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When to Plant Dahlias in NC – The Ideal Planting Time!

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Wanna know when to plant Dahlias in NC? You are at the right spot!

If you love to see your garden in full bloom in the warm summer months, Dahlias can be the perfect choice for your lawn.

Dahlias are abundantly found in various sizes, shapes, and heights, and they provide an extensive range of colors, such as pink, scarlet, yellow, red, purple, etc.

These perennial flowers grow best in late summer when some coolness has crept into warm days.

These colorful and gorgeous flowers are easy to maintain and do not have a wide range of requirements to fulfill. Depending on the temperature zone you live in, the care conditions and requirements for the dahlias will vary, and so will the time of planting them.

If you live in the north and have been looking to start growing Dahlias in your garden, you must know when to plant Dahlias in NC.

Keep reading as we explore more details about when to plant dahlias in NC!

Dahlias growing in a garden—when to plant dahlias in NC
When to plant Dahlias in NC? – Image via Annie Spratt.

Things to Keep in Mind About Dahlias!

Before answering your question about when to plant dahlias in NC, let us first explore the intricacies of growing this beautiful plant and the basic requirements.

Dahlias are perennial plants, which means they can keep growing over and over again each year after just one plantation.

The tubers accomplish this—dahlia tubes are the roots sown into the ground, and they multiply to produce more dahlias over time. The tubes present an opportunity to get more of these flowers by purchasing just one plant root.

Gradually, you can build a whole garden with careful plantation.

But you have to keep certain points in mind.

  • Dahlias thrive in a sunny, warm environment, similar to what you experience in the fall or the end of summer.
  • The garden where you plant dahlias should have access to plenty of sunlight throughout the day, preferably morning sunlight. The ideal daily coverage is six to seven hours.
  • However, these flowers won’t survive in extreme weather conditions. So, ensure you do not plant them in the direct path of hot afternoon sunlight. Keep the plant in the shade for when the sun gets too hot.
  • If you are planting them in the ground, make sure to shade the area when the light intensity gets high.
  • Similarly, you must save the plant from harsh winter conditions such as frosting. The dahlias stop growing in the winter, so you must save the tubes from being crushed in extreme cold.
  • I recommend that you dig out the plant tubes in the winter, preferably after the season’s first frost has settled.
  • You must store these tubes in a cool, dry place. Avoid storing them in too much heat or excessive cold.

You can use these stored tubes again the next year and sow them in spring to get beautiful blossoms in the summer!

Pinching the Dahlias!

Pinching is a method of getting more dahlia flowers blooming from your plant.

“It is a process where you cut the center stem after it reaches a certain point to reconfigure the growth of the flowers.”

You should cut the stem during the early stages of growth when the plant height is between 6 to 12 inches.

Cutting the stem or pinching will refocus the plant to produce more leaves and flowers. If you leave the plant as it is, there will be fewer flowers, but they will be bigger.

So, if you want larger flowers, don’t pinch the plant.

However, you will have to pinch the dahlias for more flower production.


Staking is keeping the plant standing upright so it won’t fall to the side due to the pressure of the wind or other factors.

It is required to stake the dahlias with a solid wooden stick or some other sturdy material to ensure the plant stands upright and does not fall flat on the ground.


Keep the use of fertilizer for dahlias within the limit.

The first month is important as the plant is in the early stages of development.

Use a good, water-soluble fertilizer and add it weekly. After the initial growing stage, reduce fertilizer use to once a month.

Make sure the fertilizer you use is not too high in nitrogen or can turn the flowers green.

When to Plant Dahlias in NC?

Now to the secret—when to plant dahlias in NC?

The ideal planting time for these plants is from April to May.

You should sow the tube of these plants in the springtime, and they will grow to produce the bloom in the summer season. The production of flowers can go on till late summer and fall. So, it will be fine if you also plant the dahlias in NC in the late summer.

However, don’t plant the dahlias after August, as they won’t have enough time to grow and mature fully before winter.

The growth months for the plant if you sow the tubes in spring are usually from July to September.

The important thing is to keep the weather considerations in your area in mind.

Make sure you plant the dahlias when the weather is cool and comfortable, not too high or low. That will produce the best results in terms of growth and flower production.

Some of the main dahlia varieties that grow well in NC include Bishop and Pinnata.

With all that said, let’s move to the conclusion!

How to Plant, Grow & Care for Dahlias – The COMPLETE Guide – YouTube


I hope now you know when to plant dahlias in NC.

Knowing ideal growing conditions is essential for any plant, and Dahlias are no different. To grow a plant in a specific location, you must be careful of that area’s temperature and weather conditions.

Dahlias love a moderate, sunny environment.

These plants won’t be able to fight through extreme temperatures, whether high or low. But they love the sun. Bright morning sunlight for several hours a day helps the plant bloom, but the hot afternoon sun may be a bit too much for the plant, so some shade is necessary.

Dahlias may require more physically intensive work, but they are simply one of the most effortless and most beautiful flowers to lighten up any garden.

Let us know if the article helped!