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5 Best Chainsaw Gloves – Buying Guide and Review!

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Chainsaw gloves are considered Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that protect our hands from the risks and hazards when using the chainsaw

These gloves protect our hands from any cut, excessive heat, and ultraviolet radiation, are abrasion resistant and improve grip. They are gloves available in various types, thicknesses, and styles. 

Therefore, to help you make the best chainsaw gloves, you need to conduct extensive research on the multiple products on the market. They come with a reinforced wing thumb construction for optimal flexibility, making them easy to carry.

The gloves have full leather outside and high-quality sawed leather on the inside to ensure maximum protection. There is a soft cotton lining for comfort and moisture absorption during use.

To prevent bursting and prolonging life, each seam is reinforced with a piece of leather. It comes with a straight thumb style that improves the flexibility and sensitivity of the fingertips.

With the help of experts and chainsaw specialists, we have compiled a list of 5 of the best chainsaw gloves, crafted from the highest quality materials and suitable for various applications.

Superiors Endura Hi Viz Cut Resistant 385CS XL Chainsaw Gloves Best Chainsaw Gloves 2
Superiors Endura Hi Viz Cut Resistant 385CS XL Chainsaw Gloves via Amazon

Factors to consider when buying the best chainsaw gloves

Heat resistance

Chainsaw gloves must withstand high temperatures when working. These gloves must withstand high temperatures for a short period.

Although leather gloves have good heat resistance, Kevlar gloves provide the best protection. Remember that gloves, which can withstand extreme heat for extended periods, are too heavy and bulky.


When buying the best chainsaw gloves, you need to consider flexibility. Typically these gloves need a certain degree of flexibility because they help us grip the chainsaw. 

Remember that ordinary gloves and manual gloves are not flexible because they don’t need high precision and power. Find the perfect combination of these heavy, heat-resistant gloves that provide flexibility to your fingers and wrists.


Chainsaw gloves that are at least one elbow in length are ideal. But note that gloves that are too long, for example, 20 inches taller, will impede elbow movement, so we need gloves that are long enough to keep our hands as protected as possible. On average, 14-16 inches will work. 

Keep in mind that while longer gloves provide more protection, others prefer shorter gloves because they are easier to wear and cheaper. Regardless of which protection option you choose, keep in mind that the longer the welding gloves, the less chance of damage.


When looking for the best chainsaw gloves, it is essential to think about the project you will be working on. Keep in mind that chainsaw work usually requires exceptional precision and high productivity. Given the type of project you want to tackle, you can find the gloves that fit the chainsaw project.


One of the most important factors when buying the best chainsaw gloves is durability. A pair of gloves may satisfy all our needs, but if they don’t last long enough, they won’t be valuable enough. The stability of the lining, including the seams, and the overall craft, are factors that determine durability. 

Keep in mind that seams usually last longer if Kevlar sewing is used. Gloves with Kevlar or leather that cover the areas of the hand that intersect with the hottest steel are much more durable than gloves without them.

Safety and security

Gloves protect your hands. Even a minor fall can cause significant harm to your hands, so choose suitable gloves to protect your hands from minor bruises and abrasions.

Plus, objects fly into the air when carrying out the chainsaw work, and your gloves will keep your hands safe from gravel, rocks, and dirt. 

Of course, it is imperative to protect your hands from a violent fall. When things go wrong, a good pair of gloves can solve the problem between being seriously injured and not being damaged at all.

Control your chainsaw

A good pair of chainsaw gloves will keep you secure and in control at all times. It would seem an obvious statement, but every day we see people who buy gloves that look great but are not suitable for operating indicators, pressing buttons and levers, and flipping toggle switches.

This does not mean that you cannot buy thick gloves with good thermal insulation, for example, for the winter season.

It simply means that when shopping for thick gloves, you need to be sure that you can easily handle the chainsaw by hand when checking them in the store.

Remember that bad weather can come at any time. Make sure that if your gloves get wet, they will not slip, and you can maintain a secure grip.

Outer material

A high-quality chainsaw glove is comfortable when wearing and prevents damage to the chainsaw. Quality depends on the material type used to make the outer layers of the gloves.

There are several quantities of chainsaw gloves on the market. The most common materials used are nylon, spandex, lycra, and leather.

These fabrics give your hand a soft, natural feel and protect it from injury. Leather is commonly used in high-quality gloves. It feels good on the skin and does not cut easily. The non-slip leather grip makes it fit for use in any climate.

Inner material

The inner material is another factor to consider when buying the best chainsaw gloves. The material must be reliable so as not to tear easily. It is supposed to be long enough to catch on the chain saw chain when cutting.

Typically, Kevlar is the recommended material due to its strength and lightweight. You can appreciate the power of Kevlar as it is often used to make bulletproof helmets and vests. Also, the inner fabric dampens chainsaw vibrations, reduces fatigue, and provides better grip when holding the chainsaw.


Many people wear these outdoor work gloves. This means working in any climate, including snow and rain. Waterproof gloves ​​help to prevent cold water from entering the gloves. This keeps hands comfortable and dry.

Additional inner lining

The additional inner lining is paramount because it provides extra protection if the Kevlar fabric and outer frame do not stop the chainsaw’s blade entirely. The inner liner, which is tight, prevents the chain ultimately before it makes contact with your hand.

Most people are right-handed. This makes it more likely that your left hand will touch the chainsaw. Make sure you have an extra thick protective layer on the left side. Typically, if you are left-handed, see if there’s an additional protection layer for your right hand.

Abrasion resistance

Gloves with high abrasion resistance last for long. Using a chainsaw creates a lot of clipping and sawdust. Dirt moves at high speed and hits the gloves.

These multiple layers inside the gloves keep you from hurting yourself and feeling uncomfortable. However, constant impacts reduce glove life.

The gloves with high abrasion last longer and can be measured on a scale between 1 and 4. Typically, this is measured by letting the glove go through several abrasion cycles and sandpaper with the specific pressure.

5 Best Chainsaw Gloves

1. Youngstown 05-3080-70-L General Utility Glove  

Youngstown 05 3080 70 L General Utility Glove Best Chainsaw Gloves

Youngstown has come up with this chainsaw glove, a heavy-duty, rugged, all-purpose work glove that offers the next level of hand protection when performing tough jobs.

For one thing, it features extensive non-slip reinforcement, which is crucial to provide lasting durability and excellent grip. Typically, this reinforcement makes the glove comfortable even when working on slippery wood or other materials.

The model comes with Kevlar technology, resulting in the super-strong work product, which offers puncture resistance and excellent cut. You will get 360 degrees protection because all its parts have Kevlar.

The outer material of the glove is heavy duty, making it handle heavy lifts. Additional reinforcement offers durability around the thumb, fingers, and palm.

Similarly, it has the outer material built similar to the top product. There is the soft terry cloth, which is sewn on top of a thumb so that workers can securely wipe away debris and sweat from their eyes and face.

Thanks to the supportive cuff with the adjustable Velcro closure, it remains secure when on the hand.

  • Increased puncture and cut resistance
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • It offers lasting durability
  • Non-slip reinforcement
  • It has the terry cloth, which is soft
  • Comfortably wipe away debris and sweat
  • It is machine washable
  • It has a wide range of rugged applications
  • Provide excellent grip
  • It is versatile
  • Comfortable to wear
  • The base has sensitive foam

2. Superior’s Endura Hi-Viz Cut-Resistant 385CS/XL Chainsaw Gloves

Superiors Endura Hi Viz Cut Resistant 385CS XL Chainsaw Gloves Best Chainsaw Gloves

Many people are going for this model from superior’s Endura because it is comfortable, good-looking, and dexterous. Notably, it comes with water resistance, grain goatskin, and smooth leather palms built with anti-vibration reinforcement.

It features Kevlar’s eight-layer lining on the left hand at the back and the unique chain-arrest woven Kevlar, offering a high cut resistance level.

There is lycra fabric or stretchy nylon at the hands’ back that features the waterproof breathable membrane. You will get another woven Kevlar lining that arrests the chain if it catches or snaps your hands when using the chainsaw.

Typically, this lining can protect you from chain cuts because it withstands chain speeds of about 3140 feet every minute.

Additionally, this model has the elasticized Velcro wrist that gives you comfort when taking the gloves off or putting them on. Also, this Velcro wrist help to keep out any debris, which might be flying nearby.

A breathable and water repellent membrane is available to sew the gloves back because it keeps out moisture and ensures your hands remain dry throughout.

  • Anti-vibration reinforcement layer
  • Smooth and water-resistant
  • It ensures optimal visibility
  • It provides cut resistance
  • It is breathable
  • The Velcro wrist is elastic
  • Improved wear resistance
  • It has a wrist that keeps out debris
  • Become hot after sometimes

3. Youngstown Glove Titan XT Lined 09-9083-10-L Glove

Youngstown Glove Titan XT Lined 09 9083 10 L Glove Best Chainsaw Gloves

The Youngstown model is ideal for the gas and oil industry, demolition, auto extrication, mining, and other rugged applications where total hand protection is needed.

For instance, it is lined with Kevlar found in the entire glove, side of fingers, top of the hand, the cuff, and even the palm. This is paramount because it offers total hand protection, cut-resistance, and high visibility.

Every glove inch (top, side, palm, or finger) is lined with the DuPont Kevlar fiber, which can ensure increased puncture and cut resistance.

In the same case, thick TPR is tactically placed all over the top of the hand to avoid injury and allows easy finger articulation and movement. On the other hand, the 5.0mm EVA Foam is sewn into a palm to dampen impact and vibration.

Furthermore, this glove features the reflective 3M Scotchlite, increasing visibility in low-light situations. The heavy-duty, impact protective and high visibility performance make it resistant to cut and puncture.

What is more, you will get textured multi-directional stretch spandex or nylon that offer great stretch and are also designed to keep away wick moisture and heat.

  • It keeps you comfortable and cool
  • Impact protective performance
  • Heavy-duty and high visibility
  • It ensures easy finger articulation and movement
  • It dampens impact and vibration
  • Increase the overall durability
  • It is puncture and cut resistance
  • It has non-slip reinforcement
  • It increases the grip
  • Non-slip feature
  • An anti-vibration palms
  • Ergonomic design
  • It is versatile
  • Padding is not durable

4. Ironclad General Utility GUG-03-M All-Purpose Gloves

Ironclad General Utility GUG 03 M All Purpose Gloves Best Chainsaw Gloves

If you want comfortable and form-fitting chainsaw gloves designed to handle all the day-to-day tasks, then go for this product from Ironclad.

It can be used in the shop, home, clean-up, delivery, construction, rigging, equipment operation, and yard work. In all honesty, it comes with the thermoplastic rubber knuckle, which can provide abrasion and impact protection through the knuckles.

The loop closure and the adjustable hook can provide a secure custom fitting for ideal performance. Equally important, this model has the terry cloth that wipes sweat conveniently found at the back of a thumb to allow you to remain focused on the task at hand with just one brow wipe.

The palm design offers outstanding dexterity and is strengthened in sensitive areas for durability.

Similarly, it comes with an Ironclad logo found across the knuckles with thermoplastic rubber material to protect the knuckles from abrasion and impact.

On the other hand, it has a thermoplastic cuff puller, allowing the user to get the gloves in the correct position faster. Also, you will get comfortable form-fitting that is designed for different tasks and is machine washable.

  • It offers hand safety
  • It has a secure fit
  • Comfortable and form-fitting
  • It has excellent dexterity
  • It has high visibility colors
  • Protect the knuckles from abrasion and impact
  • It is machine washable
  • Sweat management feature
  • Provide extra durability
  • Designed for the heavy-duty jobs
  • It has not sensitive to the touch screen

5. Ironclad EXO-PIG-04 Impact Protection Chainsaw Gloves

Ironclad EXO PIG 04 Impact Protection Chainsaw Gloves Best Chainsaw Gloves 748x1024 1

This product from Ironclad is paramount because it provides you with ultimate impact protection. Notably, it provides impact protection at the back of the hand to keep the hand safe when working without any limiting dexterity.

In a like manner, it comes with a loop closure and adjustable hook, which provide a secure custom fitting for perfect performance.

The terry sweat wipe cloth is found at the back of a thumb to allow you to remain focused on your work at hand with just one wipe of a brow.

The thermoplastic rubber cuff puller will enable the user to get the gloves in a proper position swiftly. Also, it benefits from a high-class 16-point measurement system that can ensure best-in-class fit.

Besides, the best chainsaw gloves come with a vibration-reducing reinforced palm, providing extended comfort. On the other hand, you will get the Exo embossed palm that offers a unique design for extra grip.

Thermoplastic closure and hook and loop ensure a secure fit. Above all, the 3D mesh ventilation functions for a smooth and breath-ability wrist bend.

  • It provides for extra grip
  • It offers extended comfort
  • Sweat management feature
  • Impact and vibration absorption
  • Secure custom fit
  • Increase donning speed
  • It is breathable
  • It offers maximum durability
  • Poor quality control


The chainsaw gloves are essential to have if you have the chainsaw. Go for the above product because they have outstanding features.

They use the highest quality leather to increase maneuverability, softness, and elasticity. Also, the high-quality leather used ensures maximum comfort to the fingers and palms, increases grip strength, and makes the gloves more comfortable to wear.

They have a cotton lining on the inside for extra quality and protection. Likewise, they provide reasonable traction control because of well-reinforced friction parts.

The best-selling one is Ironclad EXO-PIG-04 Impact Protection Chainsaw Gloves because it has a vibration-reducing reinforced palm that can offer extended comfort.

Besides, it comes with a thermoplastic closure and hook, ensuring a secure fit. This product has achieved the above factors because it has a vibration-reducing reinforced palm to offer extended comfort and a thermoplastic closure and hook to offer a secure fit.