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Full Chisel Vs Semi Chisel – 6 Key Differences!

Standing in the middle of the jungle on a cold and windy evening, are you wondering how to cut the bigger logs? Don’t be afraid or hassled by it. There are various ways to make this work.

If you have stumbled upon this article looking at one of the wooden logs you have, well, Full Chisel Vs Semi Chisel will fulfil your query.

Don’t feel left out if you are standing in your workshop in the basement of your house with the clean, big log right beside you. This article is written for you.

We will be talking about Full Chisel Vs Semi Chisel. It will also help the people who are the carpenters of their house and want to cut the wood clean.


When you look and compare two products, there is a higher chance that they have no similarities at all. But when you shift the focus towards Full Chisel Vs Semi Chisel, there are some similarities to ponder on.

1. Durability

When you use the chisel and the saws, which can cut the wood in half, the product’s durability is very important. If it gets useless after a month, that will increase the headache and affect the price.

In the case of Full Chisel Vs Semi Chisel, they have higher durability. They usually have a warranty of more than six months on continuous use. This enlightens the fact that the wood cutting process should be done daily.

2. Ease of Use

Both the semi-chisel and full chisel have ease of use. When you fit in the chisel to the saw chain, it should fit right in and not cause an issue during the longer use.

With the battle of Full Chisel Vs Semi Chisel, both can fit into saw chains with greater ease. Once kept in the saw chain, both are easy to run and help in the proper cutting of the wood. Talking about weight, both the semi and full chisel are on similar weight grounds.

Full Chisel Full Chisel Vs Semi Chisel 2
Full Chisel via Amazon

Differences in Full Chisel Vs Semi Chisel

When you use two products with similar but not the same functions, there are higher chances for differences to arrive. For Full Chisel Vs Semi Chisel, the case is the same. More than the similarities, there are some burning differences we would discuss.

1. Choice of wood

If you have your head in your hands looking for a better chisel in the battle of Full Chisel Vs Semi Chisel, well, the choice of wood is important. If you work in the cold area, the choice is different compared to working in the cleaner areas.

With the semi-chisel, it is possible to cut the dirty and rough woods. But in the case of full chisel, things differ. It depends on cleaner woods that are available in your home.

2. Kickback issue

Are you teaching your son how to cut the wood using the saw? Is there a constant fear that something unwanted might happen in the teaching process? If all of this is true, do focus here.

With a semi-chisel, there is less risk of lower kickback. When you cut the wood, it is important to keep in mind the kickback with the saw that the chisel gets.

Semi chisel will protect you from the kickback. But with the full chisel, there is higher kickback which can be troublesome.

3. Aggressive nature

Don’t be too surprised if we say that one is more aggressive than the other. It is due to the kickback and the type of wood cut in the mix of things. With higher kickback, the full chisel is aggressive.

It will move more in hand and can be a trouble if not taken good care of. But things can be done slowly and easily with the semi-chisel. There is a lower kickback with the semi chisel. Although the dirty wood is being cut, the aggressive nature is lessened in a semi chisel.

4. Price of the product

All of the determining factors will relate directly to the price. Do you agree? Yes, we are talking with you gulping down the coffee reading this article. When we talk about semi-chisel and full chisel, their function differs.

Therefore the price of the product will automatically be different. Putting light into the price of a semi-chisel will cost you $16. On the contrary, the price of a full chisel will go around $30. It depends upon the functions of the product.

Semi Chisel Full Chisel Vs Semi Chisel 2
Semi Chisel via Amazon

5. Cutting Speed

When you are willing to cut the coarse wood fallen from a tree in the jungle, you are bound to use a semi-chisel. But there are some things to know if the wood is dirtier and harder in the outer area. Semi-chisel cuts it slower in this case.

On the other hand, where full chisel mostly works in the cleaner, smooth woods, the speed to cut the wood is quicker. To no surprise at all, the sharpness in the semi-chisel remains for a longer time due to slower cutting speed and vice versa.

6. Ease of sharpening

If you like to cut woods most of the time and love to do it quicker, the chisel’s sharpness is very important. Wasting a lot of time sharpening it might be irritating for the users. In that case, the ease of sharpening should be discussed in Full Chisel Vs Semi Chisel.

Semi chisel is more about the round corner teeth with the round grid edge. This helps the chisel to fit perfectly in the saw chain. Not only that, but it also allows for the quick sharpening of the chisel.

Meanwhile, when we focus upon the full chisel, the layout is more like the square-cornered teeth. Although this makes the chisel more aggressive, there is a higher chance that the sharpening is a very long process once the chisel gets blunt.


Have you scrolled down to this point in the article without really being able to decide? If yes, you have come to the fruit of this article. The conclusion is a section where we tell you about the right product to go for among Full Chisel Vs Semi Chisel.

If you are the owner of hard, old trees and also love to cut them in your backyard, well, things are pretty straightforward. But no matter what, the majority of you might be the one who loves to get their work done faster.

We suggest you go with the Full Chisel in Full Chisel Vs Semi Chisel. It does the work faster and saves a lot of your time and effort. With your experience in cutting woods, the kickback and the time required to sharpen up a Full Chisel shouldn’t bother you much.

Frequently Asked Questions in Full Chisel Vs Semi Chisel.

Is Semi chisel a ripping chain?

Yes, a semi-chisel is a ripping chain that tends to help you cut woods quicker. It cuts at the 10-degree angle, which cuts in the wood grains rather than the pores or veins.

What is a full chisel chainsaw chain used for?

The full chisel chainsaw is used mostly by experts and professionals to keep it straight and simple. It is mostly used to cut quickly and through hardwood like Oak, which powers through pretty easily.

Is Semi chisel or full chisel better?

It is a hard option to choose between the two. However, one thing can be said with assurance. The choice of the chisel is dependent upon your use. If you want to cut clean woods quicker, the full chisel is the way to go. But in the case of cutting the dirty and tough woods, semi-chisel might be your great friend.

What is the lightest, most powerful chainsaw?

When we talk about light and more powerful at the same time, there are various options available. But when we put our keen eyes on it, the Stihl MS 150 C-E is the right way to go.

It is lightweight, but the product’s durability is pretty good. Stihl MS 150 C-E runs on gasoline, allowing for longer, more efficient use.

What is the most aggressive chainsaw chain?

A least asked yet most powerful query is about the most aggressive chainsaw chain available in the market. To be clearer and more precise such chains are not used by everyone.

To use them, either you have to own the experience or work in tougher places where the demand is a must. 404″ chainsaw pitch is the most aggressive chainsaw chain that’s available in the market.

Why does my chain get dull very quickly?

There are mainly two reasons why the chains in the chainsaw tend to dull out very quickly. The first one is the fact that you haven’t filed it correctly. In that case, the chains tend to get dull. Read the manual carefully before actually using the product.

The second reason the chains tend to get dull is due to the wrong chain being filed in the chainsaw. When filing, it might look exactly correct, but the wrong fitting of the chain might just affect the productivity and cause dullness in the chains.