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Why Is My Fiddle Leaf Fig Droopy (Know 5 Reasons)

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Fiddle leaf fig will add great value to your home and make it aesthetically beautiful. Yes, we are talking about the same plant peeping through your living room. But has it been creating you issues? Are you asking why my fiddle leaf fig is droopy at the moment? Do you need answers?

Well, you have come to the right place. Here we will provide the solutions to your problems and also protection tips for the plant. A fiddle leaf fig is a beautiful plant that grows more expansive at the top and not so well towards the bottom half of the stem.

Proper plant care will help the fiddle leaf fig bloom well, which makes it look brilliant when placed in your living or study room. But if you are not taking good care of the plant, things might go wrong and create issues for you.

Why is my fiddle leaf fig droopy might be something you want answers for? Thus, this article provides you with the reasons and also the solutions for the same. So, be with us till the end.

Why Is My Fiddle Leaf Fig Droopy
Why Is My Fiddle Leaf Fig Droopy? via Reddit

Why Is My Fiddle Leaf Fig Droopy?

1)   Environmental Changes

One of the fundamental reasons or the answer to why is my fiddle leaf fig droopy is the environmental changes. Watering the plant to take proper care might be one thing, but more important is knowing the ecological changes that come through.

Have you changed the location of your fiddle leaf fig recently? Was the plant placed earlier in a warm living room but now placed in a study room where the moisture and sunlight are less. Well, this is an issue to address.

Fiddle Leaf Fig is highly sensitive to touch. So moving the plant around places might not be the right thing to do. Leave it idle in one place for long and see the results it yields.

2)   Underwatering or Overwatering

We are about to tell you why my fiddle leaf fig droopy might be surprising for you. But it’s true. It might be because of you overwatering or underwatering your plant.

Let’s assume you water the plant too much. This can make the plant as well as the soil soggy. When the plant becomes soggy, many problems may arrive in hand. The roots rotting and the plant decaying causes huge issues for the plant.

Always try to water the plants when the soil gets dry. You can check the dryness of the soil with your bare hands. This helps to a significant level.

Also, underwatering might also kill your plant. The dry soil can cause your plant not to grow well. In the end, the death of the plant or the droopy effect is highly evident.

You need to take proper care in case of watering your plant if you don’t want it to be droopy.

3)   Sunlight

Have you owned the fiddle leaf fig for a very long time? If yes, you must have already known that it is a tropical plant. As a result, sunlight can be an issue that causes the droopy nature of the pant. This plant has been a great admirer of indirect sunlight, known for a long time.

If you cannot place this plant in indirect sunlight, it will not grow well for you. A droopy fiddle leaf fig never creates a great impression at your home.

So, always try and rotate the plant. It allows every part of the plant to get indirect sunlight. This helps in achieving proper growth in your plant.

Why Is My Fiddle Leaf Fig Droopy 2
Why Is My Fiddle Leaf Fig Droopy? via Reddit

4)   Chemical Reaction

You might get overwhelmed after knowing about the chemical reaction that’s the reason for your fiddle leaf fig being droopy. This is one of the vital reasons for your plant having its droopy nature. Some insects tend to eat the plant’s leaves. The same is the case for fiddle leaf figs as well.

Has your plant been recently eaten by insects? Have you used insecticides or pesticides? If so, this might have caused the chemical reaction to take place in your plant. The response of insecticides to the sunlight can result in droopy leaves in your fiddle leaf fig.

But don’t worry, here we are to help. If you have this issue with your plant, wash the insecticides in the leaves with clean water. However, don’t immediately take it to the sunlight after washing. Give it some time, and things will get better in the case of reaction issues.

5)   New Leaves Growth

The last yet most relevant reason is my fiddle leaf fig droopy is due to the new growth in the plant’s leaves. If there’s new growth in your plant’s leaves, it can be droopy.

If it’s a case of new leaves growing, give your fiddle leaf fig some time of its own to recover. Providing suitable space to the plant might work well. Leaving it for some time will allow the new leaves to grow greener and look more delightful.

However, never stop caring about your plant, and this might earn you great benefits.


Everybody loves their new plant like their own child. Do you also? Yes, we are talking to you, the one reading this article. When the plant’s growth gets different and starts getting droopy, everybody gets worried. But not everyone essentially knows why the leaves are getting droopy.

It’s okay to worry about your fiddle leaf fig getting droopy. We are here to answer your queries that have been concerning you for a long time.

There are multiple reasons why is my fiddle leaf fig is droopy. Sometimes, you might have to give your plant some space and time, while occasionally, strict actions also need to be taken.

We have discussed the reasons as well as the solutions to make things right for your droopy fiddle leaf fig easily. The use of the best solutions can always help this plant be in shape and make your house look charming to visit all the time.

If you have anything to say, do let us know. Also, please help us reach many people by sharing this article. Thank You!