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Philodendron Mayoi – Detailed Information

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Philodendron Mayoi is a charming and unique climbing philodendron. Typically, it has shiny, elastic leaves. This type of Philodendron is the perfect addition to different plants collection. Also, it is the ideal choice for starting a collection of indoor plants.

Philodendron Mayoi belongs to a Philodendron genus. Likewise, it belongs to the Araceae or Arum family, characterized by a spadix or spathe. It is a dark green tropical plant, which is native to Brazil. Philodendrons are considered one of the easiest indoor plants to care for.

Philodendron Mayoi
Philodendron Mayoi via Reddit

 Philodendron Mayoi care

Philodendron Mayoi is easy to care for. It will instantly bloom and add splendous to the environment with proper care.

1. Water requirement

It would be best to water the Philodendron Mayoi plant as per the Philodendron principle. Wet the water well and allow it to drain underneath. Water it again when the first 3 centimeters are dry.

Before watering, make sure the soil is at least 3 inches deep and not just the top cover. These plants do not like regular watering. In summer and spring, about two times a week is enough. Alternatively, the need for watering decreases as the temperature drops.

Plants remain dormant so that the need for water and food is minimal. Therefore, do not water more often than every two or three weeks. Typically, over-watering is harmful to plants.

This makes the soil soggy, leading to undetected root rot and plant death. So avoid at all costs for the plant to be healthy.

2. Light requirement

The bright and indirect sun is best for Philodendron Mayoi. Make sure it gets good indirect sunlight for 6-8 hours. However, direct sunlight damages the leaves. It burns the leaves and also kills them.

You can place the plant indoors close to the well-lit window where there is a lot of indirect sunlight.

Many people hold the trailers so the leaves can still hang in front of a window. At this point, make sure the net or sheet protects the plant from direct sunlight. An indirectly lit shade under a tree or wall is the best option for outdoor planting.

3. Soil or substrate requirements

A mix of fast-flowing is what you require to grow Philodendron Mayoi. In this way, the plant can avoid stagnant water at the plant base. You can use the graded growth mix ideal for these plants. Bark and peat are known to improve the quality of soil drainage.

You can also add some perlite to the soil to help the plants. This way obtains the necessary moisture without the soil becoming more soggy and damp.

Also, it can work perfectly in the airy and woody substrate that supports the hemiepiphytic nature. Typically, the mix is 50% organic and 30% inorganic, with the additional 20% of orchid bark chips.

Philodendron Mayoi 2
Philodendron Mayoi via Reddit

4. Humidity requirements

Leaves of Philodendron Mayoi love high humidity. Nevertheless, it is not very demanding and works well in the middle levels. A rough estimate of around 60% moisture is needed to reasonable it.

On dry days, you’re required to take several measures to improve the humidity around Philodendron Mayoi. For example, you can group some plants to raise the overall moisture level. Second, you can use the water pebble bowl under a pot or add the humidifier nearby.

5. Temperature requirements

Like other philodendrons, Philodendron Mayoi love to stay at a moderately warm temperature. 18-30 C is ideal. It has a low frost and cold tolerance.

Therefore, make sure you put it in a warm place around the house before it becomes cold in winter. Typically, this is important for people who live in cold areas.

6. Fertilizer requirements

A monthly dose of fertilizer of good quality gives good results for the health of the plants. You can apply a balanced fertilizer to Philodendron Mayoi once a month in summer and spring.

Excessive fertilization is quite harmful. Not only can it burn a plant, but it can also kill it. Therefore, you are supposed to avoid it altogether.

It is recommended to follow the mild dose if possible half the dose indicated on the package. Also, stop fertilizing in late summer. This will prevent you from adding unnecessary nutrients to the dormant plant in winter.

7. Pruning requirements

Philodendron Mayoi needs regular pruning. This will help keep the plant fit and healthy. Also, unhealthy and old leaves put pressure on the body of a plant.

8. Repotting requirements

Because Philodendron Mayoi grows pretty quickly, it should be repotted more often than most houseplants. It can take 12-18 months before this can be done. Also, make sure it does not stick in the pot bound. You can then put it firmly in a pot before repotting it to a larger pot.

Note that not every plant likes to be root bound. Leaving them in this condition causes stress, making them more susceptible to diseases and pests. However, this is not the case with Philodendron Mayoi. So you will wait a bit longer before you repot it.

See how to do it.

– There are two things you want to prepare before you begin. This is a 2-inch diameter pot larger than the current container. Likewise, it would be best if you had enough fresh potting mixture. That way, you will replace the used soil with something lighter, better drained, and more nutritious.

– Then, carefully remove the plant from the pot. The more bound to the pot, the more difficult it can get the root out of a pot. So be patient and do not throw away the plant. This only adds to the impact of the transplant process.

– Outside, clean the roots and remove excess dirt. Also, check the roots to ensure they are healthy. Cut off damaged roots.

– Fill the new pot with 30 to 50% soil. The plant allows you to approximate how much soil you need to put in to keep the plant at a similar level as the previous container.

– Place the root ball in a container and fill in the empty spaces with soil.

Propagation of Philodendron Mayoi

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Philodendron Mayoi is some of the easiest plants to propagate. Planting stem cuttings has become a popular method.

1. Propagation by stem cutting

It would be best to prepare a small container with perlite and substrate-graded mixture. Choose only the healthy plant and then cut off some parts below the nodes.

Plant cuttings only in the planting medium to a depth of about 3 inches. Press the ground around the cutting using your fingertips to stabilize them.

Spray the soil to increase humidity. Make sure it is a light mist and not a heavy spill, as you do not need to wash the cuttings away.

Then place a setup in indirect and bright sunlight and allow it to bask for approximately 6-8 hours. Remember to water it slightly as soon as the first 3 inches have dried. After 3-4 weeks, the baby’s roots develop.

The baby shoot then follows after about five weeks. You can plant these cuttings wherever you want. It is always best to water lightly during the first few months. After about 3-4 months, you can follow the precautions.

2. Propagation in water

The cuttings root very well in the water. Take a small pot and then fill the water. Soak the cuttings to about 7 centimeters deep in water.

The lower nodes must be completely submerged. Expose the setup to indirect sunlight and make sure you change the water weekly. This will help control the risk of mucking and fungus.

You will be pleased when your baby’s roots develop and germinate in 4-6 weeks. These cuttings do well in water. You can also move them into potting soil or a suitable growing mix so that the new Philodendron Mayoi plants can thrive there.

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Pests and diseases

Philodendron Mayoi doesn’t have any disease or pest problems. They best way to avoid these problems is to keep the plant vigorous by following the requirements. Also, it is beneficial if you clean the leaves with a moist cloth weekly or every two weeks.

This removes dust, allowing the plant to be inspected during cleaning and preventing pests. You might consider cleaning the plant instead of cleaning the house. This is a natural way to keep cockroaches and ants away regularly.


Philodendron Mayoi is toxic to animals and humans. It contains calcium oxalates that the body cannot tolerate or digest. So put it away from small children, cats, and dogs.

Ingestion can cause nausea, vomiting, and other gastrointestinal complications. Also, its juice can irritate the skin in some people. So if you have sensitive skin, wear gloves when working with the plant, particularly when pruning.

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Philodendron Mayoi is a tropical plant from Brazil. The attractive leaves make them famous for outdoor and indoor plantations.

It has large, dark-green fringed leaves that resemble ferns, making it an elegant plant. Likewise, it is easy to maintain, making it suitable for everyone, including lazy people and beginners.

Indirect, bright light and watering soil when it dries are all you need to keep you happy. Like other Philodendron Mayoi, this is toxic to animals and humans. So keep pets and children away from it.