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How to Get Rid Of Tiny Yellow Bugs (Aphids) In 3 Easy Ways

How to Get Rid of Tiny Yellow Bugs Aphids

What Are Aphids?

This is what I asked the first time a friend told me about them! Aphids are tiny insects, less than ¼ inches in length. They are also known as plant lice. Apart from yellow, you may find aphids in light green, black, brown, and gray. You will most commonly find them on the backs of leaves, based on the stems, on fruits and flower buds. Sometimes they can also get to the roots depending on the species of aphids. They can find their way into any garden and even indoor ones.

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Reviews of 5 Best Grub Killer for Lawns

the best grub killer for lawns

Who wants their lawn to be filled with pests, grubs and bugs and ruin the beauty of their lawn and also ruin the plants in there? Nobody, I can think of. Lawns and gardens are a very important part of keeping a house well-maintained and aesthetic. A good and well kept lawn will make or break the look of your entire house and thus it is of utmost necessity that you keep your green land prim and proper and also keep pests at bay so that the garden is not only beautiful to look at but also healthy from the inside.

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Want To Know How Does Cedar Repels Bugs In A Jiffy Without Breaking The Bank

Does Cedar Repels Bugs

Remember the times when every summer, it is time to pack all your woolens to the loft or the attic where they will sit till the nippy air says hello? It was a tradition in the family to wrap in a piece of the cedar bark to the bag containing the sweaters and other warm clothing until it was time to get them out again. I, of course, realized the importance of this ritual much later when I was dreading (read suffering) insects in my garden. Does cedar actually repel bugs?

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