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Why Put Plastic Forks In Garden – 3 Reasons and Ideas!

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It takes months of toiling and hard work to grow all the plants in your garden. You have to take special care if you are growing a vegetable garden as they are more susceptible to getting damaged. Taking care of plants is especially difficult if you have a pet or if there are lots of neighborhood animals that keep invading your garden.

Animals can destroy your beautiful plants in no time, and there are not many successful methods of keeping them at bay. But there is a new trick in the gardening world that might just do the work. It is about putting plastic forks in your garden. You must be wondering why put plastic forks in garden?

There is a very good explanation for that, and it could save your garden from being destroyed by invaders. Let’s find out what you can do with plastic forks and why put plastic forks in garden.

Why Put Plastic Forks In Garden
Plastic Forks In Garden – via Shutterstock

Why Put Plastic Forks In Garden?

If you’re thinking that there is one reason people put plastic forks in their gardens- it is not the only one. You can do several things with plastic utensils, especially plastic forks in your garden. They are cheap and won’t cost you more. In some cases, they won’t even cost you anything extra as they often come with the takeaway food you buy.

If you are in the habit of throwing these little gems of plastic away, don’t do that anymore. Collect them and keep them safe as they are more than one thing you can do with them, even in the garden, to protect your plants. This also aids in the recycling of plastic, contributing to the cause of a healthy environment.

If you want in, keep reading to know why put plastic forks in garden.

Protect Your Garden from Pets and Animals

Depending on where you live, cats, dogs, squirrels, deer, and other pets can attack and invade your garden. They can eat away the herbs you grew cautiously, torment the soil, displacing the sown seeds, and use your garden as a litter box, sometimes relieving themselves.

The litter and animals stomping all over the plants can destroy their growth and damage the vegetables. After months of hard work, you will be left with nothing and will have to start from scratch.

The only way is to prevent the animals from getting in the garden in the first place. This is where plastic forks come in – just place plastic forks into the garden soil with the spiky head up. The animals will stay away, considering they can injure themselves by stepping on the sharp edges of the forks.

In this way, you will be recycling the plastic, saving money, being efficient, and protecting your garden, all at the same time. Don’t worry. They won’t spoil the look of your garden. You can use clear plastic forks if you are worried about the aesthetics of your garden. Moreover, you can just take them out once the plants have grown up. 

Why Put Plastic Forks In Garden 2
Fork fortresses (circle of 5 plastic forks) to prevent squirrels from digging up my seedlings. – via Reddit

Put a label on it

Putting plastic forks in the garden to protect them is not the only way to use these utensils in the garden. You can utilize plastic spoons and forks to make cheap labels for your different plants. Instead of spending money on labeling the plants, you can just write the plant names on the fork stick side. Then press it in the soil, in front of or in the plant, from the spiky side.

If you want, you can get more creative with the forks. Paint the plastic utensils, add stickers or any other embellishments, and make cute faces on them before putting them in the garden. This will instantly uplift the look of your garden, and the forks will look like artistic showpieces instead of plain, boring utensils.

Build a fence

Sticking the forks in the soil face-up is not the only way to protect the plants from the pets. You can also build a fence around the plants using these utensils to keep the squirrels away. You have to dig them deep in the soil with their spiky side up poking out. Put the forks in the soil around the plants to form a fence. This will keep the squirrels, cats, and other animals at bay.  

You can also paint these forks in bright and vibrant colors to make a decorative fence. Your garden will look beautiful and not plain like with the normal plastic utensils. You can make a fence around individual plants or all around the garden. You can go for both as well. Personalize it as you wish.

Why Put Plastic Forks In Garden 3
The plastic fork fence might keep the squirrels from tearing up my fairy garden. – via Pinterest

Other Creative Ideas

You can use the plastic forks for more creative purposes in your garden than protecting and labeling your plants. You can paint the forks in black and red color to give an impression of a ladybug. This will make for wonderful artificial decorative pieces.

You can also gather a lot of spoons and forks to make art shapes in the garden using those utensils. You just have to decide on a shape you want to make and arrange the plastic forks and spoons to form that shape. It could be a flower, a triangle, a simple circle, or anything else you can make. Paint, color, and embellish the forks to make the decorations pop.  


You can use most of the things lying idle around the house in some creative way to do a DIY project, if not in the garden, then someplace else. Reusing is a great way to reduce waste, be efficient, and do things at a low price.

Start collecting those plastic forks for your next plantation and dig them with the seeds to keep the annoying pets from using your lovely garden. You won’t have to clean the animal’s dumps every other day, and you can be at peace. I hope this clarifies why put plastic forks in the garden.

What do you do to keep the pests away from invading your garden? If you have any creative ideas to use plastic forks in the garden, please share them with us.