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Why Are Golden Berries Sticky? | Growgardener Blog!

Golden berries, with their bright color and tangy flavor, add a delightful touch to different culinary creations. These valuable fruits lend their tangy punch to various dishes, from enhancing the taste of salads to heartening the sweetness of desserts.

However, if you have tried a golden berry, you may feel it sticky.

This sticky thin skin might seem annoying, but it is actually a sign of the freshness and ripeness of these berries.

Yet! It has a few surprises that spark curiosity among the foodies.

Today, in this article, we will discuss why golden berries feel sticky. So, without wasting any time, let’s get started!

Why Are Golden Berries Sticky
Gold Berries in Bowl – Image via Neneqo Fotógrafo

What Are Golden Berries?

Golden berries, also known as Physalis peruviana or Cape gooseberries, are tiny, orange-colored fruits mainly found in South America.

They are closely related to tomatillos.

They grow on bushes that can reach about six feet in height and produce plenty of these little golden berries on each plant. When ripened, they turn from bright yellow to deep orange and possess a sweet, tangy flavor.

These berries also possess a special quality: they are high in molecular weight, which means the molecules are large and cannot be absorbed into the body easily.

That is the reason why you feel full for a long time after eating them!

If we talk about their nutritional value, golden berries contain a lot of antioxidants, vitamin C, and fibers. So, eating them is a smart dietary choice for a healthy diet.

Why Are Golden Berries Sticky?

Golden berries are sticky because they possess high molecular weight and a lot of sugar and fatty acids.

Specifically, they possess Linoleic acid and Pectin (a complex carbohydrate found in the cell walls of different fruits and vegetables) that help golden berries to have a sticky, almost slimy texture and surface.

Underripe berries contain a higher Pectin level, contributing to its firmness. The Pectin breaks down as it ripens, leading to a softer texture in fresh golden berries.

Stickiness is not just a fun fact of golden berries but also a central aspect of berry survival.

Understand? Don’t you!

Listen! Many insects are attracted to the fruits because of their sweet and sour flavor, but this secretion, yes, which you are calling stickiness, makes it difficult for the pests to get the fruit.

The stickiness of golden berries also stops the predators from munching on them before they are ready.

The good thing about it is that even though they are sticky, it doesn’t mess with their taste or quality.

Golden Berries on Leaves
Golden Berries on Leaves – Image via Neneqo Fotógrafo

Are Golden Berries Waxy?

Golden berries do not possess a waxy coating.

The waxy perception primarily comes from the protective husk rather than the fruit itself.

After being removed from the husk and allowed to sit in the open air, the oily skin texture of the golden berries becomes slightly sticky due to their:

  • Smoother consistency

  • High molecular weight

  • Amount of sugar and fatty acids

The sticky film or the slimy surface is generally permanent, and the former wax-like feel does not return.

It is a natural characteristic of the fruit, and it is not an indication of spoilage or poor quality.

How to Prepare Golden Berries for Eating?

Despite the stickiness of the fresh golden berries themselves, they are simple to prepare for the meal.

  • Simply remove the papery husk that surrounds the berries

  • Wash golden berries in running water, and

  • Dry them with a towel

This way, you can enjoy the tangy fruit without much stickiness.

Pro Tip: Golden berries are delicious on their own and can be a useful addition to any cook’s pantry. So, don’t allow the stickiness of these small golden berries to put you off!

Are Golden Berries Sticky After Being Washed?

Golden berries, as I’ve mentioned earlier, have a natural sticky residue on their skin – a protective mechanism.

Washing may remove some stickiness, but the traces of syrup like film might remain due to their high pectin content. It’s pretty tough to wash them hard enough to remove all the oily film without hurting the fruit.

Drying them with a towel after washing helps to reduce the remaining stickiness to some extent.

So, be gentle when you wash them, and don’t worry about getting rid of every last trace of oil.

Are Golden Berries the Same as Gooseberries?

The answer is NO!

Gooseberries and golden berries might seem alike, but they’re not the same.

Gooseberries are native to Europe and Asia, while golden berries are from South America. They look similar, but they’re pretty different. Gooseberries taste tangy and are soft when they’re ripe. On the other hand, golden berries have a sweeter taste and are crunchy when ripe.

People eat Gooseberries raw or cook them into fruit pies, jams, and preserves. Golden berries are also eaten fresh or used in baking and making fruit salads.

High angle composition of ripe cape gooseberries in white cup
Image via Any Lane

Is It Good to Eat Sticky Golden Berries?

Absolutely! It is healthy and safe to eat sticky golden berries.

The stickiness of the fruit is a natural characteristic and doesn’t affect its nutritional value.

Golden berries are packed with vitamins and have antioxidants that can boost your immune system and ultimately promote your overall health.

The good thing about them is that they are low in calories and high in fiber, which makes them an excellent snack for anyone looking to maintain a healthy diet.

Note: Enjoy golden berries in moderation, as they are relatively high in natural sugars.

That’s all for today!

Now, it’s time to move toward the conclusion.


Golden berries might surprise you with their stickiness, but that’s just a sign of their ripe, juicy goodness.

This natural trait, a result of their molecular makeup, keeps these vibrant fruits safe from pesky predators and makes them perfectly ready for your enjoyment.

Despite their stickiness, they’re a powerhouse of nutrients, boasting antioxidants and vitamins while being low in calories and high in fiber.

So, don’t let a little stickiness deter you; these berries are a fantastic addition to your healthy snacking or culinary adventures.

Moiz Atiq.