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7 Reasons For Why Is My Money Tree Drooping?

You’re not alone if you planted a money tree and now its leaves are drooping. It can be an unpleasing sight for the person looking after the money plant, but it is not irreversible. This situation can be easily resolved if the underlying issue is correctly identified.

Don’t worry if you do not know why is my money tree drooping because we are here to help you. Keep on reading to find out what is a money tree and why is my money tree drooping? Also, stay tuned to know how can your plant recover if it has drooping leaves?

Why Is My Money Tree Drooping 1
What am I doing wrong with this money tree? The leaves are droopy and some have turned yellow and fallen off. – via Reddit

More About Money Tree

A money tree is a tropical vining plant. It has large heart-shaped leaves. It is very commonly found in homes as an indoor plant, as it is a low-maintenance plant that does not require much care.

It is planted in soil, but in many cases, people keep them only in water in their houses. To grow, money plant only requires soil, water, sunlight, and fertilizer. This is the bare minimum a plant wants for its growth.

Reasons For Why Is My Money Tree Drooping

The chances are high that the leaves of a money tree are drooping due to underwatering, overwatering, repotting, plant stressor pests, or diseases. All of the possible reasons are described below in detail to help you treat your plant.

1. Underwatering

In about 90% of cases, underwatering the money tree is the reason for its drooping leaves. It is the most apparent case.

The soil in which your money tree is planted dries out if you fail to water it properly. This means moisture for the roots is insufficient. Meanwhile, the plant uses the leftover water for its growth and loses the remaining in transpiration and respiration.

The money tree will eventually wilt and die due to lack of moisture, which is caused by underwatering or no watering at all.

The shape of the money plant is retained by turgor pressure, which needs proper water levels to be maintained. To keep the plant leaves in a standard shape and style and prevent drooping, water your plant according to its needs.

If you notice that the leaves of your money tree are becoming brown and crunchy and growth has been slowed down or the leaves have curled, then underwatering is the cause of drooping in your plant. The plant can easily recover if the water levels are maintained for a while.

2. Overwatering

Just like too less watering can cause your plant to die, if you water your plant more than it requires, you can cause a more severe situation for your plant. The drooping might be the result of overwatering in your case. Plant roots in this case are unable to absorb high amounts of water.

Although underwatering and overwatering are completely different reasons, still they can cause alike symptoms, such as drooping. The leaves in this case might turn yellowish and cause plant edema.

The roots of the money tree can easily drown and die due to a lack of oxygen. Also, the presence of excessive amounts of water, and sporadic fungal and bacterial infections can cause diseases such as root rot.

If you notice smelly soil, growth of mold on the topmost layer of soil, wilting of leaves, softened stems, yellowing of leaves, or signs of edema, then this might be the reason for drooping you’re looking for.

3. Temperature

Money trees, when planted indoors, grow best in temperatures ranging from 65 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. There is a chance of frost and permanent leaf damage if the temperature falls below 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Too hot temperatures can cause the plant to become dehydrated, wilt, and limp and its leaves will start drooping.

The easiest solution to treat the temperature change is by transporting the money tree. To acclimate the plant, slowly and gradually introduce the plant to a specific temperature.

Why Is My Money Tree Drooping 2
Money tree dropping leaves…but still has new growth? – via Reddit

4. Repotting

If the leaves of your money tree start drooping after you have repotted your plant, there is a chance that the leaves start drooping due to a transfer shock. The plant might be having a hard time adjusting to the new potting mix.

There is not much you can do about this problem. It requires patience and time so the plant can adjust to the new environment. You just have to provide the plant with optimal growing conditions and wait for it to recover.

5. Light

There might be a chance that the drooping of leaves is a result of a lack of light. Money trees, like most plants, require six to eight hours of sunlight to grow well. If the plant fails to get enough light, it can develop leggy and stunted growth.

Money trees planted outdoors can tolerate direct light, but plants that are kept indoors require indirect light for more than six hours a day. Excessive light in hot weather can also prove to be fatal for the plant.

6. Nutrients

Nutrient imbalance in a plant can be due to several different reasons, but it might be the cause of your leaves drooping. If the plant is not getting enough nourishment, then problems such as drooping and wilting are not very uncommon.

If you notice the leaves of your money tree turning pale or yellow before drooping, then there is a lack of nutrients in the soil. Try and feed your soil with a well-balanced nutrient to help the plant grow.

7. Insects

Insects such as thrips, mites, spiders, mealybugs, and aphids can infect your plant mainly if it is an outdoor plant. Such insects release fluids that damages the leaves of the plant.

Use a non-toxic insecticide or spray the plant leaves with neem oil to prevent further damage.


Take steps to treat the problem to revive your money plant and its drooping leaves.

This article discusses in detail the reasons why is my money tree drooping. You now know everything that is required to treat your plant!