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Why Is My Money Tree Turning Yellow – 5 Real Causes!

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Why is my Money Tree turning yellow? What are the factors that lead to it turning yellow? Where am I making mistakes?

Is the fear of losing your favorite plant holding you back from the joy of gardening?

Do you want to save your money tree turning yellow but are worried about where to start? Despite the fact you’re making every possible effort to save your money tree, your money plant is not making any good progress.

Money plants are widely used as indoor and outdoor plants due to their durability and divisibility worldwide. They are easy-to-grow plants that look vivid and have a beautiful appearance that makes anyone love them. 

Money tree leaves often resemble coins; these leaves are round, flat, plump, and heart-shaped. Money plant leaves have another level of beauty. But their beauty suddenly disappears when they start turning yellow. It causes your plant’s leaves to drop even when there is no autumn season.

We know you are doing a good job to save it. However, you need to know more in order to improve the life of your plant. Here we are with some major factors that may be causing it to turn yellow.

Why Is My Money Tree Turning Yellow
Help with money tree! Leaves yellowing and dying. – via Reddit

Why Is My Money Tree Turning Yellow? 5 real causes and their solutions

Why is your money tree turning yellow? Though you can grow a money plant as an indoor or outdoor plant, you still need to consider a few mandatory elements.

According to experts, money trees grow faster than other houseplants and need less water and sunlight. In its growing season, we notice a rapid growth in its size, and so many leaves grow together. When their new leaves are blooming, the old ones turn yellow. Yellowing would certainly disappoint you.

Don’t lose your gardening mojo. We have researched some factors that are the main reasons for yellowing that we will be discussing in this blog post. Also, you will find some tips and solutions to Why is my Money Tree turning yellow? So, Let’s get started.

1. Over Watering Causes Improper Soil Moisture

Money trees need less water. If you give water over to its tendency, it will disturb the food cycle of the money tree. Overwater causes improper soil moisture, which weakens root growth. It turns yellow, and they gradually reach their death. In no time, they will start falling off.

When its soil gets over water, its roots consistently remain wet. This humidity often becomes the reason for mold and bacteria, and plants begin to fail. The excessiveness of water makes soil improper for better growth of money plants.

The plant absorbs more water than other nutritions and oxygen. Consequently, the amount of oxygen decreases. Lack of oxygen leads to the death of roots. The leaves start turning yellow, and eventually, your money plant loses them rapidly.

Therefore, keep your money plant water level according to its need. With this small adjustment, you can save your plant.

2. Effect of Sunlight on the Money Tree

Sunlight is the most common factor in plant growth. Every money tree has a different level of sunlight for photosynthesis. When proper sunlight does not reach all the parts of the plant, it directly affects its growth.

Plants that grow outside the house have long leaves and large branches. Their leaves color is more green and lively. If your money tree gets little sunlight, its leaves become stretched, and the process of photosynthesis slows down.

The same thing happens to plants that do not need too much sunlight. If kept in intensive sunlight for several hours, some money trees start fading their color. Excessive sunlight also affects the chlorophyll and bleaches out the color of your plant.

Why Is My Money Tree Turning Yellow 2
Why are the leaves turning yellow – via Reddit

3. The Right Temperature Your Money Tree Needs

Not only Sunlight but the temperature matters a lot, too. Sunlight in winters and summers has a different level of temperature and intensity.

Raise in temperature reduces the growth of plant shoots and roots. Its branches and leaves’ color starts to pailing. High temperature becomes the reason to sunburn the plant.

High soil temperature slows the food transportation system. as a result, each part of the plant does not get equal food. And you noticed a difference in different parts of the plants. Money tree leaves are the first that gets more loss.

4. Nutrition Enrichment Soil

For better growth of your money tree, you should focus on your plant’s soil. Money trees that are grown in flower pots are less enriched in nutrition. They grow in limited soil, and their roots get fewer carbs than the plant that grows in the ground.

A little care can save your plant from turning yellow. Add a small amount of inorganic substance or plant fertilizer. And you eventually see good growth in your money tree.

Money trees getting balanced nutrition from soil have lively greenish and large leaves.

5. Protection of Money Tree from Pest And Bugs

Protecting your money tree from bugs and pests is also one of the essential factors you give attention to. If that’s the problem you’re facing, here are some points to keep in mind to eliminate this problem.

The only way to save your money tree is a little care and proper sanitation. Practicing sanitation can make your plant pests and bugs free.

  • In order to get rid of all these plant diseases, spray your money tree once a week.
  • Separate your money tree from the plants that are the reason for attracting bugs and pests.
  • Cut off the branches and leaves that are affected by any pest disease.
  • Keep your money tree pot where it gets proper sunlight and air.


Finally, you are on edge to bring back your money tree’s beauty. A yellowing Money Tree is an indication that the plant is not receiving adequate light, is too cold, or has been exposed to overhead watering. Make sure to consider all the steps to revive your favorite plant.

Like any other plants, money tree requires constant care too. Just give your money tree some love and care, proper sanitation, and consider the above-mentioned points to save it from turning yellow. Comment below and share your experiences down below.