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10 of the Cutest, Most Popular Indoor Succulents

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Getting tired of having plants that are very high maintenance but not that beautiful to look at in the long run? Why not try one or more of the popular indoor succulents?

Having plants as decorations inside your house is not uncommon nowadays. As a matter of fact, it provides you great benefits, such as a good add on for your interior design, a healthier atmosphere and a source of some positive energy.

Generally, it’s nice to have indoor plants because of their outstanding water storing power and ability to withstand dry air without unwanted physical side effects.

Now let’s concentrate on succulents that most plant lovers opt for. Here’s a list of the top ten popular indoor succulents that you can choose from.

10 Most Popular Indoor Succulents

1. African Milk Tree

Euphorbia trigona or the African milk tree can be easily mistaken for just a normal cactus by others. This succulent can grow up to 9 feet tall but the indoor variety, it grows to just 3 feet tall, which is still perfect for a room decoration.

This plant comes with a triangular stem with a light green color on the inside and dark green on the outer part. It also has small but sharp thorns and small red-maroon leaves.

As a succulent, it only needs a small amount of water in order to live, but ironically it requires at least 12 hours of full sunlight, so putting it by the window that can provide the right amount of sunlight is a must.

2. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera Most Popular Indoor Succulents 2
via Pixabay

Aloe Vera, the only plant on this list of popular indoor succulents that is actually called by the public in its scientific name, can grow to a minimum of 60cm up to 100cm tall.

This one of a kind succulent has a set of green, thick and fleshy leaves that hold small teeth like thorns. It also possesses a short stem but oftentimes doesn’t have any.

Owning Aloe Vera is beneficial as it gives you some very useful medicinal benefits. It is good for treating almost all types of skin issues including wounds, sun burns, and even the most unwanted bald spots.

This certain plant isn’t just fascinating for your interior but also essentially helpful when you own one, which is why it’s sometimes called the “wonder plant”.

Taking care of an Aloe Vera is pretty simple. It does not prefer wet and moist soil. In fact, it deals well with a bit dry land. It also needs indirect sunlight because full contact to the sun burns its leaves that makes them brown over time. 

3. Burro’s Tail Cactus

Burros Tail Cactus Most Popular Indoor Succulents

Known in the science field as Sedum morganianum and often named by the others as donkey tail, Burro’s tail cactus is surprisingly not a cactus at all, but rather a succulent.

It is one of the popular indoor succulents adored by many homeowners and garden enthusiasts. This low maintenance plant has vast, long stems covered with abundant clustered bright green leaves.

It is best to put it into a basket-like pot or hang to a wall in order for its leaves to drape over. To add more information, this succulent serves as a good cover for lands and walls.

This beautiful plant rarely blooms but when it does it offers majestic pink or red flowers that appear at the end of its stem.

4. Christmas Cactus

Christmas Cactus Most Popular Indoor Succulents
via Pixabay

Schlumbergara truncate, most commonly known as Christmas cactus as well as thanksgiving cactus and crab cactus, makes this plant stand out on the list of the popular indoor succulents.

This is because of its leaf shaped stem segments that contain small spikes, often resembled as sharp teeth and claws. This is also the reason why it’s called crab cactus.

It also possesses a fine white to pinkish-red flowers that bloom graciously giving a head-turning show. Its green and pinkish-red color combination really paves the way for it to be attractive.

Christmas cactus grows more effectively when it is left alone in a small pot or container as long as you can eventually transfer it to a slightly larger pot.

When blooming starts to take place, the amount of water needs to be increased as well. Furthermore, this one of the fascinating popular indoor succulents should only be positioned on places where there is bright but indirect sunlight.

Direct exposure to sunlight is truly detrimental to its physical wellbeing for it may burn the leaves and cause them to turn dark red.

5. Hens and Chicks

Hens and Chicks Most Popular Indoor Succulents
via Pixabay

The term Hens-and-Chicks are used for a group of small succulents that has an enlarged body parts that are mainly used for storing water.

The fact that it is small and can store water really makes this plant earn a well deserved spot on the list of popular indoor succulents.

These cute succulents are undoubtedly included in the catalog of one of the most unique and most easy to grow plants of its kind because they’re the only succulents that will endure not only frost but also snowy weather.

In addition to that, this plant desires full contact sunlight, however it still accepts a shady environment or partial sun.

6. Jade Plant

Jade Plant Most Popular Indoor Succulents
via Pixabay

Jade plant, scientifically known as crassula ovata, is one of the most pleasing to look at among all the popular indoor succulents.

With its dazzling, glossy, oval shaped and jade like leaves, catching the attention of the people getting near its vicinity is an effortless task this succulent offers when placed on your coffee table, shelves and other parts of your home.

According to Chinese feng shui, it is believed that this plant brings in prosperity into one’s household. That is why most of the time, this kind of plant is placed by the front door to welcome money into the house.

Aside from the beauty and the luck it brings, this specific succulent is fairly easy to take care of. It only needs at least 4 hours of direct sunlight each day in a room temperature and some water.

7. Panda Plant

Panda Plant Most Popular Indoor Succulents
via Pxhere

Scientifically named as kalanchoe tomentosa, the panda plant is also known as pussy ears, chocolate soldier, and cocoon plant.

This is included among the precious list of popular indoor succulents basically for its small size that can complement the interior of any room in your house.

Its beauty with a touch of delicate simplicity is the true reason why some people love this. It is also the most common among all types of kalanchoe plants.

Aside from the fact that it is low maintenance, this succulent comes with an almost convex, whitish green, fuzzy leaves with a brown to rust-like lining along the tips.

It is an exquisite succulent that has been recognized by the whole world as it received the Royal Horticultural Society’s Award of Garden Merit.

8. Ponytail Palm

Beaucarnea recurvata or simply just ponytail palm is another one of the popular indoor succulents that you can have inside your home. Despite having the word “palm” on its name, it is nowhere connected to palm trees.

Indoor or garden planted, it grows below 10 feet in height compared to those that are planted outdoors with a gigantic size of 20 to 30 feet.

This succulent possesses a bulbous trunk that is used to store a large amount of water. This means you don’t have to water it everyday, approximately every 3 to 4 weeks only.

When it comes to its hair-like leaves, it grows only up to 3 feet in length. The hair grows from the top of the trunk like a ponytail; hence, its name.

This succulent is not selective when it comes to land and soil. It accepts almost every soil condition – sandy, loamy, you name it. It also grows best with full sun contact.

9. Snake Plant

Snake Plant Most Popular Indoor Succulents

Botanically called as dracaena trifasciata, snake plant deserves to be included on this list of popular indoor succulents. It possesses a set of long, erect, sword shaped leaves with some light gray to green horizontal patterns that quite resemble a snake’s skin.

Just like every succulent mentioned above, this plant is low maintenance. You can literally leave it for a couple of weeks without water and it still looks fresh as a newly watered plant.

This is also tough as it can survive areas that have low sunlight. It can withstand drought and even some small insect problems.

Aside from its captivating characteristics, this plant can be beneficial for you and your family. According to NASA’s research, it is believed to keep the air inside your house clean and safe to breath as it removes harmful toxins such as formaldehyde and benzene.

10. Zebra Haworthia

Zebra haworthia, also known as haworthia fasciata, is a succulent that can be easily mistaken for an aloe vera because of its pointed stems.

This small delicate succulent has thick leaves with white stripes that make it its name. This plant suits perfectly for indoor areas and interior designs because it is very tiny, growing up to 5 to 8 inches only.

It also needs to be watered only once its soil is dried out or its precious leaves start to curl, which may happen every 2 to 3 weeks without water. This requires bright but indirect sunlight.


All these ten popular indoor succulents listed above aren’t just for aesthetic purposes in one’s house. We must also keep in mind that these delicate plants are unquestionably beneficial to us medically and even emotionally.