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12 Easy Vegetables To Grow Indoors at Home!

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Having an organic vegetable garden in your yard is one of the best ways to have nutritious and healthy foods. There is nothing more satisfying than picking up your fresh produce and serving it for your family dinner.

This kind of living is natural for some, but many people in urban areas and places with unsuitable environments are unable to do outdoor gardening. This is why easy vegetables to grow indoors are a perfect solution.

Indoor vegetable gardening is becoming a trend in today’s time, especially for urban dwellers. It is actually quite simple and easy to grow as long as you have a well-lighted spot in your house. Easy vegetables that grow indoors don’t take much space.

In fact, they add a beautiful style in your kitchen or living room. They are also economic, cost-efficient and a smart way to reduce your weekly home expenses.

So now, why not take a look and read these easy vegetables to grow indoors? At the end, you can start growing these veggies in the comfort of your home.

12 Easy Vegetables To Grow Indoors

1. Beets

Easy Vegetables To Grow Indoors Beets
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Beets are a highly nutritious root vegetable rich in precious minerals and vitamins, while low in calories. They are incredibly delicious and easy to add to your diet. It is usually eaten as raw, roasted, steamed, pickled, or juiced.

They are also surprisingly one of the easy vegetables to grow indoors and in nearly any condition. Plant beet seeds in a pot with at least 6 inches deep using organic potting soil.

Spray water regularly and the seeds start germinating in less than 8 days. Thin the seedling when they reached 4 inches to 5 inches tall for about 3 inches apart. Once the crop grows an inch in diameter, it can now be harvested and served as a delicious and nutritious food.

2. Bok Choy

Easy Vegetables To Grow Indoors Bok Choy 2
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Bok Choy is very similar to cabbage and it’s traditionally farmed in most parts of Asia. This vegetable can thrive at low temperatures, making it among the easy vegetables to grow indoors.

It has crunchy stalks and tender greens that are packed with nutrients, which is why it’s a perfect addition to raw dishes like salad.

This green leafy vegetable has a considerable size so it needs a container that’s at least 8 inches to 10 inches deep and as wide as possible.

You can also use separate pots with a diameter of 6 inches to 8 inches for a single plant. Plant the seeds in moist nutrient-rich soil, not wet, and maintain a spacing of a minimum 6 inches to 8 inches apart.

Place it in a well-lighted spot and water it regularly. You can start harvesting full-grown bok choy a month after the time the seeds germinated. 

3. Carrots

Easy Vegetables To Grow Indoors Carrots

An indoor carrot plant won’t produce a giant root, but with a deep enough pot, you can still produce a crispy fresh carrot for all year round.

You will need at least 8 inches deep of pot to thrive a short variety of this vegetable, or 12 inches pot for the long variety. Use an organic potting soil mix and plant the seeds in 1/4 inch deep. Place the pot in a sunny windowsill and keep it moist.

Thin the seedling after they germinate for about an inch apart. After every two weeks, you can plant a new batch of carrot to keep them coming all year long. This is one of the low manageable, easy vegetables to grow indoors.

4. Chives

Easy Vegetables To Grow Indoors Chives
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Chives are not among the vegetables to grow by individuals. However, this spice is widely used as a garnish and flavor enhancer in soups, dips, salads, grilled foods and so much more. It is also packed with essential vitamins and nutrients that are good for the body. 

You can easily grow this vegetable in a south-facing window where it can get at least 6 hours of sunlight a day. Plant the seeds in a small clay pot filled with moist organic soil and spray it with a mist of water on a regular basis. The seeds start to germinate within two weeks and can be harvested as early as four weeks.

5. Garlic

Garlic is a starter ingredient in most dishes. It has this iconic aroma and flavor that makes food tastier and healthier too. There’s no sound that this is incredibly nutritious and has medicinal properties, one of which is to reduce the risk of hypertension.

Garlic is also one of the easy vegetables to grow indoors even in a confined space, though it is not quite the same compared to outdoor gardening.

Plant garlic cloves in pots filled with moist organic soil and place it along the window. Sprouts grow within 7 to 10 days and it can be used as a garnish to your food, just like scallion or chives.

6. Ginger

Easy Vegetables To Grow Indoors Ginger
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Ginger is less known as a vegetable as it’s usually treated as herb or spice. It is touted to be a superfood and it’s loved by many for its antioxidants, which can bring a variety of health benefits to the body. This is also commonly used in many dishes to add flavorful punch, spiciness, and aroma.

This is also one of the easy vegetables to grow indoors for its hardy and unsophisticated roots. You can use scraps from the kitchen or buy some from a natural food store.

Just slightly bury it in a wide shallow container and place it in a well-lighted spot. Keep it moist and watch it grow in just a few days.

7. Kale

Easy Vegetables To Grow Indoors Kale
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Kale was once used as a simple garnish, but now it is considered as a superfood and dubbed as one of the healthiest and most nutritious foods available. It is great for making wraps, salads, sandwiches, and even low-calorie chips that children can enjoy.

This leafy green is known to be one of the low-maintenance and easy vegetables to grow indoors. You can plant a seed in a small pot or a container with drainage holes and fill it with organic potting soil.

Place it in a sunny area like the window, or use an artificial light like LED. Water it regularly using a spray bottle. Expect the seeds to germinate within a week.

After about two months, harvest the bigger leaves for your family dinner, while you keep the smaller ones intact to allow the plant to regrow.

8. Lettuce

Easy Vegetables To Grow Indoors Lettuce
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Lettuce amazingly requires small space, making it an ideal choice among this list of easy vegetables to grow indoors. It is super healthy and very adaptable – perfect for making a wrap, sandwich, or salad.

You can plant lettuce seeds in a pot or a container with drainage holes. Scatter 5 to 15 seeds in moist soil and cover them again with a thin layer of soil.

Regularly spray it with water to keep the soil moist. Thin the seedlings about an inch apart once they germinated. After about a month, you will have a beautiful grown head of lettuce in your windowsill ready to be picked for your favorite salad dish.

9. Mushroom

Easy Vegetables To Grow Indoors Mushroom
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Mushrooms are technically a kind of fungi, but still classified as a vegetable. They are extremely healthy and nutritious food, filled with vitamins and antioxidants that are good for our body. They are also low in sodium, high in fiber, and no fat and calorie.

Mushrooms are also one of the best, easy vegetables to grow indoors since they do not need any light.

They prefer to be kept in a cool and dark area, so you can literally place these edible fungi anywhere inside your house. Spray it with a mist of water regularly and you will surely harvest a bountiful mushroom crop.

10. Radish

Easy Vegetables To Grow Indoors Radish
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Radish boasts an amazing amount of health benefits. It is delicious, adding a spicy kick to your meal in a great way without sacrificing the healthfulness of your lunch or dinner. This is usually eaten raw and often tossed in a bowl of salad. 

This is also one of the easy vegetables to grow indoors. It doesn’t take too long to harvest the produce and doesn’t need much space to grow.

The pint-sized roots are raised very similarly to carrots. You can use a small pot, box, or any suitable container that can be repurposed to grow radish. With proper care and enough sunlight, it reaches maturity in 3 to 4 weeks.

11. Scallion

Easy Vegetables To Grow Indoors Scallion
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Scallion, which is also called green onion, has a very similar flavor to an onion. This is an excellent garnish or spice that compliments a variety of dishes. 

This vegetable can easily grow indoors, requiring a very small space. You can use scraps or leftover stems with roots to regrow the plant.

Put it in a glass water or small pot and place it in a spot that gets plenty of sunlight. After a couple of weeks, you can harvest the new grown scallion tops. Leave at least an inch or two of the stems to allow the plant to sprout again.

12. Tomatoes

Easy Vegetables To Grow Indoors Tomatoes
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People use tomatoes in almost everything, and mostly added to favorite dishes. This is a versatile veggie that can be added on stews, soups, salads, sandwiches, as well as condiments and sauces or dips. It is very nutritious and contains a lot of antioxidants.

Tomatoes are typically grown outside, but can also thrive indoors, provided the right amount of light and temperatures are met. You can use a small pot to grow them and put something in the vines where it can crawl on and you’ll be producing a lot of tomatoes on your own.


Just keep in mind that these easy vegetables to grow indoors have their own different requirements and ideal climatic conditions to consider.

Choosing the most suitable vegetable will result in a better growth. It all depends on how you care and provide for their needs to have a successful growth and abundant production.