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Philodendron Pedatum – Basic Care & Propagation Tips!

If you are considering getting a Philodendron Pedatum plant for your home garden and want to learn more about the plant, its basic characteristics, the best ways to take care of the plant, and how you can successfully propagate this plant inside your house, you have come to the right place.

Home Gardening can be an extremely tedious and demanding practice. This is especially true if one does not have the information they need about the different species of plants they’ve decided to grow.

To successfully grow different species of plants inside your home, you need to be aware of each plant’s lighting, watering, temperature, humidity, soil, and fertilizing needs.

This article will be your guide to the perfect ways of caring for your Philodendron Pedatum plant and to the ways you can propagate this plant in your home garden.

Philodendron Pedatum
Philodendron Pedatum via Reddit

Philodendron Pedatum – Introduction And Defining Characteristics

This section will introduce you to the Philodendron pedatum plant and educate you on some of its most important and distinguishable characteristics.

Many names know the Philodendron Pedatum; “oakleaf Philodendron, amazonicum, caladium, P.Quericifolium and P. laciniatum” are just a few examples.

The philodendron is a big leaf climbing plant with deep green, multi-lobed, and oak-shaped leaves which grow in its red petioles. When the conditions are favourable, a well-established pedatum can grow up to 3 meters tall with about 1-foot-tall leaves. 

The Philodendron Pedatum is native to Venezuela and Brazil and is known among the masses for its beauty as a household plant and its effectiveness in purifying the air.

This means that it will not only improve the aesthetics of your household, but also it will improve the quality of the air around it.

Classification of the Philodendron Pedatum

Family: Araceae. Genus: Philodendron.

Height of the Philodendron Pedatum

Although the height and spread of the plant mostly vary across different plants and different growing conditions, on average, this plant can be expected to grow up to 100 – 300cm tall.

Leaves and flowers

This plant has multi-lobed leaves which grow up to 6 – 8 inches (sometimes even a foot) long. When the plant is young, its leaves are not that distinguishable from the leaves of other philodendrons.

When it blooms, the plant produces typical aroid flowers, which have a brownish-green shade. Flowering is, however, very rare among philodendrons pedatum.

Growth Rate

In comparison to other philodendrons, this particular type grows faster.


Housepets and Children should be kept away from this plant. If ingested, the plant can be harmful to the individual due to its toxicity. Consult a doctor immediately in case that happens.

Philodendron Pedatum 2
Philodendron Pedatum via Reddit

How To Take Care Of Your Philodendron Pedatum

We cannot emphasize this enough; you cannot possibly hope to properly care for your plants if you know absolutely nothing about their unique individual needs.

House plants are delicate creatures; they require certain nutritional and environmental conditions so that they can grow properly and rise to health.

This is especially true when these plants are young and in the process of establishing themselves. The Philodendron Pedatum, fortunately, won’t bother you much.

Here are the best ways you can take care of your Philodendron Pedatum plant so that it can grow to health in your home garden.


We will start with the most important aspect of taking care of a plant, watering. For this, we recommend that you use the soak and dry watering strategy.

All you need to do is keep the potting mix fairly moist. Then, water the plant and leave it alone until the upper soil begins to dry. This is when you water your plant again. You should note, though, that your watering should be dependent on the rain/ weather conditions. 

During summers, watering the plant about once a week should be enough. During winters, though, you should reduce this frequency and only water your plant once in 10- 14 days.

Of course, if your plant has received enough rain, you do not need to water it at all during this time. Remember, overwatering a plant can be just as harmful to its health as under-watering it.

If you begin to see loose, browning leaves, your plant is not getting enough water.

Sunlight requirements

The Philodendron pedatum is a fairly durable plant that can tolerate a wide range of light levels. The recommended amount of sunlight for the plant is 6-10 hours of indirect sunlight.

Excessive exposure to direct sunlight will damage the plant and cause its leaves to scorch and die. If you see its leaves burning out (turning yellow or brown), this is an indication that your plant is getting burnt due to sunlight, and it might be time for you to change its place.


We recommend you use rich, well-drained soil with suitable mixtures to improve the health of this plant during its growth stages.


Philodendron pedatums require occasional doses of nitrogen-based fertilizers to boost their proper growth. So, fertilizing them once a month should do just fine. During winters, though, we recommend you do not fertilize them as much.

How Can I Propagate My Own Philodendron Pedatum

We will discuss 2 ways you can propagate your Philodendron Pedatum plant. First, by the seed- method, and second, by the stem-cutting method. 

Propagation using seeds

Propagation of the philodendron pedatum is a slow process that will have you waiting at least 5- 7 months before you begin to see any noticeable progress.

The seeds of this plant can easily be found in markets. Buy some and bury them In a pot with a suitable soil mix. The seeds must be kept dry at this point. Next, mist the soil and cover the pot to prevent the loss of moisture.

Keep the temperature of its surrounding at around 20 – 30 degrees Celsius and expose the pot to indirect sunlight. Tiny seedlings should germinate in 3-8 weeks.

When this happens, put each seedling into a separate pot. After some time of waiting, you will have successfully propagated this plant.

Propagation by stem cutting

This is a relatively simpler method of propagation. Cut an 8-inch-long piece of the stem of an existing philodendron pedatum plant.

The cutting should be at least half an inch below the aerial root, and there should be at least 3 nodes in the cutting. Plant your cutting about 3 inches deep in a suitable soil mix and place your pot in indirect sunlight. Keep the soil moist and tiny shoots should grow out in 5-7 weeks.  

A Quick Summary

The Philodendron Pedatum is a lovely, decorative houseplant that will make for a wonderful addition to your home garden.

The plant is pretty low maintenance, too, so you won’t have to worry about putting in a lot of time and effort for its care. This philodendron plant can be easily propagated through the use of its seeds or through the stem-cutting method.