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Why Are Monstera Albo So Expensive? (5 Lesser Known Reasons!)

Do you love exotic and striking plants? If you do, you’d know that there is no plant more striking and shockingly beautiful than the Monstera Albo. Do you wish to own it but are wondering why are Monstera Albo so expensive? The price of these plants can vary from around $100 to $1000. Wild, right?

Your curiosity about these high prices isn’t wrong. These plants are notoriously known for these peaking prices. If you want to know why they cost so much, keep reading.

Monstera Albo are some of the most beautiful and famous indoor plants, known for the striking variegation that happens in their leaves through which they spice up just about any room.

You might look at this plant and think this is exactly what you need in your room but turn around after seeing the price tag. We’ll be answering the question of why are Monstera Albos so expensive in detail so keep reading!

Why Are Monstera Albo So Expensive
Monstera Albo – via Etsy

What Is Variegation?

Leaf variegation is a condition in plants where plants’ leaves have an uneven discoloration. This can be in white and yellow colors. Plants with variegation are found mostly in rainforests as it is the natural habitat for many variegated plants.

Variegated plants are highly rare. Variegation in plants is a result of a lack of chlorophyll in the plant’s cells. It can also occur as a result of cell mutation. Variegation in plants can be both inherited through parent genes or might occur randomly.

Variegation in Monstera Albo has two types: one is marbling and the other sectoral. When the leaves have darker and lighter patches evenly distributed upon them, they are marbles. If there are huge patches of white on the leaf, the leaf has sectoral variegation. Leaves can have each of these conditions separately and also at the same time.

Why Are Monstera Albos So Expensive?

Monstera Albo are plants that are sought after by many growers and even home designers because of their eccentricity, rarity, and beauty. They are also very rare and expensive. The reasons for these sky-high rates are:

The Growth Of Monstera Albo Is Not Seed-Reliable

Variegation is a process of genetic mutation, so there are chances of not growing another Monstera Albo from the seeds of the plant you already have. It might take thousands upon thousands of seeds for you to finally grow a Monstera Albo.

This is a long and tiring process that requires loads of patience that lacks very much in this present world. So the growers who do grow a Monstera Albo hitch the price up according to the long hours they have put to achieve the honor of having grown a Monstera Albo.

Growing Monstera Albo Requires A Lot Of Skills

Monstera Albo aren’t the most complicated plants, as they are easy to care for. However, the thing that brings complications is the variegation, the very thing that adds to their value.

Usually, Monstera plants are easy to handle through stem cuttings, but adding variegation to the picture means that the plant growth rate isn’t normal. The slow growth means that the cuttings can wither away before they can have the chance to produce new roots.

Monstera Albo Plants Have Slow Growth Rates

Monstera Albo plants have slow growth rates. Due to the lack of chlorophyll (which is the key prompt for the variegation) in the leaves, there is a lack of photosynthesis occurring.

Photosynthesis is a crucial process in plants that converts sunlight into energy that is then used for the requirements within the plant. When enough energy isn’t being produced, the growth rate of the plant automatically slacks.

The slow growth will result in the harvester spending more time taking care of the plant, using more resources like fertilizers, water, plant feed, pesticides, etc. This further increases the price of the plant.

Why Are Monstera Albo So Expensive 2
Monstera Albo – via Reddit

The Demand For Monstera Albo Is Very High

The multi-colored and big leaves with the amazing silhouette make Monstera Albo a very beautiful and desired plant. Not only does it add that needed splash of color to the room but also biomes the perfect statement piece in an otherwise simple room.

Monstera Albo is in high demand. Even after the heavy price, people still adore the plant. That’s just the charm of this plant! No matter what aesthetic you’ve opted for your home; whether it is minimalistic or artsy, adding a Monstera Albo is going to freshen up the space.

They are also unique antiquity for plant lovers. Monstera is already a very popular plant, adding the variegation to it makes the plant enthusiast go wild. They get snatched in the market within a blink of an eye. Yes, that is how loved they are!

The White Color Makes The Leaves Die

Even though the white color brought to the Monstera Albo through variegation is all the hype, it can also be deadly for the plant. And hence, loss-inducing for the harvesters. When looking for a Monstera Albo plant, customers usually pick the plant that has the most white color in it.

This white color is caused by a lack of chlorophyll which leads to a lack of photosynthesis. This lack, if excessive, can completely kill the leaf. Thus, reducing the number of leaves that can be used for propagation.


We have mentioned some of the top reasons why are Monstera Albos so expensive. After reading this, you’ll be able to understand the sheer amount of effort, time, cost, and patience put into the growth of these plants.

You might be less reluctant to buy this plant now because they are so worth it. They’ll make your place look trendy and more put together just with the addition of a single plant. They can also be a unique and special addition to your plant family.