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How to Cut Rebar with Reciprocating Saw – A Step-by-Step Guide!

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Rebar is a material that many people use for DIY projects and other purposes.

Deciding the type of rebar to use is already challenging, but knowing how to cut rebar with reciprocating saw is way more challenging, even for a regular saw user.

Rebar is steel, which we frequently use in construction projects. Its power and adaptability make it the ideal choice for tasks requiring a lot of strength.

Properly cutting rebar at the household level with a saw is essential while completing your project.

Many people find cutting rebar difficult, but do not worry about that. We are here to give you clear advice on how to cut rebar with reciprocating saw!

Rebar cannot be cut by hand without power tools.

A saw with enough power to remain stable and cut through the rebar is required. And with the help of a reciprocating saw, rebar can be cut, which is surprisingly simpler than many other ways.

So, let’s dive into the topic!

Reciprocating saw—how to cut rebar with reciprocating saw
How to cut rebar with reciprocating saw? – Image via Reddit.

How to Cut Rebar with Reciprocating Saw? | The Benefits!

Before we get into the details of how to cut rebar with reciprocating saw, let’s see some of its benefits.

  • A reciprocating saw is a great option to cut rebar for your concrete project because it can do so quickly and precisely.
  • A reciprocating saw operates more quickly while cutting rebar than those rebar cutters or other saws, which might not function as effectively.
  • For projects which involve cutting rebar, a reciprocating saw is more practical than other instruments you might have around your house because of its versatility.
  • When cutting rebar with a saw, use the rebar cut guides rule to minimize the risk.

Confirm that the rebar cut guide is firmly positioned before cutting the rebar with your reciprocating saw.

Now, let’s see the step-by-step guide on how to cut rebar with reciprocating saw!

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How to Cut Rebar with Reciprocating Saw? | The Steps!

Following are the steps to cut rebar with a reciprocating saw.

Step 1: Check the Safety

The first step while looking for how to cut rebar with reciprocating saw is to ensure that your rebar is tightly secured.

It will go a long way toward ensuring your safety and everyone else’s safety. By ensuring safety, you can prevent the saw from jamming and any metal from flying.

Take all necessary safety precautions while you are in this step.

  • When cutting rebar, always wear safety eyewear.
  • Full-face or side shields on safety glasses are also effective forms of protection.
  • Do not cut too close to your body; wear sturdy gloves.
  • Additionally, you should always wear ear protection to prevent tiny fragments while cutting the rebar from damaging your ears.

Now, it’s time to check the blade.

Step 2: Check the Blade

To cut the rebar effectively with a reciprocating saw, select a sharp and solid blade.

Rebar is a hard material that cannot be cut without power tools because it is a strong metal. It is crucial to consider that using the incorrect blade can make it even harder to cut through.

The blade of the saw for cutting rebar is determined by the rebar’s thickness.

When choosing the saw blade, check the thickness of the metal rebar.

Thick rebar needs a blade with eight teeth per inch, and a comparatively thinner one needs a blade with 22 teeth per inch.

It will make it easier to work efficiently while cutting into and through metal.

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Step 3: Set up the Blade

Now you are prepared to put the blade into the saw.

Please ensure the teeth points are downward so you can cut through the metal. The blade teeth will only be damaged or broken if they are faced upward.

Step 4: Adjust the Speed & Cut It Through

Make sure to adjust the reciprocating saw’s blade speed.

  • Place it at a lower rotating speed than it would typically be.
  • It will enable you to maintain the freshness of your blade.
  • Additionally, it will provide you with more authority over the cut.
  • Now place the blade where you want to cut the rebar.
  • Once you have it, you should let the saw run until the metal has successfully pierced through the rebar.
  • When doing so, you may maintain maximum safety and keep your cut exactly where you want it.
  • As you do this, press the button to turn on the saw and start cutting the rebar.
  • Maintain a tight grip on the saw throughout this process, and ensure the rebar is securely tightened.
  • Otherwise, trimming it might not go as planned.

Do this repeatedly until the rebar is completely cut through.

Step 5: Clear up

That was all about how to cut rebar with reciprocating saw.

The last step is to clear up the whole cut.

For this, release the trigger and remove the blade away from the rebar. Put the saw away. If you need to cut another piece, clear the vision and repeat the process.

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What Alternatives Exist?

Although cutting rebar using a reciprocating saw is a great option, there are other options too.

  • You can also purchase a specialized rebar cutter if you do not have or do not want to use a reciprocating saw.
  • However, it will be excessive if you just need to cut the rebar periodically.
  • Instead, you might choose to use a hand saw or bolt cutters.
  • If you have a solid technique to clamp down both ends of the rebar, it would be possible to cut it this way.
  • Finally, you might also be able to use a torch to cut the rebar. It is not recommended to do this because it often takes much longer than using a saw.

Here’s a video guide for you:

How to cut rebar with reciprocating saw? | How to Use a Reciprocating Saw to Cut Metal, Wood, PVC, etc. for Beginners – YouTube

With all that said, let’s move toward the summary!


Now, you do not have to wonder how to cut rebar with reciprocating saw, as now you know all about it.

See! The process is not so challenging.

Putting all of your safety precautions in place will make this procedure go much more quickly and smoothly for you. Additionally, confirm that your rebar is fixated in place before beginning to cut.

You will be able to cut through the rebar smoothly by selecting the appropriate blade for the thickness of the material and slowing down the speed. To ensure perfect rebar cut with a reciprocating saw, you are advised to use a rebar cutter guide.

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