a tall pine tree, be sure not to cut off the top of the crown.

Topping will either make it die or keep its desirable shape from taking form. Here are all the hazardous effects of topping on your tree:

  • Gardening experts say that topping is not viable for controlling tree growth. It makes your tree vulnerable to diseases and insect infestation. 
  • When you top a tree, it grows even faster to regrow its lost branches and leaves. As a result, it creates a deformed top that acts as a sail in the windy season.
  • The newly formed limbs of the tree will be weaker thus liable to break, and such a tree is a hazard to the landscape.
  • Tree topping also causes trees to rot by weakening their stems and branches.
  • Once a tree is topped, its property value reduces by 10 to 20 per cent.
  • It also removes plenty of leave surface area that trees need for photosynthesis.
  • Direct sunlight enters the tree causing sunscald, cracks and peeling bark.

Hat rack pruning is another form of tree topping and has the same negative effects. So, you should strictly avoid both these practices. Then how to trim a pine tree that is too long? Continue reading to know the answer. 

Things To Consider To Trim A Pine Tree That is Too Tall

Trimming is the best option to restrict your pine tree’s growth and give it a manicured look. As we mentioned, pine trees are temperamental, and it’s essential to follow proper methods to trim a pine tree. If you fail to follow the proper guidelines, you will lose your pine tree!

When learning how to trim a pine tree that is too tall, you should consider the following to stop its growth:

  • Choose the small varieties of pine trees if you have a limited area.
  • The best time to trim your pine tree is spring. Please don’t do it in fall or winter as it won’t allow the cut branches to heal properly, making them vulnerable to infestations.
  • Pruning won’t stop the tree’s growth; however, it will control it, giving a compact growth pattern.
  • Look for damaged and dead branches and remove them.
  • Trim branches that overhang your ceiling or those at the spine’s base interfere with the ground.
  • It would be best to thin out branches rather than entirely remove them. 

2 Methods To Trim A Pine Tree That Is Too Tall

1.     Method One – The “Pole Saw Method”

As pine tree is too tall and you can’t trim it by standing on the ground. You will need a ladder. But this could be dangerous as the ladder could slip, or you can be imbalanced during the process of tree trimming.

A pole saw will help you trim your pine tree that is too tall. This technique involves using a long pole saw to reach high branches, where the person would then climb up and saw away. There are many advantages of using the pole saw method, which are:

  • You don’t have to use ladders or hire someone else to do it for you.
  • It is also the safest way to trim trees.
  • You can use a pole saw for many different things. It can cut branches, clear debris, and remove deadwood from trees.
  • You can also use it for other things like cutting down trees or even as a cane when walking on uneven terrain.

2.     Method Two – Loppers And A Reciprocating Saw

You can also trim a pine tree that is too tall by using a reciprocating saw fixed with a pruning blade and loppers. Loppers perform the right practice on thin branches, while the reciprocating saw is used for thick branches.

Right Way To Trim A Pine Tree That Is Too Tall

We are sharing some useful tips with you to trim your pine tree most safely:

  • While removing the pine tree branch, cut it back to the collar or thickened area positioned near the trunk.
  • Make sure not to cut a branch from top to the bottom that is thicker than 2.5 cm. It may stripe down the bark from the tree trunk.
  • Cut about halfway through the width of the branch at the bottom (after moving about a foot).
  • Move out so that the saw blade is 5cm from the branch and make a cut all the way.
  • Trim the bottom of the branch flush to the collar and ensure that no branches are happy against each other.

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This article will help you determine how to trim your pine tree that is too tall. The methods and tips discussed above will help you accomplish this job safely and quickly.

If you have any questions, drop them in the comment section below. Our gardening experts will help you with your gardening needs!