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Dracaena Hawaiian Sunshine – 7 Caring and 5 Propagating Tips!

Dracaena Hawaiian sunshine is one of the most beautiful trees that you can have in your garden.

These trees have unique foliage that gives their owners a tropical vibe, so make sure you buy this plant if you are searching for a tree to fit your garden with mesmerizing foliage. It has variegated leaves, which further intensify the overall beauty of its foliage.

These plants are also known to have air-purifying capabilities. NASA rates them in the top 10 list of best plants for removing formaldehyde from the air.

If you have a dracaena at your home, you are among the few people who are breathing fresh and pure oxygen. We have listed down a few characteristics that can help you understand these trees in detail.

Dracaena Hawaiian Sunshine 1
Dracaena Hawaiian Sunshine – via Etsy

Characteristics of Dracaena Hawaiian sunshine


Most of the species are grown in the USA; however, these plants are native to Mozambique, Madagascar, and other islands nearby the Indian Ocean.


The foliage of these plants is dark green with light green and yellow stripes. These plants grow mature to enhance the color of the foliage, which brightens up even more once they are well established.

The long and dark leaves give a perfect feel of tropical islands when placed in a garden filled with shrubs and other green plants.


We advise you to place your plant near fences and walls, as their upright growth with fancy leaves provides a perfect contrast with any color behind them.

Please make sure that you place your plant in a container or in your garden during the summer season to provide them a good environment to grow healthy and fast in the growing season. 

Hardiness zones

These trees have USDA zone between 10 and 11, so make sure that you provide them with similar conditions to these zones for healthy and strong growth of the tree.

Height and width

These plants have an upright growth that can reach up to 16 inches tall, so give them enough space to grow freely. They are compact trees that can be placed inside your house without worrying too much about their growing space.

They can take around 8 to 14 inches wide space, which is quite reasonable compared to other trees available in the market.

Companion plants

These plants are one of the best choices to have if you already own a Hibiscus, Lantana, or canna. The perfect contrast of colors changes the complete outlook of your room or garden.

Make sure that you buy all the companion plants if you are one of those plant lovers who wish to have a perfect collection of relatable plants.


They can be toxic to your pets, so ensure that you keep your plant at a distance from the pets and children.

Consuming the plant’s leave can cause irritation in the mouth that can further turn into a painful swell. If you notice one of the symptoms described, take your pet or children to the doctor as soon as possible.

Dracaena Hawaiian Sunshine 2
Dracaena Hawaiian Sunshine – via Etsy

Caring tips for Dracaena Hawaiian sunshine


These plants require indirect bright light from the sun, so place them inside your home where filtered bright sunlight hits the tree’s foliage to fulfill all its light requirements. They do quite well in partial shade or low light conditions, but we recommend a bright light for ideal growth.


Water the plant regularly for about two weeks if you have just planted your tree. Reduce the watering to every couple of days depending on the soil dryness.

Please do not water the plant more than it requires, as it can damage the plant’s roots. These plants love to be more on the dry side, so water only if you feel like the plant is dehydrated.


These plants prefer to grow under high humidity level environments because of their tropical nature, so keep the air and soil moist by misting to increase the humidity level of the atmosphere. They do well under normal household humidity levels, but we recommend increasing it for speedy growth.


A temperature range of 60 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal for these trees. They prefer to be on the warmer side of the climate than being on the colder side. Please ensure that the temperature does not drop enough to freeze the plant.


Use a well-drained soil mix of peat moss, manure, or garden compost. Organic matter help improve the drainage system and protects your plant’s roots from soaking in water for too long.


Feeding the plant in the summer, spring, and fall season every six weeks is an ideal choice. We recommend a liquid fertilizer to boost the overall growth rate in the active season. Please do not feed the plant a lot as excess chemical use can negatively affect the sensitive plant.


Repot the plant every year during the first three years of growth. Provide your tree with at least 3 inches bigger pot than the previous one to help the roots establish well with a good amount of space to spread themselves. If you notice the roots coming out of the drainage holes, repot your plant immediately.

Propagating Dracaena Hawaiian sunshine

You can easily propagate your Hawaiian sunshine with the help of the stem cutting method. We have listed down a few tips to keep in mind before propagating your tree.

  • Cut the stem about 4 to 6 inches long, ensuring that it has at least two to three leaves intact.
  • Place the cuttings in the water and wait for the roots to develop from the fresh cut.
  • Treat the roots with a rooting hormone.
  • Plant the roots in a well-drained potting mix about two inches below the soil.
  • Provide the new roots with all the water, light, temperature, and humidity requirements mentioned above.


Dracaena Hawaiian sunshine is an excellent tree that provides a perfect balance between the characteristics of an indoor plant and an outdoor tree. They are also very easy to handle, but make sure that you carefully follow all the basic requirements to grow your precious tree better.