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Why is My Sago Palm Turning Yellow? 4 Reasons!

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A great Sago Palm plant will not only provide greenery to your home but also make it look worth it if used in decoration. But a lot of you here might have stumbled due to the issue of your plant yellowing.

Why is my Sago Palm turning yellow? Do you have this same query? Let us tell you; many other people also have the same question.

Almost all of you who are here in this article is more or less sailing on the same boat. So, lend us ample opportunity to serve you with the answer to your question, “Why is my Sago Palm turning yellow?”.

A healthy Sago Palm keeps oxygen levels high. It is a tropical plant but can also grow well in temperatures above 15 degrees.

If you’re confused looking at your Sago Palm turning yellow, we are here to help. Yes, you heard it right. Your Sago Palm turning yellow is not such a significant issue if you’re careful enough. It can be protected.

Stick with us, and we will let you know what causes your Sago Palm to turn yellow.

Why is My Sago Palm Turning Yellow
Why is My Sago Palm Turning Yellow? via Reddit

Reasons That Answers Why is My Sago Palm Turning Yellow

1)    Excessive Use of Fertilizers

If you overeat, it becomes uncomfortable for your stomach to perform its functions. Similar is the case when we look into the functioning of Sago Palm.

The first reason that answer why is my Sago Palm turning yellow is the overuse of fertilizers. You might argue that the more, the better, but that’s not true.

Overuse of fertilizers in soggy plants commonly causes fertilizer burn. This can burn down the leaves of your plant. Yellowing of your plant is the other thing that comes along with the burn.

This is an issue to address. It doesn’t matter whether you grow your Sago Palm indoor or outdoor. Use the fertilizers every three months rather than every month.

2)    Watering Issues

Like excess fertilization, overwatering or underwatering can be an issue in almost every plant, let alone Sago Palm. The watering issue is also something that answers your query of why is my Sago Palm turning yellow. Proper watering of your plant helps in its good growth.

If overwatering is the issue, things can get out of your hands pretty quickly. It causes the root to rot, which is something to avoid. If overwatered, the water gets captured into the soil where the plant is growing.

This doesn’t provide breathing space for the plant or obtain the necessary nutrients required from the soil. In short, yellowing starts in your Sago Palm.

In like manner, underwatering is also crucial to focus. If it starts getting less water, the leaves tend to fall off to prevent the use of water in more leaves.

When the leaves tend to fall off, they turn yellow in colour. In the end, all the leaves might fall off if underwatering is continued. So proper watering must be highly taken care of.

Why is My Sago Palm Turning Yellow 2
Why is My Sago Palm Turning Yellow? via Reddit

3)    Diseases & Pests

When you’re willing to grow a beautiful Sago Palm in your garden, the insects and pests are also ready to eat it off at the same time. And, that’s a severe problem that quickly affects your plant’s growth. When we talk about bugs infesting the Sago Palm, Spiders, Bugs, and Aphids are well-known species.

Most of them love to sit on the plant’s leaf and heat them through. This minute eating of the leaves of Sago Palm by the bugs might eventually turn the plant into yellow colour.

This will ultimately make almost all of the leaves fall off. To know whether the mites have affected your plant or not, look for the webs in the plant.

Don’t worry; the solution is pretty straightforward. If you want to keep your Sago Palm bug-free, you can use fertilizers with higher Magnesium, Potassium, and Nitrogen contents. Other than that, cutting off those leaves that the mites have infested also protects your plant’s overall existence.

4)    Lack of Minerals

Overfertilization and overwatering are not suitable for Sago Palms. But so is the lack of minerals when we seek an answer to why is my Sago Palm turning yellow.

When we talk about Sago Palms, they are hardy plants that need proper minerals. A lot of the gardeners among you here might have looked at this plant as a less care demanding tropical plant. But that’s not the case. Things are a bit different.

Listen, are you feeding your Sago Palm with less amount of Magnesium, Manganese, and Nitrogen? If yes, then it’s time to increase the amount of these minerals. When these crucial minerals are not enough in the soil, the plant turns pale.

Also, if any of your plants turn pale, ensuring the plant gets proper minerals is the first thing to do.

When you are unsure if the minerals are enough or not, look at the plant for slow growth, decolouration of older leaves, irrecoverable yellow colour. If you see any of the above, you have your answer right away.


Many of the keen gardeners among you might have come directly to this section to know why is my Sago Palm turning yellow. We will love to tell you why your favourite plant is on the verge of getting removed from the garden.

First, it is essential to look into the watering conditions and the minerals present in the soil. These might be causing your Sago Palm to turn yellow. When both of these have been taken care of, ensuring your plant stay away from pests and diseases is something to look into for good care of the plant.

If all of the above have been taken care of, the issue of the plant turning yellow is still intact. Well, in that case, sunburn might be the reason. Plant your Sago Palm in the sun if not focus on providing timely care even in the indirect sunlight. Your Sago Palm will regain its charm if you do this.