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Flowers That Start With J: 8 Of The Most Delicate

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Dainty Nature

It’s a little sad that the smaller, rarer, or more delicate a flower becomes, its popularity also goes down with it. Except for select orchids, these light blooms, such as our list of flowers that start with J, are almost unheard of. Yet, you can’t deny their transcendent beauty, despite their size or elusive nature.

It even seems like these blooms know their compact nature that they make up for what they lack in size by blooming in abundance. So little they may be, their cornucopia of bright colors make them a sublime force to be reckoned with.​

Many of these plants are subtly lovely that it’s quite easy to pass them by without ever noticing. As a tasteful gardener, however, it’s our job to see and appreciate the life in these sweet blossoms. The kind of appreciation we have when a small seed ushers forth new life.

With this mental attitude in mind, let’s take a look at these four delicate blooms that you would often not notice.

8 Delicate Flowers That Start With J

1. Jacaranda

Jacaranda - Flowers That Start With J
  • Botanical name: Jacaranda mimosifolia
  • Plant Class: Subtropical tree
  • Bloom time: Midsummer

If you love the soft pink of the cherry blossom as it seemingly takes over the cherry tree, then you’ll also love the delicate purple of the Jacaranda flowers. As the seasons pass and the Jacaranda tree loses its leaves, its beautiful flowers take over in thick lilac-blue profusion.

The Jacarandas blossoms signify the passage of time, the changes that come with it, and the cycle of life itself.

2. Jovellana

  • Botanical name: Jovellanaviolacea
  • Plant Class: Perennial
  • Bloom time: Summer

The airy and light jovellana is both exotic and elusive. Native to Chile, this rare plant is so rare that its local name varies from place to place. Its delicate teacup-shaped flowers are a lovely sight to behold, growing to a height perfect for viewing.

Adding to its unique quality is the plant’s evergreen foliage which emits a minty aroma when rubbed.

Like its many local names, such as Teacup Flower and Violet Slipper, the jovellana is a symbol of rarity or exotic and unusual beauty.

3. Justicia

Justicia - Flowers That Start With J
  • Botanical name: Justiciacarnea
  • Plant Class: Perennial
  • Bloom time: Mid-spring to early fall

The Justicia’s brightly-colored pink inflorescences have many calling it the flamingo flower or the shrimp flower. This excellent flowering plant is a great addition to gardens that need a new splash of color but is also perfect for potting, adding character and gravitas to any room where it may endup.

This perennial’s pompom-like pink and salmon blooms can signify love and the positive side of life in the face of loss, tragedy or difficult trials. Push and carry on no matter what.

4. Jasmine

Jasmine - Flowers That Start With J
  • Botanical name: Jasminum Polyanthum
  • Plant Class: Perennial
  • Bloom time: Spring

The jasmine flower may be the fittest in our list of flower misfits, and yet it still isn’t as popular as it should be. Although small it size, the jasmine blooms in white masses of starry flowers that emit a distinct sweet aroma.

Good news is the jasmine flower is slowly gaining popularity because of this characteristic smell and the rising popularity of Jasmine tea.

Tea makers produce the tea by infusing jasmine flowers typically in white, green, or oolong tea for several hours until the fragrance and flavor meld with the tea.

Due to the jasmine flower’s sweet aroma and snow white blossoms, it symbolizes pure love, innocence, and romance.

5. Jaborosa

Jaborosa Juss - Flowers That Start With J
  • Botanical name: Jaborosa Juss
  • Plant Class: Perennial
  • Bloom time: Late Spring to Early Summer

Included in the Solanaceae family known as the nightshades, Jaborosa is a plant with 23 species and native to South America. It is a rhizomatous perennial herb, but two species are biennial and annual.

This is a flowering plant that produces a stunning white, five-petaled heads in a starfish-like shape. It usually blooms from late spring to the first weeks of summer. This is best used as an ornamental display as it only has a short stem.

Its pure white color, except the stamen which is green, signifies purity. It can also symbolize beauty and grace.

6. Jacob’s Ladder

Jacobs Ladder Polemonium - Flowers That Start With J
  • Botanical name: Polemonium
  • Plant Class: Perennial
  • Bloom time: Spring, Summer

Popular by its pretty bluish purple flowers, Jacob’s Ladder is a good choice for table centerpieces and bouquet gifts. It grows in a fascicle producing cup or trumpet shaped heads, which is in lavender or white color. Once it reaches maturity, this plant grows from 1 foot to 2 feet, and rare species up to 3 feet.

This flowering plant is also known as Polemonium, or Polemonium Caeruleum. It is a type of hardy perennial plant that is native to temperate areas of Europe and Asia. It can also tolerate woodlands, meadows, damp grasslands, and rocky areas. It needs rich and moist soil with little sunlight.

Jacob’s Ladder is called as is due to the fact that its leaves have a ladder-like structure. Nevertheless, this symbolizes “coming down”.

7. Jamesia

Jamesia Americana - Flowers That Start With J
  • Botanical name: Jamesia Americana
  • Plant Class: Perennial
  • Bloom time: Late Spring to Early Summer

A hydrangea family called Hydrangeaceae is where Jamesia belongs to. This flowering plant is also known by other names, which are Waxflower and Cliffbush. It is native to North America, particularly in the western areas. It is a type of shrub that grows short, having a maximum height of 2 meters only.

Jamesia flowers bloom in erect terminal panicles starting the end of spring up to early summer. It produces white or pink star-shaped heads formed by five petals. It has a slight fragrance.

Its name is given after the botanist Edwin James, who was the first collector of this plant for academic and botanical research study.

8. Jonquil

Jonquil Narcissus Jonquilla - Flowers That Start With J
  • Botanical name: Narcissus Jonquilla
  • Plant Class: Perennial
  • Bloom time: February to May

Jonquil, which is otherwise known as Narcissus or Narcissus Jonquilla, is a flowering plant that is native to Portugal and Spain, but presently growing in other areas of Europe and the United States. Its name is derived from the Latin word “juncus”, which means rush as it bears long and narrow rush-like leaves.

It does look exactly like Daffodils because they both are in the same genus and species. However, they have a couple of differences. Although both are classified as Narcissus, Jonquils have strong fragrant flowers, while Daffodils are almost scent-free.

Other different characteristics are based on the leaves and stems. The leaves of Jonquils are slender with rounded tips, while stems are short and hollow. On the other hand, Daffodils have sword-tipped leaves with taller stems.

It is very easy to identify if the flower is Daffodil based on its yellow color. But the truth is Jonquils produce yellow color only. Other species of Narcissus bloom in a variety of shades, which include pink, white and peach.

This flower is a birth month of March. It signifies domestic bliss, friendship, sympathy, affection and desire.

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