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Why Do Mushrooms Grow in my Yard and How to Get Rid of Them?

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If you have been scratching your head wondering why do mushrooms grow in my yard, there are simple explanations. But pretty sure, you also want to know whether these can harm or benefit your grass. Let’s read more to find out.

What Are Mushrooms?

Mushrooms are a type of fungi that grow and live in the soil. These are staying hidden underground and break down various organic materials turning them into nutrients. They are reproduced through spores, like small seeds.

Why Do Mushrooms Grow in my Yard

Once those are released through the help of water or wind, they create a new colony of fungi. If the spores are spread in the air, these can go away if the soil has been dried up or the sun comes in the view.

There is a myriad varieties of mushrooms. Generally, they are easily noticed due to their umbrella or cone roof-like shapes. Among the common ones is the toadstool, which is poisonous not edible. Other ones that are usually seen in lawns are Japanese parasol, shaggy mane, puffball and stinkhorn.

Can Mushrooms Harm Lawn Or Plants?

Before you get irritated asking why do mushrooms grow in my yard, first find out if they can do good or bad. Mushrooms are incredibly good for the ecosystem.

Can Mushrooms Harm Lawn Or Plants

As a fungi, they break down organic material and turn into nutrients, which the soil receives and transfers into the plants. Anything that decomposes and rots are considered organic material. Hence, manure and composts must be regularly applied as they have a part in this cycle.

When Do Mushrooms Grow Above The Soil?

Once there is nothing to break down, that’s when the fungus grows and looks for nutrients. Consequently, the growth of mushrooms has started.

Why Do Mushrooms Grow in my Yard

Why do mushrooms grow in my yard? That question also depends on the answer of the “when”. The appearance of mushrooms begins after a new sod or a few days rain.

As already mentioned, organic matter that’s been buried in the soil is a common cause. Others are high moisture, like in the case of rain, and low light.

What To Do To Prevent Or Remove Mushrooms?

Let’s talk more about each of these causes and find out the possible solutions to get rid of mushrooms if in case they are nuisance to your lawn.

1. Organic Material

Organic Material

You can stop the growth of mushrooms with the use of a fertilizer. Applying nitrogen fertilizer in the soil can prevent the fungi from breaking down organic matter. You may also just pick or dig up to remove any decomposing material, which include brown leaves, dead stems and roots, and pet wastes.

2. High Moisture

Why Do Mushrooms Grow in my Yard

Overwater is a common cause of the growth of mushrooms in lawns. Unless the soil it seldom compacted, there’s no drainage and this triggers the fungi to evolve and grow.

The best thing to do is to apply lawn irrigation before the rainy season starts. It’s obvious that there’s nothing you can do to stop raining or control the weather.

3. Low Light

Why Do Mushrooms Grow in my Yard

Most mushrooms thrive in shaded areas. They like low light conditions. They appear more so if the soil has high moisture.

Check if you can prune some parts of the trees on the area that may be shading a fraction of your lawn. Also get rid of any dead roots as these are among the materials that easily broken down by fungi.

Additional Removal Tips

For the second time, there’s no harm of mushrooms being present in the lawn. They don’t cause disease or problem to the growth of grass as well as plants.

But for some, they just want to keep their lawns neat and free from anything else aside green grass. Here is a list of other things you can do about it.

1. Reduce moisture if the lawn is too wet. It means observe your watering during summer and spring.

2. Rake regularly. It helps collects fallen flowers and dead organic matter, such as leaves, stems and roots.

3. Dethatch or replace lawn. This depends on how much mushrooms you are dealing with.

4. Replace mulch or composts. Eventually, these cause the growth of mushrooms. It’s best to remove them after some time before you see anything white starts appearing n the lawn.

5. Use a fungicide aside from nitrogen fertilizer. This helps a lot in getting rid of any traces of fungi in the soil. It can definitely stop the growth of any species of mushrooms.

6. Mow your lawn regularly. It is also a simple solution against mushrooms.


Why do mushrooms grow in my yard is not a question that should worry you. It is up to you whether you have to remove them off the lawn or just keep them and help provide nutrients, especially if your soil is a field of different plants.

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