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Top 5 Best Single Stage Snow Blower!

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As winter approaches, it is time to start thinking about dealing with the most challenging elements. The amount of snow, which arrives at this period can be difficult to control, and many people are either too busy or physically unable to spend as much time manually handling the snow.

Do not leave it very late, or else you might be surprised it is the winter period. The weather may be unpredictable, and you need to be prepared for these unexpected colds and heavy snowfall.

The single-stage snow blowers can save you the hassle of clearing snow, which is very easy. 

Briggs Stratton 1022E Single Stage 22 Inch Snow Blower Best Single Stage Snow Blower 2
Briggs Stratton 1022E Single Stage 22 Inch Snow Blower via

Also, they are ideal for smaller jobs like in the patios, garden paths, and driveways. Typically, they feature the power curve technology, enabling you to clear the pavement and prevent clogging.

The easy assembly design and the lightweight body can make single stage snow blowers comfortable to use. In addition, there is a rubber auger that can allow you to correct the last drop of snow without extra work.

Also, they have fast-acting precision and powerful motor, which can make it easy to operate. If you want the best single stage snow blowers in the market, continue to read this article.

Types Of Corded Single Stage Snow Blower

1. Corded single stage snow blower

This blower has an electric motor that the home electric outlet powers. It is ideal for small houses because the length of the cord is limited during snow clearing.

A corded blower is better for residential use because it is easier to store and lighter. Plus, operating costs are low because no gas refuelling or oil change is required.

2. Cordless single stage snow blower

The cordless snow thrower has a rechargeable battery that power the model. It offers you flexibility when clearing snow.

You can use this blower if there is no electricity, like during camping or doing a quick clean elsewhere, without having to worry about the exhaust or the extension cord.

However, it has some limitations like, when the battery runs out of charge, you may need to replace the spare battery if you do not want to wait. This blower is fit for light snow removal and produces less noise than the other models.

3. Gas-powered single stage snow blower

The gas-powered blower is the popular choice because of its flexibility and ease of use. You are not limited by the length of the cord or the operating time of the snow blower.

Likewise, it is equipped with a two or four-stroke gasoline engine. Therefore, the model is suitable for use when large snow areas need to be cleared or when the snow is falling heavily.

However, its downside is that it requires more attention to change the oil or refuel the gas. Also, it is not environmentally friendly because of emissions.

Factors To Consider When Buying the Single Stage Snow Blower

Terrain type

The terrain type is crucial when buying the single stage snow blower. Paved surfaces, like sidewalks and driveways, are suitable for the wheeled snow blower.

However, the tracked snow blower is the best suited for unpaved surfaces. Also, the grade has a critical impact; steep walkways need the model with sufficient power to pull it down the snowy slope.

Comfort and maneuverability

If the snow blower is a large machine, it can be challenging to operate. Typically, weight plays a crucial role to turn or push the model.

Most cordless and corded snow blowers weigh around 35 to 40 pounds, while gas models weigh 50 to 60 pounds. Also, some of them offer the features like adjustable handles, which can suit the user’s height and the heated grip to keep your hands warm in the cold.

Powerful engine

A powerful engine makes snow removal easy. Compared to snow blowers, gasoline engines are rated in CC (cubic centimeters) for the electric model rated in amps.

A more efficient engine means more snow-clearing power and more power and fuel consumption. However, please do not choose the blower according to its power rating alone. Instead, identify the needs and select the power ratings, bringing you the most benefit.

Skid shoes

Skid shoes are accessories in the snow blower bottom that keep them away from touching the surface. They are made of composite or metal material.

Typically, they prevent the concrete from scratching the sidewalks or driveways. Also, these skid shoes improve your safety by keeping the gravel or rocks away from the blower.

Battery capacity and runtime

When choosing the cordless single stage snow blower, battery capacity and runtime must be taken into consideration. You measure the battery capacity in Ah, which is between 2.0 Ah and 7.5 Ah.

It is recommended to use a Li-Ion battery type to get the best results because it has longer runtime and higher capacity.

The battery life will depend on the type and quality of the battery used. Nevertheless, the cordless blower will run from 15 minutes to one hour on a single charge. After that, you will need to charge the battery, which can take a few hours.

Hattomen 18 Inch 180° Rotatable Single Stage Snow Blower Best Single Stage Snow Blower 2
Hattomen 18 Inch 180° Rotatable Single Stage Snow Blower via

Clearing width

The clearing width determines the amount of snow that is taken on each lap. The blower with a more extensive cleaning width removes a significant amount of snow with each pass.

Thus, it saves time by completing a few passages quickly. Many single stage models have a clearing width of about 18-21 inches. Some high-quality blowers have a greater clearing width.

Clearing width

The clearing width determines the amount of snow that is taken on each lap. The blower with a more extensive cleaning width removes a significant amount of snow with each pass.

Thus, it saves time by completing a few passages quickly. Many single stage models have a clearing width of about 18-21 inches. Some high-quality blowers have a greater clearing width.

Intake height

When buying the single stage snow blower, you need to consider the intake height. This determines the depth to which the blower can clear snow from each turn. If you need a lot of snow accumulation, choose the one with the higher intake height.

Very little or insufficient intake height means you’ll have to do more turns in the same place or remove your snow in layers. Choose the adjustable intake height, which can be 2 inches above the average snowfall in the area.

Self-propelling auger

This factor makes it easy to clear snow in case of heavy snowfall. You do not need to push the blower harder to continue. The self-propelled auger improves maneuverability and the effort required to clear the snow.

However, if you have a medical condition like arthritis that doesn’t allow for heavy physical work, this is a good option.


The single stage snow blowers, which are large, are slightly tricky to use. Therefore, pay attention to the size of the wheels that make them easy to use.

For example, a large-sized 8-inch wheel is better than a 6-inch one because it allows the blower to be used easily in the deep snow.

Many people prefer the airless wheels that keep the snow blower straight because they are made of a unique polymeric material that melts the snow.

Also, they have many grips like rubber tires and therefore never blows, avoid sidetracking, and require less maintenance.


During winter, the nights are long, and days are short. Even if you do not want to use the snow blow in the early morning without the sun, go for one with the headlight.

This will help you see the pathway clearly when clearing the snow. Also, it will prevent you from damaging objects or accidentally hurting yourself.


Regular use of a single stage snow blower to remove snow make the auger wear out quickly. In some cases, other parts will also suffer from such problems over time.

Therefore, look for a snow blower that has a warranty to eliminate these problems. Some models have a 2-year warranty, while others have a 5-year warranty. Choose the blower with the most prolonged warranty period to avoid tear and wear problems.

5 Best Single Stage Snow Blower

1. Snow Joe 18-Inch Electric SJ623E Single Stage Snow Blower

Snow Joe 18 Inch Electric SJ623E Single Stage Snow Blower Best Single Stage Snow Blower


Snow Joe has come up with this single stage snow blower, which is ideal when clearing snow off the driveways and walkways.

The important thing is that it is maintenance-free, where there are no gas, tune, or oil-ups, making it effortless to maintain and start. In addition, it features a 15-amp motor that can move to about 720 lbs. per minute.

This model instantly starts, which can help deliver the machine’s performance with just a push of the button with convenient electric power.

In the same case, it has a 23W halogen light that can help to clear paths night or day. Thanks to the easy-glide wheels because it can make the blower super easy to maneuver and turn.

Similarly, there is the universal clean-out tool that can help remove the build-up snow. Its durable, 4-blade rotor and heavy-grade steel construction can cut the width of 18 inches by a depth of 10 inches with one pass.

Also, it has the scraper blade located at the base to efficiently scrape and clear the snow without damaging the pavement and deck.

  • It is maintenance-free
  • The halogen light clear paths night or day
  • It is versatile
  • It has durable and high-quality construction
  • Easy-glide wheels make it easy to maneuver and turn
  • Easy to start
  • It has a powerful motor
  • Easy to assemble
  • It is lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • It has cheap screws, which do not resist rusting

2. EGO Power+ SNT2110 56-Volt 21-Inch Single Stage Cordless Snow Blower

EGO Power SNT2110 56 Volt 21 Inch Single Stage Cordless Snow Blower Best Single Stage Snow Blower 2


The EGO Power+ model is perfect for those who want compact and efficient snow blower. For one thing, it delivers the performance and power of the gas without fumes, fuss, and noise. In the same case, it comes with a compact design, making it easy to store and operate.

An efficient rubber auger can cut through snow and ice 50% faster. Furthermore, the handles are designed for maximum usability and comfort, allowing for efficient and smooth clearing.

Besides, it has 56V ARC EGO Lithium batteries that can power the model to clear wet and heavy snow for a distance of about 40 ft. I really appreciate the starter system because it can quickly start the snow blower.

The model features the peak power technology, which can provide smooth performance. Thanks to the high-efficiency brushless motor, which can the blower perform its activities easily and quickly.

In addition, it comes with a remote chute rotator that can easily direct the snow and has semi-pneumatic tires, which can ensure smooth operation.

  • Easy to use
  • Easy to store and operate
  • Ergonomic handle offers extra comfortable
  • Ensure maximum usability
  • Semi-pneumatic tires give smooth operation
  • Easy to maneuver and control
  • It can withstand harsh winters demand
  • Easy to start
  • Remote chute rotator allows you to direct the snow easily
  • The plastic housing crack with time

3. Greenworks 2600502 20-Inch Corded Single Stage Snow Blower

Greenworks 2600502 20 Inch Corded Single Stage Snow Blower Best Single Stage Snow Blower


Greenworks has come up with this blower designed to quickly move the snow and clear all patios, driveways, and decks while eliminating clogging.

It can remove more snow every minute for effective snow clearing. In addition, there is a 13-amp electric motor that can help to clear more snow within no time and clean all the residential areas.

The model has the power curve technology, which can help prevent clogging and clean down the pavement.

In a like manner, it comes with a 180° directional chute, which can ensure optimal snow-blowing control. The safety switch is paramount because it can prevent any possible injury or accident from happening.

Similarly, it has blade cold-and-abrasion-resistant auger that a clear a width of 20-inch and an intake height of 10-inch very quickly.

The ergonomic handle can provide maximum leverage and comfort with the lift handle, making it easy to carry from the patio to the deck. On the other hand, it comes with the 7-inch wheels that can ensure greater mobility.

  • It helps to prevent clogging
  • There is optimal snow-blowing control
  • Ergonomic handle ensures maximum comfort
  • Easy to assemble
  • It is lightweight
  • The chute is adjustable
  • It ensures quick clearing
  • Easy to transport
  • The motor provides fast-slow clearing
  • Easy to maneuver

    4. Briggs & Stratton 1022E Single Stage 22-Inch Snow Blower

    Briggs Stratton 1022E Single Stage 22 Inch Snow Blower Best Single Stage Snow Blower


    Do you want a single-stage snow blower that can clear the snow within no time? Then go for this tool from Briggs & Stratton because it has a convenient electric start that can make it easy to start anytime.

    In addition, it comes with a quick deflector, which can help you change the height, which the snow is thrown.

    There is a 208cc engine that has a torque of 9.50foot-pounds to ensure optimum power during extreme winter conditions. In the same case, it has oversized controls, which can provide mitten-friendly operation.

    I appreciate the rubber-edged auger because it is wear-resistant to help drive the blower forward and clear the snow down your pavement.

    Changing the chute’s direction is easily from right to left with the help of the chute-mounted handle. In addition, you will get sturdy construction, which can make sure the model is ready to carry out the snow clearing year after year.

    What is more, it has wheels that can help propel the blower forward quickly, even on the pavement or in deep snow.

    • It has the compact size
    • Easy to maneuver
    • It is durable and sturdy
    • Easy to change the chute direction
    • The rubber-edged auger is wear-resistant
    • Easy to use
    • It can handle the snowfall easily and quickly
    • The engine is reliable and durable
    • Easy to assemble
    • Hard to repair

    5. Hattomen 18-Inch 180° Rotatable Single Stage Snow Blower

    Hattomen 18 Inch 180° Rotatable Single Stage Snow Blower Best Single Stage Snow Blower


    This blower is perfect for clearing large walkways and driveways without the stress of oil, tune-ups, gas, tangled extension cords, or frustrating pull-cords.

    It comes with a 1600-watt motor that can deliver powerful results on small driveways, walkways, decks, patios, and other residential places. In all honesty, it has a lightweight design, which can make it easy to transport to different places.

    This model comes with a heavy-duty steel auger that can move the snow of about 500 pounds in every minute.

    The blades are cold and abrasion-resistant and can cut the snow to a depth of 7 inches and width of 16 inches with every pass. In addition, there is a discrete safety switch, which can prevent any possible occurrence of accidents.

    I appreciate a 180-degree adjustable chute because it can give you a choice to blow the snow wherever you would like. The full-bail ergonomic handle is essential to this model because you can move it to any different easily and comfortably.

    The motor is highly efficient where it has low fuel consumption and generates a decent performance level because of its compact design.

    • The motor is powerful
    • Easy to assemble
    • The safety switch prevents any occurrence of an accident
    • A chute is adjustable
    • It is lightweight
    • The ergonomic handle makes it comfortable to hold
    • Easy to maneuver
    • The blade is heavy-duty and durable
    • Easy to maintain
    • Bottom scraper broke


    Different types of single stage snow blowers are suitable for various uses that make snow clearing much faster and easier than manual shovels.

    As they evolve, there are new products, which make work easier, like the battery-powered models. When investing in the best model, it is good to get the one that meets your needs. Essentially, go for the above products because they have unique features.

    The best-selling one is Briggs & Stratton 1022E Single Stage 22-Inch Snow Blower because it has a 208cc engine that can ensure maximum power when clearing snow.

    Besides, it comes with wheels that can help to propel the blower forward quickly. This product has achieved the above factors because it has a powerful engine to ensure maximum snow clearing and has wheels that facilitate movement.