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Why Spring Is The Best Season – 8 Reasons To Love Spring!

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The season where temperatures are moderate and plants are growing spring. This season is, in particular, a favorite for many people. However, if you are not convinced, keep reading this article to change your opinion about the jolly weather.

If you often ask yourself the question of why spring is the best season, keep on reading this article for reasons to love spring! Let’s dive in!

Why Spring Is The Best Season
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Why Spring Is The Best Season?

1. Better Mood In The Season

In winters, there is little to no sun. Some places don’t see daylight for most of the day, while others enjoy a long day but not longer than night. Even in the day, sunlight comes out rarely. When spring comes, sunlight is thrown everywhere.

Studies prove that sunlight exposure increases serotonin release in your brain, which causes people to be happier. In addition, when exposed to sunlight, people are in a better mood than they would be if there were no sunlight.

Sunlight also reduces the amount of melatonin that is present in people during the day. Consequently, your body releases more melatonin at night, making you sleep better. This return of sunlight in our lives is another reason to love spring!

2. Better Exposure To Vitamins

Another perk of springs is that you get a lot of vitamins through sunlight. For example, ultraviolet B rays come to Earth from the sun. These rays come into contact with our skin which gives us Vitamin D. This vitamin helps strengthen our bones and teeth.

People who get a lot of Vitamin D have more robust bodies and stronger teeth. This also means that people are less prone to spiking pains in their bodies.

3. More Hours Of Daylight

Just as spring starts, days start getting longer, and nights start getting shorter. Firstly, right before spring, clocks turn back by one hour to save daylight. And then, when you get into spring, days start getting longer as nights start getting shorter.

This is because of the Earth’s alignment with the sun. The Earth starts shifting its axis slowly, and the amount of daylight we get every day is influenced by this phenomenon.

More daylight hours mean more time to do daily activities and rehabilitation such as playing sports, going for a run, or going to the gym.

4. Temperatures Are Moderate

One of the best things about spring is the temperature. In spring, the axis of the Earth is at such an angle concerning the sun that the temperature is neither too hot nor too cold.

This is because the Earth is at an angle where it is ideally in between the closest and furthest point from the sun. This makes the temperature perfectly balanced, which makes it an excellent opportunity to go out and travel!

It is also a good transition from the gloomy winter season as your body gets prepared for the summer sun. Spring gives a chance to your body to get used to the harsh summer season coming up ahead.

5. You Can Start Opening Windows

If you are still asking yourself the question of why spring is the best season, keep on reading ahead for some more reasons to appreciate the season!

Another reason why many people love spring is that you can also start opening your windows again. Usually, in winters, to keep the house warmed up with heaters, everybody keeps their windows shut to stop the cold from coming indoors.

As spring approaches and the temperature starts getting normalized again, people start opening their windows again to let the fresh air into the house. This also brings the smell of flowers blooming into the place, which makes the air overall fresh.

6. Fruits And Vegetables Start Booming

In the spring season, many fruits and vegetables become abundant in the market. The season welcomes apricots, carrots, avocados, mangoes, pineapples, and watermelon. This means that you get to eat a lot of your favorite fruits and vegetables in this season.

This is another reason to love spring, as fruits and vegetables cannot be artificially produced. So you definitely have to wait till their respective season to enjoy the fruit.

Why Spring Is The Best Season 2
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7. Animals Start Returning

If you’re a nature person, you would have noticed that during the winters, animals start migrating towards the south or start hiding out. Then, when spring comes and warmth returns to the land, the animals also come out of their hideouts and start reproducing in spring.

It is a great time to meet all of your favorite animals again. However, there is one downside. Along with the animals, insects like mosquitoes and flies also start returning. This can become a hindrance for many. However, you can explore different insecticides to counter this problem.

8. Trees Start Blooming

After surviving the cold season, trees start blooming again in the spring. However, during the winters, because there is no sunlight in the day, trees stop producing leaves and fruits to conserve their energy. This is called the dormant state for the trees.

When spring comes, trees come out of their dormant states and start providing us with beautiful blooms and vibrant colors such as pink, red, and orange in the trees. It is also a fantastic time to plant new seeds and yield some trees.

The environment is such that it promotes tree growth and causes all plants to bloom. This makes it a perfect time to grow trees. Also, if you have had someone close to you pass away in recent times, you can plant a biodegradable tree in their honor.


There are a lot of reasons to love spring. Some were explained above. If you had the question of why spring is the best season for many, this article would have answered that question for you.

From the optimal temperatures to sunlight returning in our lives, the reasons to love spring don’t end. If you need help with something related to gardening, reach out to the email below to get your problem solved!

Best of luck!