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How to Start Echo Chainsaw – 2 Easy Tutorials!

Echo is a leading company that specializes in engine-powered tools.

Most tools are meant for landscaping, such as leaf blowers, chainsaws, lawnmowers, weed pullers, etc.

Different brands of chainsaws have different procedures to start them. However, Echo chainsaws are one of the USA’s most widely used chainsaw brands. If you own one of these and are foreign to the procedure on how to start Echo chainsaws, this guide is made just for you.

Chainsaws are high-power tools with strong engines and sharp blades. If this tool is not operated or handled correctly, it will result in serious injuries. Chainsaws need to be started properly to avoid any accidents.

Moreover, improperly starting it can damage the engine and other tool parts. Our experts have put together this guide to teach you how to start an Echo chainsaw properly.

Keep following the exact instructions to start it safely!

How to start Echo chainsaw? – Image via eBay.

2 Scenarios of Starting a Chainsaw!

When starting a chainsaw, you’ll encounter two scenarios.

The first is starting a cold chainsaw, and the other is starting a hot chainsaw.

A cold chainsaw means that the engine of the chainsaw has not been running recently. In comparison, a hot chainsaw means that the engine has been in use recently and has a much hotter temperature.

This article will discuss both scenarios of starting a chainsaw, i.e., cold and hot.

Let’s begin!

Safety Gear While Operating Chainsaw!

When operating your chainsaw, wearing all the protective gear is imperative.

All the essential safety gears are mentioned below:

  • Leather boots with steel toes.
  • Cover your legs with protective chaps. These layered pads protect the front of the lower legs and calves and prevent injuries while starting the chainsaw.
  • A tight-fitting, full-sleeved shirt to avoid any loose clothing from getting in the way.
  • Ear muffs to protect hearing, safety goggles, and a helmet.
  • Safety gloves protect the hands and help keep the grip firm on the chainsaw.

A chainsaw is heavy-duty equipment and can easily get away, causing many injuries and accidents.

Your hands might get sweaty while operating, loosening the grip on the handles and causing accidents. Therefore, we highly urge you to wear all the essential safety gear while you start or run your chainsaw.

Keep reading to learn how to start Echo chainsaw in cold and hot states.

How to Start Echo Chainsaw? | The Cold One!

Keep following these instructions to learn how to start an Echo chainsaw when cold.

  • Gear up to stay protected! Always wear safety gloves and goggles to stay safe.
  • Wear ear muffs to protect your hearing from the loud noise of the chainsaw.
  • Fill up your chainsaw with fuel, bar, and chain oil.
  • Put the chainsaw on the ground safely in a stable position.
  • A small black lever is at the upper side of the chainsaw. This part is called the chain brake. Push it forward to activate it until you hear the clicking sound in its place.
  • Turn the toggle switch of your chainsaw “ON.”
  • If the carburetor of your chainsaw has a bulb, then push it down a few times until you see fuel in the bulb.
  • Tug out the choke control knob entirely.
  • Place your foot on the handle at the rear end of the chainsaw, hold the front handle’s grip by your hand, and secure the saw.
  • Pull the starter handle one or two times to turn on the engine.
  • Push back in the choke control lever.
  • Now tug out the starter cord once again to get the engine running.
  • Let the engine sit idle and allow it to warm up before you start cutting.
  • Ensure that the oil is being pumped in the bar and chain. To check this, hold a sheet of light-colored paper below the saw. Now rev your saw over the paper for a couple of seconds, and you will notice the oil in the background. You can adjust the oil fed to the bar and chain to correspond to your cutting situations with the help of the adjustable oiler.
  • Disengage the chain brake once the chainsaw has started. You risk damaging the engine if you forget to unfasten the chain brake before pulling the throttle trigger.

With these steps, you are done and ready to cut!

How to Start Echo Chainsaw? | The Hot One!

Starting a hot chainsaw is much easier; it involves fewer steps as compared to starting a cold one.

For your better assistance, we have covered this one too!

  • First, gear up. Wear all the essential safety gear like hearing protection, safety goggles, and protective gloves.
  • Fill up your chainsaw with fuel, bar, and chain oil.
  • Put the chainsaw on the ground safely in a stable position.
  • At the upper end of the chainsaw, there’s a black lever. This part is called the chain brake. Push it forward to activate it until you hear the clicking sound in its place.
  • Turn the toggle switch “ON.”
  • Keep the choke knob or the control knob “IN.”
  • Place one foot on the back paddle of the chainsaw and secure it in its place firmly. Meanwhile, hold the front grip in your hand tightly.
  • Now pull the starter handle several times to get the engine started.
  • Allow the chainsaw to warm up before you start cutting further. Let it sit for a while as the engine keeps running.
  • Make sure the bar and chain are receiving enough oil. Test it by running the chainsaw over light-colored paper or cardboard.
  • Adjust the amount of oil fed to the chain and bar using the adjustable oiler.

Growgardener Tip: Do not forget to detach the chain brake when making cuts. Engage the chain brake every time you are not using the chainsaw. It is done to ensure the prevention of any potential injuries and accidents.

That’s all!

Chainsaw Basics: How to Start a Gas Chainsaw? – YouTube

Now you know how to start Echo chainsaws.


It is vital to read the instructions manual of your chainsaw to learn how to operate and start it properly.

Each model of chainsaw has different properties, requiring different procedures to start.

We have given such examples for your caution below:

  • Some chainsaw models like the Echo CS-310 and Echo CS-352 contain a starting position called ‘fast idle.’ So, when you are starting this type of chainsaw, you will need to detach the chin brake to avoid damaging the tool.
  • Other models of chainsaws, such as the Echo CS-590 Timber Wolf, come up with a decompression valve. It would help if you pushed down this valve before you started the chainsaw.

Now, let’s move toward the conclusion.


Echo chainsaws are one of the best tools to cater to your cutting needs.

The low-vibration and low-emission engines are highly efficient with the fuel, meanwhile effectively using the power to cut even the hardest wood. Even though these tools can effectively ease your work, there is always a catch!

Operating them can be tricky, and you might get injured if you are unaware of the correct procedure. We have covered all the important steps and tips on how to start Echo chainsaws. Our guide will help keep you and your tools safe!

Do let us know if you liked today’s article in the comments below.

Best wishes!