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Too Much Oil in Lawn Mower? Take Care of It In 7 Easy Steps!

Oil in The Lawn mower

Do you have a garden with a lawn? A lawn mower is a necessary piece of equipment if you want to keep your lawn or yard looking fantastic.

Right maintenance of your lawn mower will improve extend its life and improve its performance. Equally important is the amount of oil you use in the lawn mower.

When I first bought a lawn mower, I did not pay attention to both, the amount as well as the kind of oil I put in it. Soon, I paid the price! My lawn mower would stop working every few months.

After the third visit to the workshop, I got fed up and called my friend, an expert. He suggested that I should take a look at the oil levels to see if there is too much oil in Lawn Mower.

Too Much Oil in Lawn Mower?

Too Much Oil in Lawn Mower?

How Can You Check the Oil Level?

It is quite simple as well as similar to how you check your vehicle’s oil level. Take the dipstick from the lawn mower and with a clean rag, wipe it off. Now, insert the dipstick fully into the oil tank.

To get the best results, ensure that the dipstick goes fully into its place, before you pull it out to check. Ideally, the residue mark should be between ‘full’ and ‘add’ notches. If the oil stain is lower than the ‘add’ mark, then it is time to add more oil.

What Happens With Excess Oil?

When there is too much oil in the lawn mower, there will inevitably be some overflow. This overflow will cause the oil traces to reach the machine’s parts where it is not supposed to reach.

All machines have parts that should remain dry at all times. Excess oil can create damage or cause mechanical failures. Some of the problems can be

  • Overheating
  • Hard starts
  • Producing white smoke from the muffler
  • Stalling the mower
  • Leaking oil can be a fire hazard
  • Oil can seep into the soil and affect it
  • Overflow of oil will affect the crankcase
  • Some parts may be damaged

Apart from these problems, excess oil can permanently damage your lawn mower engine.

Oil for Oiling

The lawn mowers run on oil, but most other lawn mowers need oiling to prevent overheating while they are in use. Oiling also lubricates the lawn mower which makes it work efficiently.

Once I oiled my lawn mower before taking it out. Suddenly, I noticed white fumes and noticed oil leaking from the muffler. I was told later that the reason for this was excess oil that I applied to the lawn mower

What Can You Do If There Is Excess Oil?

As soon as you notice leaking oil, you should check it immediately. This oil can drip and enter all parts of the machine. You need to get rid of the excess oil as quickly as possible.

Do not run the lawn mower with leaking oil. The engine may start to smoke and get damaged badly. You will have to remove the oil altogether from the oil tube and clean the traces of oil from all the parts where it has leaked into.

You can either do it yourself, or you may have to ask for help. Watch this video to learn more.

Can You Do It Yourself?

For any gardener, taking care of the equipment is of great importance. If you are up to learning something important and useful, then you can easily take care of it. You can learn and, with practice, get better at it. Just follow the steps.

  • Clean the crankcase with a rag or wiper and clean it thoroughly
  • Remove all dirt so that the carburetor does not get blocked
  • Carefully remove the oil tank and take out the oil
  • Make sure that no oil drips on the engine again
  • Change the oil filter if it is old or clogged
  • Put all the pieces back together
Too Much Oil in Lawn Mower 2

What Is the Right Quantity of Oil?

Any mechanic will tell you that any engine’s secret, like a lawn mower running smoothly, is in its maintenance. Correct quantity of fuel will ensure that the machine runs smoothly for a longer time.

Many people don’t know how much oil to put and take a wild guess. However, this guessing can cause extensive damage to the lawn mower.

One crucial point to keep in mind is that the engine of a different brand of lawn mower will be different and will have different requirements.

Read the user’s manual carefully to understand the oil requirement of your lawn mower. Buy a good lawn mower oil to ensure it works well.

Too Much Oil In Lawn Mower Briggs Stratton 30W Engine Oil

When the lawn mower does not have enough oil, it will create friction between the different parts, which will cause overheating. On the other hand, when there is too much oil, it will make the lawn mower generate more heat than required.

This will also cause overheating. So, knowing how much oil your lawn mower needs is necessary for the machine to run smoothly and efficiently.

How to Change The Oil In The Lawn mower?

You must check the user manual to find out the type and amount of oil your lawn mower requires. Is it possible to change the oil on your own? Yes, it is quite easy and you can do it by following these steps

  • Empty the fuel tank completely
  • If there is an oil drain plug, open it to drain out the oil into a container
  • Otherwise, tilt the lawn mower to the side and drain out all the oil. You can use a funnel or piece of hose
  • Now, bring the lawn mower back to the upright position.
  • Close the oil drain
  • Add clean and new oil to the lawn mower


Every garden enthusiast would want to keep the lawn mower and all other equipment in the best condition to ensure a good-looking garden.

Even buying the best lawn mower, money can not be enough if you are not able to maintain it properly. It may seem minor but excess oil in the lawn mower can be severely problematic.

With the information given here, you will be able to take care of your lawn mower in a better way. Feel free to contact us and give us your feedback.

Don’t let a small issue like too much oil in the lawn mower take away the joys of gardening!