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Why is My Monstera Turning Yellow (6 Reasons Worth Knowing)

Monstera is a popular houseplant loved by plant owners all over the world. They belong to the species of tropical plants and are named after their intricately shaped leaves.

As a widespread tropical plant, Monstera is mainly grown indoors by many plant lovers. So a lot of them seek the answer for a question, “Why is my Monstera turning yellow?”.

Do you also have the same question in your mind? Well, you will get your question answered in this article. You need to stick till the end.

Monstera deliciosa and Monstera adansonii are popular Monstera plants. They are undeniably the best species of plants to grow in your home.

They lift up the surrounding with their attractive leaves and an aesthetic outlook. Amidst all the goodness, the issue of the Monstera plant turning yellow might be worrying you.

But what’s essential for you to know while growing a Monstera plant is that the plant turning yellow is a common thing.

In this article, you’ll know the reasons to answer your query, why is my Monstera turning yellow and also some tips that help in caring for the plant.

So, let’s get started.

Why is My Monstera Turning Yellow
Why is My Monstera Turning Yellow? via Reddit

Reasons That Answers Why Is My Monstera Turning Yellow

1)    Overwatering or Underwatering

Proper watering is one of the fail-proof ways to take care of your plant. It is a simple thing but with a much more significant impact on the plant’s growth.

If watering is not done in the right way, it might affect the growth of any plant, let alone the Monstera. So, looking into the watering conditions of your Monstera plant might get you the answer to your query, “Why is my Monstera turning yellow?”.

Overwatering is one common reason why the Monstera plant turns yellow. Excessive moisture in the soil where the plant grows stresses it out.

Monstera does not favour higher moisture levels. Higher moisture in the soil leads Monstera to turn yellow, root rot, and eventually kill the plant. 

It’s also important to know that the Monstera plant turns yellow if it is underwatered as well. The plant will be unable to get essential nutrients needed for photosynthesis if there’s less water in the soil than required.

This results in the plant lacking chlorophyll which gives green colour to plants. Hence, yellowing of the Monstera plant takes place.

2)    Improper Lighting

Monstera is a plant that’s native to American tropical regions. This plant thrives in little to bright indirect light. And, if the sunlight available for Monstera is less than required, it causes the leaves to turn yellow.

On the other hand, if the Monstera plant is exposed for a longer period in direct sunlight, you can see burns in the leaves.

Interestingly, Monstera can adapt to places with low light, but the effect will be seen clearly in their growth. It leads to the steady growth of the plant. It would help if you considered the light conditions available for your Monstera and took action accordingly.

3)    Temperature & Humidity

While looking out for why the Monstera plant turns yellow, temperature and humidity are those factors that need to be considered. They directly impact the leaves of the Monstera plant to turn them yellow.

You already know that the Monstera plant is a tropical houseplant. So, extreme temperatures along with sudden changes in the temperature levels often result in the Monstera plant’s leaves being yellow and droopy.

Also, low humidity in the environment causes the plant’s leaf edges to turn brown, after which yellowing occurs in the entire leaves.

4)    Pests & Fungal Diseases

Why is My Monstera Turning Yellow 2
Why is My Monstera Turning Yellow? via Reddit

While seeking answers to the query, “Why is my Monstera turning yellow?” looking into the pests and diseases that infest the plant is vital. Insects, pests, and diseases also cause the Monstera plant to turn yellow.

Various pests like Scaly Insects, Spider Mites, Whiteflies, Mealybugs, Aphids, Ants and Fungus Gnats infest the Monstera plant. They suck out the sap to cause damage to the plant.

There are some fungal diseases that also make the leaves of the Monstera plant turn yellow. Some of them are Anthracnose, Powdery Mildew and Root Rot.

5)    Soil Conditions & Fertilizers

Another crucial factor that affects the growth of a Monstera plant is the soil mixture used. A mix of properly draining soil that helps in good airflow in the roots is best for a Monstera plant. If a compact and soggy soil mixture is used to grow a Monstera plant, it causes the leaves to turn yellow. 

The leaves of Monstera turning yellow is also a sign of either overfertilization or even under fertilization of the plant. Excessive use of fertilizers causes the soil to contain high amounts of minerals and soluble salts.

This alters with the soil’s pH level, resulting in the leaves of the plant turning yellow. Also, lack of fertilizers causes nutrient deficiency in the plant turning the leaves yellow in colour.

6)    Seasonal Changes & Ageing

Seasonal changes also can indirectly cause the Monstera plant’s leaves to turn yellow. Since the soil does not dry out fast during the winter season, increasing the chances of the plant getting overwatered.

Not always any specific reasons cause your Monstera plant to turn yellow. Sometimes, it might be just due to the plant’s natural growth. Older leaves naturally turn yellow and even fall off. If so, it is a natural process in the life of a Monstera plant. 

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You’ve already known a lot about the reasons to get your query, “Why is my Monstera turning yellow?” answered in this article. Yellowing of the Monstera plant is quite a common thing. It can be due to various reasons discussed above.

Monstera plant turning yellow is primarily due to the lack of good growing conditions or pests and diseases infesting the plant. These are usually easy to take care of. But it can also be caused by seasonal changes as well as the natural growth of the plant, which cannot be really taken care of.