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Toro Vs. Ariens Snowblower – Which Is Best?

When winter paints the world into a beautiful snowy canvas, the challenge of removing that snow awakes.

But fear not!

With the right tools, dominating the winter wonderland becomes a thrilling adventure.

Among the most effective and suitable options available, snowblowers have gained vast popularity.

Now it is considered an essential tool for tackling the daunting task of snow removal, especially in areas with heavy snowfall.

Cool, isn’t it?

But from too many best snowblowers, how could you identify which one is best for you?

For that, we will compare Toro vs. Ariens snowblower. The two famous brands will wrangle today in this article.

So, without further ado, let’s begin!

Toro Vs Ariens Snowblower
Toro Vs Ariens Snowblower

Toro Vs. Ariens Snowblower!

Snowblowers are essential tools for efficiently and quickly clearing the snow.

They save time and effort—ensuring safe and accessible pathways during winter.

Among all the snowblowers available, Toro and Ariens have established themselves as dynamos in the snowblower market.

But which one is perfect for you?

Let’s discuss the general overview of both brands and a detailed comparison regarding different features—thus finding the suitable one according to your needs.

Toro Snowblowers

Toro, a well-established brand, offers various snowblower models designed to tackle multiple snow removal needs.

For over a century, Toro has earned a reputation for manufacturing reliable and high-quality equipment.

Their expertise in outdoor power products extends to snowblowers.

Thus, they combine innovation and durability to create efficient snow-removal machines.

Toro snowblowers come in different models with a wide range of offers, including: 

  • Single stage
  • Two-stage
  • Three-stage snowblowers

Each is suited for specific snowfall conditions and clearing tasks.

Single stage snowblowers are ideal for light snowfalls and small areas.

Two-stage and three-stage models excel in heavier and larger snow conditions.

Toro 38381 Snowblower - Toro Vs. Ariens Snowblower
Toro 38381 18-Inch 15 Amp Electric 1800 Power Curve Snow Blower

Ariens Snowblowers

Ariens has a long-standing history in outdoor power equipment, dating back to 1933.

With decades of experience, Ariens has also established a reputation for producing durable machines.

Regarding snowblowers, Ariens offers a range of models designed to meet different snow-clearing needs. Thus, they ensure their customers can find a suitable option according to their specific requirements.

Like Toro, Ariens snowblowers also come in different sizes that line up as single-stage, two-stage, and three-stage snowblowers.

Ariens Platinum RapidTrak 28 SHO (28") 369cc 2-Stage Snow Blower 921057
  • Powerful 369cc Ariens AX369 Engine Designed to thrive in sub-zero conditions 120-volt electric start w/recoil (cord not included)
  • Functionality Of A Track & Maneuverability Of A Wheel 3 adjustable track positions to meet operator's preference Track lugs dice through ice keeping you and the snow moving Improved traction ideal for inclines and gravel drives
  • Auto-Turn Steering Technology Automatically senses the direction of your turns Adjusts power to the inside track to make turning easier
  • Super High-Output Impeller (SHO) Belts and pulleys designed and modified to optimize impeller speed Increases overall output and throwing distance
  • Disc-O-Matic Drive System & Large Cast Iron Gear Case Easily shift into any of the six forward or two reverse speeds

Head-to-Head Comparison: Toro Vs. Ariens Snowblowers!

When comparing Toro and Ariens snowblowers, discussing the specific factors that differentiate these brands and impact their overall performance and functionality is essential.

Here’s a detailed analysis of each factor:

Advance Technology

Initiating with the Toro snowblower, one standout feature is its Power Max® Anti-Clogging system.

This advanced technology prevents blockages in the chute and ensures continuous operation even in heavy snow conditions.

The system uses special paddles to keep snow moving through the chute and not let it stay in there.

Contrarily, the Ariens snowblower has its own unique points.

The one regarding advanced technology is The Auto-Turn Steering technology.

Want to know how awesome this is?

This incredible feature allows the user to easily maneuver the snowblower in tight spaces.

Additional Accessories

Both snowblowers come with a variety of accessories to improve the user experience.

Let me tell you what additional accessories you will get with Toro and Ariens snowblowers.

Usually, Toro snowblowers offer a variety of kits, including:

  • Draft cutter kit
  • Clean-out tool

But if we talk about the Ariens snowblower, they possess a variety of attachments, like

  • Snow cab
  • Heating hand grip kit

So, you must consider the additional accessories available with the snowblower and choose the one according to your preferences.

Powerful Engine

Toro’s snowblowers are known for their powerful engines, which allow different capacities, including:

Most models offer adjustable clearing widths and intake heights, providing flexibility in adapting to different snow depths and clearing paths.

Getting my point?

While in the case of Ariens snowblowers, many models possess powerful engines capable of tackling even the harshest snow conditions. 

Their power ensures reliable performance in challenging winter environments.

When it comes to Toro vs. Ariens snowblowers, both brands offer impressive engine capabilities to handle different snow-clearing needs.

So, regarding the engine’s power, you can choose whichever you want.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is an important aspect to consider when evaluating snowblower brands.

Regarding customer service, both Toro and Ariens snowblowers generally received positive customer reviews, highlighting their:

  • Durability
  • Ease of use
  • Effectiveness in removing snow

The availability of replacement parts and reliable customer support of both brands contribute to the satisfaction of snowblower owners.

Are you able to decide which brand you prefer?

If not, let’s discuss some of the pros and cons of each brand so that you can clear your head about it.

Pros and Cons!

To get a clear understanding of both brands, let me tell you the pros and cons of each of the mentioned options.

It will help you to make a good decision.

Toro Snowblowers | Pros

  • Toro snowblowers are known for their powerful engines and superior performance in various snow conditions.
  • They offer impressive throwing distances and wide clearing widths.
  • Toro snowblowers often come with user-friendly features like electric start and easy chute control, enhancing the ease of use and maneuverability.

Toro Snowblowers | Cons

  • Toro snowblowers tend to be priced slightly higher compared to some other brands. While they offer excellent performance and durability, the initial cost may be a consideration for budget-conscious buyers.
  • Toro has a narrower range of snowblower models than other brands, which may limit the options available for specific snow-clearing requirements.
  • Depending on your location, the availability of Toro service centers may vary.

It’s essential to ensure authorized service centers are nearby to provide support and assistance.

Ariens Snowblowers | Pros

  • Ariens snowblowers are known for their solid construction and durability. They are built to withstand heavy use and challenging snow conditions.
  • Ariens offers a diverse selection of snowblower models, catering to various clearing widths, throwing distances, and engine powers. It allows buyers to choose a model that precisely matches their snow-clearing needs.
  • Ariens has an extensive network of authorized dealers, ensuring easy access to replacement parts and professional support services.

Ariens Snowblowers | Cons

  • Ariens snowblowers are known for their robust construction, which makes them heavier and bulkier. Thus, maneuvering and transportation may require more effort.
  • While Ariens offers many models, entry-level options may have fewer advanced features than higher-end models.

Both Toro and Ariens offer high-quality snowblowers with their own strengths and weaknesses.

Considering the pros and cons of each brand will help you select the snowblower that best suits your needs.


Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions.

Are Toro and Ariens Snowblowers Suitable for Heavy Snowfall Areas?

Yes, both Toro and Ariens offer models that are specifically designed to handle heavy snowfall.

Look for:

  • Powerful engines
  • Wide clearing widths
  • High throwing distances

That ensures effective snow removal in areas prone to heavy snow accumulation.

What Maintenance Requirements Do Toro and Ariens Snowblowers Have?

Toro and Ariens snowblowers require regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance.

That includes:

  • Checking and changing the oil
  • Inspecting and replacing belts
  • Lubricating moving parts
  • Cleaning the machine afterward

Following the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule will help prolong your snowblower’s lifespan.

Can Toro and Ariens Snowblowers Be Used on Different Surfaces?

Yes, both Toro and Ariens offer models suitable for various surfaces, such as:

  • Driveways
  • Walkways
  • Even uneven terrain

However, it’s essential to consider the specific model’s features, like adjustable skid shoes or tracks, to ensure compatibility with your intentional surfaces.

That’s all.

Let’s move toward the conclusion and wrap up everything we have discussed in the article.

BRAND NEW Ariens Crossover 20 VS Toro Snowmaster Snowblower – YouTube


In the battle of Toro vs. Ariens snowblowers, both brands are producing powerful and reliable snow-clearing machines.

Toro impresses with its:

  • Performance-driven engines
  • Adjustable clearing widths
  • Intake heights

Thus, it provides flexibility for various snow depths and clearing paths.

On the other hand, Ariens stands strong with its robust engines, designed to tackle the harshest snow conditions.

Considering the features of both brands, it’s hard for anyone to choose the best one.


Listen! When deciding between Toro and Ariens, you must consider your preferences and the features different models offer.

I hope you find this piece of information helpful. If you like this post, don’t forget to share it with your friends.

Moiz Atiq.