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Small Pumpkin Varieties – Top 10 You Can Easily Grow!

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Planning to plant pumpkins, but quite anxious because of your small garden space? Worry no more because small pumpkin varieties are here to save you from your struggle.

Smaller pumpkins are truly game changing when it comes to gardeners who are living in the city with only a small amount of soil to plant with or a homeowners with limited space on their yard.

Some people say that having small pumpkins planted in the front or backyard garden is just for aesthetic purposes only, or in short, for decorations.

Little do they know that having these wonderful plants can offer you not just a relaxation for the eyes and mind, but also some helpful health benefits after consumption that you can enjoy in the long run.

Generally, pumpkins can be a good source of vitamin A along with other nutrients that are very beneficial for the immune system.

To have some small pumpkin varieties just outside your house provides you with a good supply of an organic ingredient ready to be prepared as food for your dinner table.

Without further ado, here are the top ten best small pumpkin varieties that you can grow.

10 Small Pumpkin Varieties

1. Baby Boo

Baby Boo Small Pumpkin Varieties You Can Easily Grow

The Baby Boo pumpkin is a pure white pumpkin that looks like an oversized garlic especially at first glance. This is a miniature type of pumpkin that can grow to the size of a tennis ball, usually just 7.5cm in diameter and 5cm tall.

The vines that contain leaves are also tiny. It can only reach a maximum of 2 feet tall, which is really perfect for small gardens.

Despite the fact that it is one of the small pumpkin varieties, this one is not suitable for eating. It is for ornamental use only, which is mostly used on table designs and arrangements during fall, thanksgiving, weddings and other special occasions. 

2. Bumpkin

Bumpkin Small Pumpkin Varieties You Can Easily Grow
Bumpkin via

If you’re looking for a simple yet delicate addition to your garden, then choosing bumpkin is not a bad decision.

This is another miniature pumpkin with an eye catching bright orange skin that serves as a good decoration in a small garden, front porch or even inside a home. It possesses a sturdy, green stalk that’s firmly attached to the main body of the fruit.

This pumpkin can start to grow indoors in a small pot or a container, then you can transfer it to your garden’s soil once it eventually matures.

3. Casperita

Casperita Small Pumpkin Varieties You Can Easily Grow
Casperita via

Casperita, is also a white pumpkin with a thick, sturdy green handle stalk that can be easily mistaken to be a Baby Boo. The only major physical difference of the two is the size. – casperita is much larger.

This type of pumpkin weighs very light from .5lb to 1lb. It is another one of the cute, small pumpkin varieties anyone can effortlessly grow. Another difference between Casperita and Baby Boo is that the former can be eaten.

Aside from being a good ornamental plant, this pumpkin offers an edible flesh with texture and sugars that are pretty much identical to an acorn squash.

4. Gooligan

Gooligan Small Pumpkin Varieties You Can Easily Grow
Gooligan via

Gooligan pumpkin, which is also known as winter squash, is an all white pumpkin. Its skin resembles the color of the snow during the winter season.

It is another miniature pumpkin having an average height of 30cm to 45cm and a weight of .5lb to 3lbs. When you choose this kind of pumpkin to grow in your garden, you should keep in mind that its maturity likely takes 81 to 100 days.

5. Hooligan

Hooligan Small Pumpkin Varieties You Can Easily Grow

Hooligan, yes different from gooligan, is a hybrid pumpkin that can be useful both for consumption and ornamental display.

This unique looking pumpkin features a white and orange to yellowish stripes with spots all over its body that makes it very noticeable when placed along with other small pumpkin varieties, except Lil’ Pump-Ke-Mon due to their color and pattern similarities.

But you can easily tell hooligan based on the size as it’s much smaller. This pumpkin can only grow a diameter of 3in to 4in.

Despite its undoubtedly small size, it can really be a good addition to a garden’s beauty and usefulness for decorative purposes.

6. Jack be Little

Jack be Little Small Pumpkin Varieties You Can Easily Grow

Jack Be Little pumpkin looks like just a normal Jack O lantern but the only difference is the size. It is a smaller pumpkin that can grow up to 3-4 inches in width and 2 inches in height.

It also possesses a compact set of veins which grows to only 3 to 5 inches long. In addition, these veins have the ability to grow 6 to 10 fruits per plant.

This variant is also one of the must-have small pumpkin varieties for limited space gardens. It only needs a fraction of space and a small amount of soil to grow. Incredibly, it is edible providing a good source of nutritious elements.

Most pumpkin farmers often choose Jack Be Little because of its cuteness and good taste. It makes a good garden decoration because of its bright orange color. Others are more creative turning it as a light holder or an edible bowl.

7. Kabocha

Kabocha Small Pumpkin Varieties You Can Easily Grow

Kabocha is a Japanese variety of the species called cucurbita maxima, which is known as the Japanese pumpkin in North America.

This is a dark green colored pumpkin with some small yellow spots all over the exterior body. Its dark green color is a good addition to enhance the appearance of your garden.

This pumpkin is still ideal for small gardens as it only has a maximum weight of 8 pounds.

Popular in Asia, this marvelous variety of pumpkin is edible. In fact, it is a Japanese staple ingredient that is well known for its velvet-like texture, sweet taste and various health benefits.

It is good to use for pureeing, roasting, stuffing and other common methods of cooking. If you are a person who is fond of pumpkins and sweet potatoes, then you will easily fall in love with this delicate variant.

Without any hesitations, this is one of the best small pumpkin varieties.

8. Mini Tiger Striped Pumpkin

Mini Tiger Striped Pumpkin Small Pumpkin Varieties You Can Easily Grow

Also called dwarf tiger pumpkin, this cute white pumpkin that is known for its vertical orange stripes that resemble a tiger’s pattern has a diameter of 7 to 12 centimeters.

Its beautiful color as well as thick, dense flesh, a compact set of veins are other characteristics similar to other small pumpkin varieties.

Despite the fact that people mainly use this as an ornamental plant, this type of pumpkin is edible. When cooked, it offers you a smooth and tender texture with a combination of sweet and nutty flavor.

It is also nutritious as it contains vitamins A and B, beta carotene and potassium. If you’re planning to plant this variety in your garden, you can expect to have a good harvest during fall until early winter.

9. Small Sugar Pumpkin

Small Sugar Pumpkin Small Pumpkin Varieties You Can Easily Grow

If you’re planning to grow pumpkins for consumption, then this variety is perfect for you. Small sugar pumpkin features a bright orange skin with a very smooth texture.

It grows to an average of diameter between 15cm to 20cm, which is best for a small home garden. It is also one of the best choices for making the most appetizing pumpkin pies in the world because of its sweet sugary flavor that can easily captivate anyone’s taste buds.

You can also try using it to make a flavorsome bowl of soup that compliments a cold morning breeze.

Each of its medium sized green veins can award you a good amount of 4 to 6 pumpkins every harvest, which is very generous and surely among the best small pumpkin varieties.

You can tell that the pumpkin is already ripe and ready to be harvested when its green color turns into bright orange.

10. Wee B Little

Wee B Little Small Pumpkin Varieties You Can Easily Grow
Wee B via

​This baseball sized pumpkin is a 1999 All-America Selection winner, that’s why it is well known all over North America. It is an adorable bright orange pumpkin weighing up to a .5lb to 1lb.

It is one of the small pumpkin varieties to easily grow as it does not demand too much soil which makes it really suitable for all kinds of small gardens.

The undeniable cuteness of this pumpkin captured the hearts of every kid with ease, that’s why children love to do carvings and even paint its skin with various crazy designs.

Wee B Little pumpkin can also be turned into a mouthwatering food for everybody. It is really tasty when roasted, baked, and can be used as an edible bowl.


Which of these small pumpkin varieties do you think you can effortlessly and enjoyably grow in your small home garden? Having one or more pumpkins in your area does not only award you a good looking view, but also gives you a lot of medicinal benefits.